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3:15 - Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - The Hollies
Загружено сегодня
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" was a song by the rock and roll group, The Hollies, and released on February 1, 1972 as a single on the Parlophon...
3:21 - The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel (Holly Henry Cover)
Загружено 18 апреля 2018
Mostly Acapella. There’s a tiny bit of guitar in there to keep me on pitch (there are way too many weird harmonies lmao) I hope you enjoy this cove...
3:22 - Zombie - The Cranberries (Holly Henry Cover)
Загружено 18 апреля 2018
RE-UPLOAD. The audio was peaking so I just re-uploaded it. This is my most requested cover since the beginning of time. Not reallllly my style but ...
4:8 - The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe
Загружено 18 апреля 2018
3:11 - Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life - Holli & Lina.mp4
Загружено 18 апреля 2018
3:0 - Sorry Suzanne - The Hollies (video_audio edited) HQ_HD
Загружено 17 апреля 2018
5:32 - Au5 - The Zero Point (ft. Holly Drummond)
Загружено 17 апреля 2018
♫ Stream & Download: >● Subscribe for more: >[Genre: Melodic Dubstep]
1:14:31 - 2006 Francis Locke-The Bosses Bedroom- Jadra Holly, Nikita Lea, Rachel Elizabeth
Загружено 17 апреля 2018
2:2 - Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Peggy Sue (Sullivan 1957)
Загружено 15 апреля 2018
Time-travelling through some old videos and thought to share for historical and educational purposes. Hopefully this falls within 'fair use'. If yo...
Загружено 15 апреля 2018
O fato que inspirou essa canção é o seguinte: Certa noite, em uma forte nevasca, na sede de um orfanato em Washington DC, um padre plantonista ou...
8:42 - The Most Motivational Football Speech EVER! - William Hollis | THE GAME OF LIFE
Загружено 15 апреля 2018
Original Video from - >Check out Will's channel! >Check out Mitchell's channel (First Song) -
1:21 - Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Thatll Be The Day
Загружено 15 апреля 2018
2:1 - Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Peggy Sue
Загружено 15 апреля 2018
2:54 - I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab (Holly Henry Cover)
Загружено 13 апреля 2018
I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab (Holly Henry Cover)Still love this song. Thank you for the request :) My New Album!:
37:40 - The Hollies - BBC IN CONCERT 1969 (LEGENDADO - PTBR)
Загружено 13 апреля 2018
Epic show of a great band. It was removed from youtube, so i decide to post it. I do not own any rights of the video, I'm just a fan trying to ente...
7:0 - A DEMON NIGHT Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - The Hollies Демон-ночь
Загружено 12 апреля 2018
By José Antonio.... Dramatización ficticia de una clásica canción de los 70'.... La traducción de la letra de la canción es también ficticia, por l...
11:1 - Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Picnic On The Moon | Full Episode
Загружено 12 апреля 2018
► Click to Subscribe: >The visitors land on the Moon and begin to explore. They meet some friendly aliens and h...
4:16 - The Hollies - He ain't heavy, he's my brother (video/audio edited & restored) HQ/HD
Загружено 12 апреля 2018
*RETRO CHANNEL ANGLO* Video canal especializado en la edición tanto de audio como de imagen de algunos videos musicales de los años 60s, 70s y 80s ...
4:18 - The Hollies
Загружено 11 апреля 2018
2:58 - THE HOLLIES - "Sorry Suzanne" (HQ Promo Television Performance On "Beat-Club") | © 1969 RBTV
Загружено 10 апреля 2018
© 1969 Radio Bremen TV
5:0 - Holly Henry The Scientist the voice of USA blind audition
Загружено 9 апреля 2018
one of the best auditions in the voice of USA
5:35 - The Birth of Magellan (1980) Холлис Фрэмптон / Hollis Frampton
Загружено 8 апреля 2018
4:50 - Not the First Time (1976) Холлис Фрэмптон / Hollis Frampton
Загружено 8 апреля 2018
1:54:1 - The Buddy Holly Story Full Movie HQ Columbia
Загружено 8 апреля 2018
The Buddy Holly Story Rating Is PG But To Me It Is Like PG13 Because there is A-lot Of Cuss Words So Children Under 7 And Under Not Watch This M...
5:3 - Courtney Hale Vs Holly Tapp: Addicted To You | The Voice Australia 2014
Загружено 4 апреля 2018
Holly and Courtney competed for Coach Joel's attention with Avicii's 'Addicted To You'.Go to
2:2 - Too Much Monkey Business - The Hollies
Загружено 4 апреля 2018
The Hollies live at Shindig. PLEASE NOTE: This is posted as a tribute to the artists. If there is a copyright issue, please notify me and it...
3:20 - The Hollies - Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) [v2] [Lyrics] [1080p] [HD]
Загружено 3 апреля 2018
Album: (2014) The Hollies - Greatest Hits & Singles Volume 1 & 2 (4 CD Japan) Track 18Lyrics: >Editors: ...
3:5 - Lena Headey greets fans arriving at the 300_ Rise of an Empire premiere in Holly
Загружено 3 апреля 2018
9:55 - Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom The Royal Fairy Picnic Episode 1 Season 1
Загружено 2 апреля 2018
Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom The Royal Fairy PicnicHolly invites Ben to the annual royal fairy picnic.
3:20 - The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel (Holly Henry Cover)
Загружено 1 апреля 2018
4:41 - The Heart Wants What It Wants - Selena Gomez (Holly Henry Cover)
Загружено 1 апреля 2018
I don’t want to be that person that posts a cover and says they’re “feeling kinda sick today lol” but I legitimately am SO SORRY. This was kind of ...
4:9 - The Hollies "The Air That I Breathe"
Загружено 31 марта 2018
Graham Nash played an important role in the early history of the Hollies, but after his departure in December 1968, the group achieved some of its ...
2:58 - The Hollies - Bus Stop (Top Of The Pops - June 1966)
Загружено 31 марта 2018
3:2 - Bus Stop- The Hollies - 1966
Загружено 31 марта 2018
Always Loved This.The Hollies Were A Spectacular Group In The 60's. Incredible,All Of Their Songs Were Wonderous With Such A Unique Harmonic Style....
4:13 - The Hills - The Weeknd (Holly Henry Cover)
Загружено 30 марта 2018
My Album: >Shout out to my dancing laptop. Here on this channel I sing what’s requested and I...
2:37 - God Only Knows - The Beach Boys (Holly Henry Cover)
Загружено 30 марта 2018
This bird inspired me to cover some Beach Boys: https:///watch?v=QpS-G6J_Jz8 | My Album:
3:12 - Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? | Holli & Lina
Загружено 28 марта 2018
Hey dudes, dudettes and dudles!FINALLY I get to upload my 9k subscribers video featuring my newest OTP Holli and Lina! I have shipped these two fo...
2:18 - THE HOLLIES - "Look Through Any Window" (Live HQ Television Performance On "Beat-Club") | © 1966
Загружено 26 марта 2018
© 1966 Radio Bremen TV
4:8 - The Air That I Breath - The Hollies
Загружено 26 марта 2018
The Air That I Breath If I could make a wish I think Id pass Cant think of anything I need No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound Nothi...
6:48 - Holly Dolly in the mix
Загружено 24 марта 2018

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