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ursula biemann

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18:50 - Acoustic Ocean - Ursula Biemann, 2018
Загружено 2 сентября 2020
Located on the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway, Acoustic Ocean sets out to explore the sonic ecology of marine life. The scientist as an explorer and important mediator of the contemporary understanding of our planetary ecosystems is a central figure in this video. She makes her appearance in the person of a Sami (indigenous of northern Scandinavia) biologist-diver who is using all sorts of hydrophones, parabolic mics and recording devices. Her task is to sense the submarine space for acoustic and other biological forms of expression. Sonic manifestations are vital modes of communication, navigation and survival for a great majority of deep-sea beings. Given the poor visibility in the deep sea, the sonic dimension is the primary means of communication, navigation and survival in this penumbral liquid universe.
17:15 - Twenty-One Percent - Ursula Biemann, Mo Diener, 2016
Загружено 7 сентября 2018
13:54 - Biosemiotic Borneo - Ursula Biemann, 2016
Загружено 17 марта 2018
Biosemiotic Borneo ­– a more explicitly sonic than visual piece of art – lingers around a giant Banyan tree that stands in the Meratus Mountains in Southeast Borneo. Drawing attention to the semiotic processes of world-making in nature, the audio-visual work explores how artists and field biologists go about sensing and making sense of dense forest ecologies of Borneo using new methods that describe entire genetic assemblages as fluid text. The sensory richness of the forest inspired this piece to be a form of music in the way geophilosophy recasts natural selection as musical composition, which binds together the coevolution of a tree, birds, insects and symbiont microorganisms.

Sound recordings in the field Nabil Ahmed; sound design, editing and mixing Patrick Codenys; percussion Beibei Wang; 3D art work Ioannis Kaltirimtzis; 3D animation Samaneh Moafi; performance of field scientist Rizqi Hidayat.

The video has been realized in collaboration with Nabil Ahmed.
11:24 - Subatlantic [Ursula Biemann, 2015]
Загружено 9 марта 2018
1:21:35 - Ursula Biemann - Sahara Chronicle [2006/2009]
Загружено 31 мая 2017

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