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Velikhan - Oxen [Official Audio]

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Sound Producer - Sergey Lubinsky
Recording Studio - Revet Sound ()

iTunes - https://goo.gl/DbgBU6
GP - https://goo.gl/mbq8yt
SC - https://goo.gl/vP3YnJ
YouTube - https://goo.gl/3NE5KA
BC - https://goo.gl/FVXkCJ
FB - https://goo.gl/DgFCHb
VK - https://goo.gl/gueazT
Insta - https://goo.gl/5Nh8L1
Email - velikhanband@

Pregnant whores carryng devils in their wombs
just let it go
And soon they will fill the world
My homeland gave birth
For lot of gal
And I'm just part of them all

Hate you being like you
We are bastards
Hate the things that you do
Making same shit
Hate you all for the doom
That you brin in world that
Doomed as fuck

Hate you more than I can explain
Blindly following shameless way
But your sinfull ways impressed me
To the core
Let's compete who is worst the one
Who's more ruthless
Who rulling force
Hate you so much that I won't let you

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