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racist femboy

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1:0 - racist femboy
Загружено 23 ноября 2020
That’s it, I snapped. I can’t take it anymore. I will fucking say it! I am a highly racist femboy, that’s right, I am a femboy, who is incredibly racist! Why? Why not? I hate people based on race, so? Tiwtter users do the same, but with white people, so why should I not? Did you know that the average iq of a black person is 82? Hmm, did you? Did you now that, despite being only 13 percent of USA’s the population, blacks commit over 50 percent of the crime? Bet ya didn’t! bet that you fucking browse cnn while stuffing your fat ass with pizza, you leftist parrot! Am I not right? I think I am. My opinion is obviously based on trustable sources, so, what you gonna do, what you gonna say? That the statistics are racist? No they aren’t, I am! I am a fucking cum loving girly boy who hates people based on race! Is there anything wrong with that, punk?

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