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1:2 - Видео от Bev Luco
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2:30 - REDZED - AM I NOT A MAN (Official Video)
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5:44 - Rugby Skills you will need to be a World Class Playmaker.
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Imagine having all those skills in one single fly-half! It would definitely make the perfect 10! I have only put players that are currently playing which is the reason why you do not see players like Dan Carter, Jonny Wilkinson, or Ronan O'Gara.

Also, this video was created for entertainment purposes only! I could have added players like Dan Biggar, Quade Cooper, George Ford, Paolo Garbisi, James O'Connor, etc and what I state is not only on my behalf!

Hope that you enjoyed the video, if you did I would really appreciate it if you could like the video and subscribe to my channel as this will make the video show more in the YouTube algorithm!
33:43 - Why This Tristana Yordle Deck is Making its Mark on the Ladder! | Guide & Gameplay | LoR
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🟥 A new form of Bandle City Decks has emerged! This New Deck tries to take advantage of the Impact keyword and the board swarm abilities of Bandle City to chip down the opponent's Nexus. Atrocity, Bandle Gunners and Splinter Soul provide some explosive finishes, especially if you use them in the right spots!

🟥 Mobalytics -
3:25 - Houston, you have a problem: Destructive Hurricane hits Texas
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Overview of weather and natural events in the World.
What is happening in this world: natural disasters on the planet of Earth.
The latest news about weather events and disasters. The climate is changing rapidly, which inevitably leads to global warming.

American Texas is experiencing a severe natural disaster. Tropical Hurricane Nicholas hit the state.
Hurricane Nicholas of the first category entered Texas from the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane brought with it torrential rains and wind speeds of up to 33 meters per second. Forecasters reported a tornado threat.
"Nicholas" caused large-scale flooding, caused a traffic collapse on highways, broke hundreds of trees and left more than 170 thousand people without electricity. According to the US National Meteorological Service, the hurricane is moving rather slowly and can linger in Texas for another day, and then head towards Louisiana. An emergency regime was introduced there in advance.

The channel presents such weather events and natural disasters as:

1. W
3:29 - How to Get Unbanned From TINDER - Unban Your Tinder Account iPhone/Android (UPDATED)
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How to Get Unbanned From TINDER - Unban Your Tinder Account iPhone/Android (UPDATED)

Hey everyone what's up, today I want to show you how to get unbanned from tinder. It's actually so easy to unban your tinder account that anyone can do it from their iphone or android device without any issues. It doesn't matter why you got banned, you can unban your account anyway!

Just watch this full video with audio on (follow all the steps) and you'll see just how easy it is to unban your tinder account on iphone/android. I've already unbanned multiple accounts using this method and it always worked without any issues for me!
4:54 - How To Double-Sleeve Your Magic: The Gathering Cards (AND WHY!) MTG
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How To Sort And Store Your Magic Cards: "Pamgaea" Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
36:16 - The Great Turning Point for Humanity | World Teachings with Marshall Vian Summers
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We stand at the threshold of enormous change in the world and the building of a powerful new movement in life which will, for better or worse, reshape the Earth and the landscape of our lives.
If you are seeing and feeling this great change and movement of life, you now have an opportunity to learn more about what is coming over the horizon and what this means for your life.

Marshall Vian Summers reveals what this great change is, why it is happening and what specifically you can do to prepare spiritually and practically for this great turning point now and for the new world reality in the future.
Friday, January 22 at 9:00 AM MT: Teaching by Marshall Vian Summers: The Great Turning Point for Humanity
Saturday, January 23 at 9:00 AM MT: Teaching by Marshall Vian Summers: Entering a New Reality: World Change, Alien Contact and a New Experience of God
Sunday, January 24 at 9:00 AM MT: Teaching by Marshall Vian Summers: The Arrival of a New Message from God
24:16 - Медитация Погружение в Квантовое Поле Джо Диспенза
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Медитация, которая поможет вам изменить жизнь. Практикуйте ее ежедневно на протяжении 6 недель и более для лучшего результата.
Мозг не отличает событий внешнего мира от тех, что происходят у нас в мыслях. Это дает нам свободу творить свою жизнь по собственному желанию. Но мы должны знать и уметь использовать правильные инструменты.Эти инструменты вы найдете в новой книге Джо Диспензы, автора мировых бестселлеров по развитию мозга и способностей, доктора хиропрактики и нейрофизиологии, научного консультанта журнала «Explore!» и участника проекта «Кроличья нора».
Джо Диспенза – современный американский лектор, исследователь в области нейрофизиологических процессов, бизнес-консультант, преподаватель и автор книг по зарубежной психологии и нейропсихологии.

Welcome to MiraclEscape!
Subscribe to my channel where I will share information about Meditation, Spirituality, etc.

Do you always ask deep questions?
What is the purpose of life?
Why we are here?
What would it take t
11:56 - 4_5875149772096015367.MP4
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3:28 - Oscar Anton - bye bye
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Home of Sanity (the playlist) out now : "bye bye" included in the September Pack here : "bye bye again" Bob Sinclar Remix : (in my bedroom) and performed by Oscar Anton
© ℗ 2020 OA RECORDS, distributed by Filature

shot by mom
Edited and colorgraded by me.

Have a nice day x


(It’s not about the things you do
It’s more about the things you say
And I don’t know why but it hurts my — )

It’s not about the things you do
It’s more about the things you say
And I don’t know why but it hurts my feelings again
It’s not what we wanted to
We’ve grown but I’m afraid we’ve changed
If it’s over now would you let me go away

Bye bye, bye bye —
It hurt
59:25 - TMF Jaarmix 1999 | TMF Yearmix 1999 | Tracklist
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TMF Jaarmix 1999 | TMF Yearmix 1999 | Tracklist #tmf #yearmix #year #mix #old #clip #retro
46:25 - TMF Jaarmix 1997 | TMF Yearmix 1997 | Tracklist
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TMF Jaarmix 1997 | TMF Yearmix 1997 | Tracklist #tmf #yearmix #year #mix #old #clip #retro
5:57 - Suicide Silence - Unanswered and Bludgeoned To Death (Live at London Underworld)
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I do not own any rights belonging to this video. All rights are reserved by Suicide Silence and Century Media.

Lyrics for Unanswered:

How much must I curse your name
And put your beliefs to shame
Before you prove yourself
And end this life?

End this life

And I'll say a fucking prayer
Because I know it won't be answered

Where is your god? (2x)
Where is your fucking god?

And even though I don't believe in you
I pray for the day (2x)
That you end this life

So please
Take me

I want the hand of god
To come and strike me down (2x)

Where is your god? (2x)
Where is your fucking god?

For all the prayers that go unanswered (2x)
Why do you think that is?
For the families that waste their time
Open your eyes

And all your prayers will go
Why do you think that is?
For the families that waste their time
Open your fucking eyes
19:36 - "OUR OWN WAY" / MTB SHORT FILM (Hugo Frixtalon, Amaury Pierron, Paul Couderc, Thomas Estaque 2019)
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“The end of this film reminded me why I ride a bike,” said Paul Couderc during the pre-premiere of Our Own Way at Roc d'Azur 2019.

It's true that the main objective of this project, together with our own flavour, was to show what Frix and his friends Amaury, Thomas, Paul and Mattéo, get up to throughout the year. No constraints...

We started with the idea of ​​doing our first ‘long' project without really knowing where it would lead us, but we were certain of one thing, that we ride bikes all year round with friends anyway. We love this life and aware of our chance, we wanted to share it with everyone!

We're also keen to show off all the spots that we’ve been privileged to ride this year, most of which are not so far from home.
Since March 2019 we filmed as much as possible with bags of enjoyment, headaches and laughs. Always working hard to get the best images.

We hope you enjoy it!

Gaetan Clary & Hugo Frixtalon

Special thank's to 4 seasons bike park, Nyons, France.


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3:50 - landless - Heavy (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
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Hometown: Zilina, Slovakia
9:41 - A Clockwork Orange : Malcolm McDowell Interview (1976)
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*If you want to hear more from THE STANLEY KUBRICK APPRECIATION SOCIETY, why not listen to our podcast KUBRICK'S UNIVERSE.

*Don't forget to check out THE STANLEY KUBRICK APPRECIATION SOCIETY on Facebook...>
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12:46 - Other Ways to Say "I Agree" and "I Disagree" in English | How to Express AGREEMENT and DISAGREEMENT
Загружено вчера
We have a lot of ways to say "I agree" and "I disagree" in English. There are dozens, probably hundreds of expressions with these basic meanings. Why are there so many? We're not sure—maybe the processes of debate and of coming to a consensus are important in the cultures of English-speaking countries. Are there this many in your language? Some are strong, some are gentle, some are formal, some are informal. Practice these, and you'll begin to sound like a native English speaker when a discussion of some kind is going on.
"I agree" and "I disagree." Do you think this is a lot to remember? Fair enough! But do you think there are too many? I take a different view.
★ Grammar:
10:36 - Robert Miles - Everyday Life
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Maybe this world is a broken mirror,
Reality in reverse,
Maybe it's just a shadow,
Of a parallel universe, I don't know
Why do I want to go there?
Why do I really care?
Why should I climb a mountain?
Find your way, if you dare.
There's a universal language, I shall learn to speak
Maybe then I will find, the answers that I seek
And I will fly to higher ground, high above the clouds
See the stars up closer watch the world go round,
A universal language, we can learn to speak
Talk with the creator, no more hide and seek
Global understanding, an end to all the strife
Seems to me the only challenge that we have, is everyday life
3:5 - Secret Service - Broken Hearts (Exclusive Video)
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Идея и монтаж видеоролика — Сергей Salem.

Secret Service - Broken Hearts

Rainbow colours cross the sky
To find the part of gold
Voices cry: “Follow!”, down in my soul
Down in my soul

Unresponsive like the rock
My eyes look sad and grim
Wondering what she is doing with him
Doing with him

Broken hearts can turn to stone
I fell apart when left alone
Broken hearts can turn to stone
When left alone, I am alone

On the sidewalk yesterday
I saw her passing by
I wanted to cry out: “How could you? Why?
How could you? Why”

Hope her new love understands
To take good care of her
Chasing that rainbow holding my girl
Holding my girl

Broken hearts can turn to stone
I fell apart when left alone
Broken hearts can turn to stone
When left alone, I am alone

Разбитые сердца

Радужные цвета чертят небо
В поисках золотого
А у меня внутри, в моей душе, крики: «Иди за ней!»
В моей душе.

Молчит, словно камень, [сердце]
В глазах печаль и мрак.
Интересно, что она с ним делает.
Делает с ним.

Разбитые сердца могут окаменеть,
А мо
43:37 - //DarkMode unreleased pressure 2021 and beyond presented by Confusious | 4NC¥//DarkMode
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Confusious & Flowdan Ft. Foreign Beggars, Killa P & Mystic - Roll The Dice // Duppy (DJ Edit)
Poison9 - Agnane Mystic Prod. Confusious - Will & Kill (DJ Edit)
Sister Mary - What We Do PAV4N x Sukh Knight - 2020 Fe Dead (Acapella)
Jevon Ives - Why Do We Run (alllone x neesnu remix)
Slin - Loojang M3
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Neesnu Flip)
Confusious x MC Fokus - Black Friday (Acapella)
Fre4knc x MC SWIFT - Interlace
Ruckus x Gear - Echo Chamber
Confusious & T:Base - Untitled 2018
Confusious Ft. Zero State Kid - What's That?
Children Of Zeus - No Love Song (Sub Filla Bootleg)
Duskee x PAV4N x Disrupta - Radial Waves
MyKool - Arcana
Isotropik - Morava
Xakra - Chips (ft.Raquel Divar)
Leo Cap Ft. Illaman - Nangdoe (Dub & acapella edit)
Leo Cap - You Sick! //DarkMode
PAV4N x Sukh Knight - Doom (Acapella)
Xakra & Raquel Divar - Chips (Instrumental)
Zero State Kid - Raga (Acapella)
Shapes x Gear x PAV4N - Danger
Confusious - Survival
John Rolodex x PAV4N - Disengage
Confusious - Coma
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10:32 - 3 Levels of Chords: How to Triads to Einstein Equations - FL Studio
Загружено вчера
Get 60 % Unison's MIDI Chord pack here:
10:36 - Full Arpeggio WORKOUT
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Full arpeggio workout to do every day! This #guitarexercise will get you playing the arpeggios for all the essential chord qualities and through all of the keys. We also look at how to use these #arpeggios on other chords to bring out different chord qualities.

This arpeggio exercise is a great one to include within your #practiceroutine and guitar warmups. It will also give you some new guitar techniques and runs to apply in your guitar solos and Jazz improvising.

▬ Contents of video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - The Exercise: Major 7
02:16 - In All Keys
03:21 - Minor 7
04:23 - Why long exercises are great
04:46 - The Other Chord Qualities
04:57 - Minor Major 7
05:22 - Major 7 #5
05:54 - Minor 7 b5
06:12 - Dominant 7
06:23 - Dominant 7 b5
06:36 - Dominant 7 #5
06:46 - Dominant 7 sus4
06:56 - Dominant 7 sus4 b5
07:09 - Diminished Major 7
07:50 - Diminished 7 (Fully Dim
4:58 - How long should your naps be? - Sara C. Mednick
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Download a free audiobook version of "Take a Nap: Change Your Life" by Sara Mednick or Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep" and support TED-Ed's nonprofit mission: 
1:40 - InShot_20210914_203509921.mp4
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
3:23 - Видео от Виктории Соловей
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
10:40 - Daily Routine in English - Learn How To Talk About Your Daily Routine - Lesson 24
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
This is another Daily Routine English Lesson! Learn how to talk about your daily routine in English.
In this lesson, you are going to learn the necessary vocabulary and how to structure, how to organize your sentences to talk about your daily routine.
To talk about your daily routine, you need the Simple Present Conjugation. That’s why I decided to give this lesson, because in this beginner’s guide, you are learning how to use Simple Present which is a basic lesson, but very important for students.
How are you going to talk about your daily routine?
I’m going to divide the vocabulary you need into 3 parts:
Before you talk about your routine, you need words and specific vocabulary to do so. In this part, you will learn all the activities related to daily routine.
Then, you will learn how to connect your phrases. Finally, you will learn how to express time.
Once you learn these steps, we are going to analyze an example of daily routine. I will show
13:41 - Collapsing Relations w/China Hit Australian Economy: Food Shortage + Lockdown= Economic Downfall!
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
We have a brand-new Membership you can join on Patreon!
) Why does the Australian Government keep lying to its citizens?
2) Will Australian GDP grow for the remaining of 2021??
3) How truly damaged the Australian economy is?
4) Will the Australian economy rebound amid the lockdown & ongoing economic tensions with China?

One thing is sure: Regardless of the rhetoric from the Government in Canberra and its tools in the press, Australians are fed-u
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

1:4:8 - ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 2 CD1
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
We offer you to discover a world-recognized group of products such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra and make an order at our online pharmacy.
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(Maxi Version)
Lenroy - Do You (Extend
7:35 - 🎵 Ecstasy - ATB - Tiff Lacey (Don Rayzer Remix) - video featuring Cara Delevingne
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Ecstasy - ATB - Tiff Lacey (Don Rayzer Exclusive 2010 Remix) - (Trance 247 video remix featuring Cara Delevingne).
🎵 More Ecstasy Remix collections here ▶ (Special Us Intro Mix 2010) ft. Tiff Lacey - Video remix + Lyrics

◘ Track info
Original Artist: ♫ ATB
Title: 🎵 Ecstasy
Vocals: 🎤 Tiff Lacey
Remix Version: 🎧 Don Rayzer Exclusive 2010 Remix
Video remix: 🎞️ Trance 247

◘ Lyrics :
Have you ever noticed
That I'm not acting as I used to do before?
Have you ever wondered
Why I always keep on coming back for more?

What have you done to me
I'll never be the same I'll tell you for sure

8:1 - Crypto Wallets for Beginners 2021
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Crypto Wallets for Beginners 2021: What is a crypto wallet? What is the safest way to store your crypto? What is the difference between a hot wallet and a hardware wallet? What are the top crypto wallets?

All of these questions and more, will be answered on today’s episode of CoinMarketCap’s Tuesday Tutorial, where we make it easy for you to get the most out of all the crypto tools out there.

Why do we use a crypto wallet?
When you keep it on an exchange, you give up your private keys, and as the saying goes "not your keys, not your crypto.”
1:9 - Aphrodite | Animation Meme | [PG13, flash warning]
Загружено 14 сентября 2021

I know I've been gone a while, I really just needed a break. Thank you all for waiting and being patient while I took some time off to recover ;w;
I have other animations ready to post very soon, so stay tuned for those!
One of my friends helped me animate this one to get me out of my slump, if you're wondering why the style is a bit different XD
But I had so much fun working on this with them so I hope we can do more collabs in the future ^^

Hope you enjoy the video!


Animation by myself (Seelmaru) and Pwny
Video editing by my roommate

Original animations meme made by UnknownSpy
4:42 - Мари Карне и Биг-бенд Георгия Гараняна - I know why (And so do you)
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Открытый чемпионат творческих компетенций «Art masters»
26:58 - Final Fantasy VIII - Let's Play - 13
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
The mission is going just fine, why do you ask?
14:25 - Little Mix Exposes Simon Cowell and Their Record Label
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Little Mix are one of the most impressive girl groups in today's music industry and we just can't help but wonder, why aren't they any bigger? Does it have to do with record label troubles, troubles with Simon Cowell or just troubles with the industry in general? I'll give you a hint; it's all three! And that is what we are discussing in this video today.

We will break down everything Little Mix has exposed about their feud with Simon, what HE thinks about their separation from his label and overall what went down with SYCO Music.

If you're a fan of Little Mix, One Direction, or even 5 Seconds of Summer, then you must be rolling your eyes whenever you hear the words "SYCO Music" and "Modest! Management" and in this video today we will tell you exactly what happened between the two.
#LittleMix #SimonCowell

✮Juicy Articles to Read ✮

The Untold Truth About What Little Mix Went Through With Their Label, Exposing
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
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1:53 - Видео от Bob Jack
Загружено 14 сентября 2021

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