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wvw zerg

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4:10 - wvw zerg
Загружено 11 января 2019
8:0 - Guild Wars 2 WvW Large Scale Zerg vs Zerg
Загружено 9 июня 2015
Just came back to play Guild Wars 2 after being gone for over a year. Last time around I was playing this game on a laptop. Needless to say WvW always lagged in zerg situations. This time around, with a newly built i5-4670 and GTX 770, I'm able to play this game lag-free, with all settings set to High.

This video isn't to show off my character at all, he's actually poorly equipped and I hadn't gotten used to playing him after being gone for so long. Just wanting to show a beautiful lag-free WvW zerg on z
11:11 - Guild Wars 2 WvW Tier 1: Zergs never sleep | Menelya Guardian
Загружено 14 января 2014
Nice blob match up between Piken Square, Elona Reach and Seafarer's Rest.

1) Camo & Krooked -- Watch It Burn (Featuring Ayah Marar)
Oficial video; ) Mat Zo Featuring Chuck D -- Pyramid Scheme
Official channel; ) Camo & Krooked -- Get Dirty (Featuring TC)
Youtube Channel;
16:31 - Piken Square, WvW, Zerg
Загружено 19 июня 2013
Elementalist healing and damaging in mass pvp. Survive and support

Music: Damjan Mravunac- Hero
Shiro Sagisu -- storm center
Sagisu Shirou -- The other tales of zanpakuto
Toshiro Masuda - Hero come back home
Toshiro Masuda - Need to be Strong

Build: >
9:48 - Guild Wars 2 - Thief WvW PvP - Zerg Slaying
Загружено 12 июня 2013
Thief slaying players in the midst of enemy zergs. Two pieces of raw footage shot 10 minutes apart at 2am on 12/24/2012. Playing with 4-5 RIOT guild members on the Blackgate server, against TC and SoR zergs with 20+ players each.

Fight 1 - We engage a 20+ man organized TC zerg taking a camp.
Fight 2 - We engage a TC vs SoR fight with 20+ on each side.

No editing here - this is raw footage from 12/24/2012 around 2am. The only "editing" is Youtube default editor.

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