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53:15 - Из Италии с любовью 🇮🇹💌! Итальянские хиты 80-х: Al Bano, Toto Cutugno, Umberto Tozzi, Savage
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0:00 - Toto Cutugno - L’Italiano
4:38 - Righeira - Vamos a La Playa
7:31 - Gazebo - I Like Chopin
11:52 - Pupo - Su Di Noi
15:10 - Fiordaliso - Non Voglio Mica La Luna
18:58 - Matia Bazar - Ellettrochoc
21:50 - Al Bano with his daughter Cristel Carrisi - Liberta
25:55 - Savage - Only You
29:29 - Toto Cutugno - L'ete Indien
33:26 - Riccardo Fogli - Malinconia
37:10 - Matia Bazar - Vacanze Romane
41:36 - Al Bano - Felicita
44:55 - Toto Cutugno - Soli
49:07 - Savage - Goodbye
5:41 - Thunderhead - Life Is Only A Goodbye
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10:36 - 10 MIN INNER THIGH - Floor only, Low Impact / chilled, slow & effective I Pamela Reif
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3:31 - Bastille - Dreams Mashup (Live on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky)
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A dreamy mashup of: The Human League ‘(Together in) Electric Dreams’; Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’; Beyonce ‘Sweet Dream’; Aerosmith ‘Dream On’; Vangelis ‘Chariots Of Fire’; Blondie ‘Dreaming’; The Undertones ‘Teenage Kicks’; Hall & Oates ‘You Make My Dreams’; Roy Orbison ‘Sweet Dreams Baby’ & D:Ream ‘Things Can Only Get Better’.
4:51 - DJ Stingray – Bioplastics
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‘Bioplastics’ heralds the return of Micron Audio, the label founded by Drexcian innovator and Detroit electro legend DJ Stingray 313. Describing itself as “stepping not only further into the future but into the foreground”, while focusing on “clear scientific intention”, “political attitude”, “top-shelf sound design” and “pumping rhythms”, Micron Audio’s first releases will be Molecular Level Solutions, a new EP from the founder himself, as well as a highly-anticipated reissue of his 2012 album, F.T.N.W.O. ‘Bioplastics’ is taken from Molecular Level Solutions, a breakneck plunge through the roiling waters of Stingray’s singular sound, fusing clattering percussion and weaponised bass with the kind of glittering future soundscapes that are the producer’s speciality.

The track’s video is a collaboration between DJ Stingray and Iranian-Canadian visual artist Bahar Noorizadeh, who explores the twin histories of electro and Detroit’s industrial past, transforming their continuities into a sci-fi parable. “Te
4:11 - 100 Degrees (The X Factor Australia Grand Final Show 24.11.2015)
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Все о Кайли Миноуг -
4:10 - Did It Again (Intimate & Live 1998)
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1:4:10 - Westside Gunn — «Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf (Side B)» (2021)
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45:27 - Один Единственный. Воспоминания/ One and Only (13/24) [озвучка HMP]
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HMP production группа озвучки
4:44 - Death Stranding Directors Cut
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1:46:38 - Die wilden Kerle #4 - Germany (2007)
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After the wild guys have successfully left the field against the “beastly beasts”, they have only one goal: they want to chase the “wolves of Ragnarök” away from the “Pott”, a freestyle soccer trophy. But the wolves are not normal opponents. It soon becomes clear to the guys that the wolves keep a dark secret. The winner of the “Pot” is haunted by the girl Horizon and her silver lights from the fog. The attractive force emanating from Horizon affects every boy and plunges him into disaster. This fate already took its toll on the wolves and the wild guys too, determined to win as ever, to get their problems. So it happens that the wild guys soon face their greatest challenge and have to find a way
4:53 - Talking about cats - the English way
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1:10 - Demonstration of the alpha version of weapon customization
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Demonstration of the alpha version of weapon customization. For example, take the AK-74, the Ultimak 1 MB gasblock, the Zenit PK-1 tactical handle and the Walther MDS collimator sight.
1:15 - 20210924122246_facebook_46.mp4
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7:14 - Andjelka Prpic, Milena Predic Nude - The Only Way Out (Jedini izlaz) s01e01-04e06e10 (2021) HD 1080p Watch Online
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Реальные встречи
Проверенные девушки
Вход бесплатно
Секс 100%
3:14 - Видео от "Агентство "Реал-тур групп"
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3:4 - Видео от Wolfgang Wind
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4:25 - ~【century!】Rooters Song 踊ってみた【おめでとう】 - Niconico Video sm38796972
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\ Twenty Wan /

I can only think of this ww

Happy 21st birthday again.

* The person is desperate, (ᐡ. ̫ .ᐡ)
It was unexpectedly warm and I just danced for 2 minutes
Maybe I can still dance around the last minute ()

* I would appreciate it if you could take a warm look at the misunderstandings.

❀ Music sound source: sm24960251 DECO * 27
❀ Choreographer: sm25733089 Mr. Taro

❀ Shooting. Edition: Sansan @ _33san mylist / 63741366
thank you always! Thank you for accepting the short delivery time!

❀ Are T: L i l y @lily__oolo_
Thank you for responding to your urgent request! Cute ₍ᐢ.ˬ.ᐢ₎

❀ Dance: Masumaron @ mashu06n_owo mylist / 65579391

05/28/2021 18:00

4:7 - ~【うさぴ】愛言葉Ⅲ踊ってみた【ころん生誕祭2021】 - Niconico Video sm38797153
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"I want to convey the feelings I want to say Thank you for the only correct answer."

It's been a long time, I'm Usapi ᕱ⑅ᕱ ♡

Today May 29th is the birthday of Strawberry Prince!
Happy Birthday to Colon-kun! !! !! !! ⸜ (* ˊᗜˋ *) ⸝ • * ¨ * • .¸¸ ☆ * ・ ゚

I danced my love word Ⅲ with a feeling of gratitude ♡ (ˆ⌣ˆ‥)

Thank you for always singing and making everyone smile in the live game!
I will continue to support Sutopuri! I love you! !! !! \ ('-' *) / ♡

Nice music head family

Dancing person * Usapi
(@ pinkmymelody212)


05/28/2021 18:00

5:32 - Richie Sambora | Only Love Can Do | Rare Outtake
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Taken from a rare promo tape, this is one of three previously unheard Richie Sambora tracks. I have no exact information about the period of time where this was written and recorded. But I'm pretty sure this CD is rather old as it (besides 3 unknown tracks) only contains material of his first two solo albums. In the 2000 Crush tour documentary, Richie stated that he had been planning to do a compilation of his first two albums, "like the best of them and then adding three new tracks". That's exactly what this CD is. So I doubt anything was recorded far after 2000.
3:47 - /storage/emulated/0/Movies/клипы/GIMS - ONLY YOU feat. Dhurata Dora.mp4
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1:26 - Handfuls Of Wriggly Baby Microbats
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Just a reminder to never handle any bats. Please call your local wildlife organisation and a trained and vaccinated volunteer will be sent to safely and humanely rescue the bat.
All the hands in this video belong to trained and vaccinated carers!
October not only heralds the start of flying-fox birthing season but insectivorous microbats also start giving birth.
Although they mostly come into care for a completely different set of circumstances to flying-fox orphans, microbat babies also sometimes need to be hand raised.
With so many bat species in our area of the world, it's important that these orphans are raised by specialist carers to give them the best chance of eventually returning to the wild.
To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@

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