petyr baelish chaos is a ladder

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3:7 - Petyr Baelish monologue to Varys: Chaos is a ladder
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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 - Varys and Littlefinger - Petyr Baelish shares his outlook on life: Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many...
1:59 - Petyr Baelish || chaos is a ladder.
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720p HD + headphones for best quality.Music: The Hanging Tree (cover) by Tyler WardFandom: Game of ThronesSoftware: Sony Vegas Pro 12.0Colouring: mineVOICEOVERS:Varys: Littlefinger was born with no lands, no wealth, and no armies. He has acquired the first two, how long before he has the army?Ros: I'm afraid of him...Vayrs: Oh, you should be. He's a dangerous man.Petyr: I'd risk everything to get what I want.Ros: And what do you want?Petyr: Oh, everything, my dear. Everything there is.Vary
1:31 - petyr baelish | chaos is a ladder
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"Littlefinger was only a mask he had to wear. Only sometimes Sansa found it hard to tell where the man ended and the mask began."-((EDIT: You might have to turn the volume up for the first half, as the BG music is quieter there. Also ignore the mistake later on, I would re-rended it but it took long enough to render and upload so. I think I've had YT messing with the quality anyway, as it was fine when rendered... meh))[dedicated to and reuqested by zwntanosnekros1]Hey! So I most probably sh

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