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__ toxic - e d w a r d e l r i c

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I finally decided to re-upload this with a pitch change, since it was banned from almost every country without one XD. So, here it is! [Sorry it's not a new video; I've been extremely busy lately.] So please re-like, favourite & comment! :)

WATCH IN HD! I finally stopped being lazy & actually finished this! This style is by far the most time-consuming I've tried yet. I really liked the end result, though. I'm quite proud of it.

I had a short obsession with Edward E l r i c, so I decided to make this :)
He's often around a lot of different girls, don't you think? Winry, Rose, Noah... Edward E l r i c is T O X I C =]

Hope you guys enjoy! Don't forget to comment, rate & subscribe.

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