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houdini fx reel

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2:34 - Houdini FX reel. G. Macharashvili
Загружено 16 апреля 2019
FX Reel 2018.
1:20 - Andrea Sbabo - Houdini FX Reel 2018
Загружено 18 августа 2018
I would like to share with you my first FX reel. These are all personal projects done in my spare time. All effects are produced in Houdini and re...
1:38 - Demo reel Houdini FX April 2016 - Pol Cuenca
Загружено 23 июля 2018
3:56 - Dmitry Novoseltsev Houdini Fx Reel 2017
Загружено 29 апреля 2018
Используемый софт: Houdini, Nuke, Maya
1:7 - FX / Houdini Artist Reel 2018 - Ismael Martin
Загружено 22 апреля 2018
FX / Houdini Artist Reel 2018 - Ismael Martin
1:4 - Houdini FX Reel - 2017 // Pol Soler
Загружено 17 февраля 2018
Showreel of the last projects created using mainly Houdini.
4:4 - Jayden Paterson - Houdini FX Reel 2014
Загружено 24 ноября 2017
A collection of some of my work as the FX Lead at Axis Animation.

I've included mostly shots that I worked on myself through to completion.
As lea...
4:24 - Houdini FX Reel 2016_Smile
Загружено 5 июня 2017
At the beginning of 2016, the production of rigid body summary, I am now in the development of more advanced control techniques, including the cons...
3:28 - 2016 FX Seongcheol Zeon Houdini Show Reel
Загружено 5 июня 2017
2016 FX Houdini Show Reel Seongcheol Zeon
4:7 - CGI VFX Showreels HD: "Houdini FX Reel 2014" - by Jayden Paterson
Загружено 27 мая 2017
Watch this incredible "Houdini FX Reel" by the talented artist Jayden Paterson! Jayden is currently a Lead FX Artist at Axis Animation. For more in...
2:19 - CGI VFX Showreels HD: "Houdini FX Reel" - by Adam Marisett
Загружено 25 апреля 2017
Check out this inspiring showreel by the amazingly talented Adam Marisett! Adam is currently a Senior Animator at the Embassy VFX. For more informa...
2:36 - Philipp Kratzer - Houdini FX Reel 2015
Загружено 25 апреля 2017
Philipp Kratzer - Houdini FX-TD, 3D Generalist and VFX-Instructor.

All commercial projects were done at südlich-t, munich.

Feel free to visit my...
2:6 - CGI VFX Showreels HD: "Houdini FX Reel" - by Goncalo Cabaca
Загружено 25 апреля 2017
Check out this fantastic Houdini FX Reel by the talented Goncalo Cabaca! Goncalo is currently an FX TD at Method Studios. For more information plea...
1:11 - Houdini FX Reel - Stephen Wagner
Загружено 7 ноября 2016
Updated cut (2016) of my FX reel. The simulated FX created in this reel are all using Houdini software from SideFX.
2:30 - Houdini FX Reel 2014
Загружено 29 июля 2016
All works were done in Houdini and rendered in Mantra except textures for houses which were painted in Mari.

Each smoke explosion was simulated with constant speed, after primary sim I've advected color by primary vel field in Color Advect solver and in the third step Density and Cd fields were retimed with support of Retime Solver 4-5 times and in the last step I've exported retime curves from Nuke into chops and used its values as a file name for getting the right frame from retimed cache.

All houses w

2:2 - FX Show Reel 2016 (Houdini FX)
Загружено 29 июня 2016
Latest VFX works with Houdini FX. Software: Houdini FX, Lightwave (Modeler), Substance Painter, NukeX, After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Music: Portishead - Roads
1:9 - Houdini FX Reel
Загружено 25 декабря 2015
Breakdown: 1. Crumble, December 2015. This is the first shot of my thesis film. I layered an RBD simulation on my animated, deforming character and triggered it using hidden, scaling geometry in the areas I wanted to shatter. The shatters then triggered particle debris, and I copy-stamped geometry onto this. In addition to the simulation, I also modeled and rigged the character using Maya and Zbrush, textured the background drawers using Photoshop and Mudbox, rendered the shot using Arnold, and composited i
1:1 - Elana Lederman - Houdini FX Demo Reel
Загружено 18 декабря 2015
/newcggroup | Будь в тренде CG
1:39 - Houdini FX Demo Reel 2015
Загружено 27 октября 2015
My latest compilation of FX work, all done using Houdini.
1:43 - VFX Showreels HD 'Houdini FX Reel' by Brett Angelillis
Загружено 30 апреля 2015
1:42 - Houdini FX Reel 2015
Загружено 15 апреля 2015
Most recent Houdini FX work for film and commercials at The Mill and Method Studios Music: Nicolas Jaar - Specters of the Future
Загружено 5 апреля 2015
My Houdini FX portfolio reel

Please enjoy
4:3 - Houdini FX Reel 2014
Загружено 21 октября 2014
2:15 - Filipp Elizarov's Houdini FX Reel 2014
Загружено 26 сентября 2014
Houdini FX TD in Asymmetric VFX Studio - Filipp Elizarov has shared his Houdini FX Reel 2014. It contains lot of great vfx work done by using Houdini as a main tool with Mantra render, Nuke, Mari ... check it out!


1:31 - Houdini FX Reel - Charles Trippe
Загружено 12 мая 2014
Wrath of the Titans - Lava Iron Man 3 - Tower melt and paint cracking geometry Kia Soul 2014 - Bubbles, Character Fur Dynamics, Character lighting and rendering Sealy Optimum 2014 - Ink trails Kia Soul 2013 - Laser trails, stars, and galaxies. Beautiful Creatures - Vine growth Telekom Germany TV Spot - Branching Growth The Avengers - Tesseract volumetric interior energy pattern Kia Space Babies - Nebula volumetrics email: cteffects@
2:30 - Houdini FX Reel 2014
Загружено 20 апреля 2014
Special thanks to Vladislav Tushevskiy - Houdini FX TD at Method Studios LA and Stanislav Pologrudov FX Supervisor/Lead FX TD at Pixel Bears Moscow.
2:58 - Alejandro Echeverry | Houdini FX TD Reel 2013
Загружено 18 февраля 2014
Music By: Gary Numan
1:32 - Alex Gabriel's Houdini FX Reel
Загружено 7 февраля 2014
This is the latest iteration of my reel. It's slightly outdated, as my latest work from current and previous projects are unavailable.
3:9 - Alejandro Echeverry | Houdini FX TD Reel 2012
Загружено 12 апреля 2013
Music By: Jean-Michel Jarre (00:00) Ice Cream | Viscosity WIP A viewport preview of a high viscosity sim that uses a custom HDA emitter that I have developed to have control of every aspect (rate, velocity, scale, xform, etc) of the emission stage. Also the HDA emitter defines uvs based on poind id (u) and distance from the centroid of the shape (v), to have correct texture coordinates across the fluid. Finally a very simple setup with a gas linear combination microsolver to control the rate of chang
1:55 - houdini fx reel
Загружено 17 января 2013

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