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guitar hero world tour!

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3:38 - Guitar Hero World Tour так вот поробовал на клаве только одну кнопку нашел
Загружено 11 января 2019
4:16 - Guitar Hero World Tour 2018.12.16 -
Загружено 16 декабря 2018
6:57 - vidmo_org_Guitar_Hero_World_Tour_-_Eagles_-_Hotel_California_320.mp4
Загружено 3 октября 2018
5:33 - GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR (Zero Punctuation)
Загружено 22 августа 2018
Subscribe to Escapist Magazine! >This week, will Zero Punctuation's rock star fantasies be fulfilled with Guitar Hero Wo...
11:27 - A custom concert from ShizuPlay | Guitar Hero World Tour
Загружено 16 августа 2018
Извиняюсь за корявости, миссы и ещё многое чего, у гитарки батарейки садятся, обещаю заменить и записать, если понравится.Прошу, оцените гитариста!!! Словами!!! Пожалуйста, мне это важно!!!Спасибо!!!(Guitarist [id245320243|Hellsing Zero])PlayList:Korn -freak on a leashParamore - Misery BusinessNirvana - About a girl(Unplugged)
3:50 - Guitar Hero World Tour- Zack Wylde Guitar Duel Expert Guitar (HD)
Загружено 5 июля 2018
I'm the one on the right! Lol, jk :)I will be uploading the entire setlist of Guitar Hero World Tour over time. These videos are intended to show...
54:32 - стрим по Guitar Hero World Tour
Загружено 17 апреля 2018
4:29 - Guitar Hero: World Tour - Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) Expert Guitar FC 495,764
Загружено 12 февраля 2018
If you like my videos, feel free to donate! If you do, that will make you AWESOME. Paypal: THABEAST721@Dogecoin: D7qUUq9yChhLbMfrqX9Wpuw...
6:55 - [Guitar Hero World Tour] The Eagles - Hotel California (Expert)
Загружено 1 февраля 2018
2:29:38 - [Стрим без микро]guitar hero world tour на клаве
Загружено 8 октября 2017
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
3:32 - Guitar Hero World Tour
Загружено 7 октября 2017
1:19 - Guitar Hero World Tour Trailer
Загружено 23 июля 2017
11:15 - Guitar Hero: World Tour - клавовсратокастер гитара
Загружено 22 июля 2017
24:18 - Guitar Hero World Tour 04.14.2017 -
Загружено 15 апреля 2017
5:15 - Guitar Hero World Tour - "Michael Jackson - Beat It" (Drums)
Загружено 4 декабря 2016
Мой второй канал, чисто связанный с играми! - https://
5:31 - All Cutscenes Guitar Hero World Tour HD
Загружено 11 ноября 2016
All Cutscenes From GHWT In HD:BandGuitarSingerDrumBass
6:59 - Guitar Hero World Tour: Hotel California 100% FC
Загружено 31 июля 2016
All rights for the song playing goes to The Eagles and its publisher. Guitar Hero World Tour PC is developed by Aspyr Media with Activision as its publisher.I take no credit for either one!If any of the above wish me to take this video down, I will.
4:31 - Guitar Hero World Tour Expert Guitar: The Kill 100% FC
Загружено 28 июня 2016
Dedicated to my buddy Liam Manglano!Merry Christmas everyone!Watch this in the highest definition possible! You'll enjoy it immensely. Yesh ;))430672, 1066 NS, 100% FCI recorded this video with my brother's PVR almost an entire year ago, and now I'm uploading it because I want to just dip my feet in the waters and see how this turns out.The path was decently executed and I'm not sure exactly what place it is but it isn't a shabby score.I will also try to record runs of Through the Fire and Flame
3:51 - [Guitar Hero World Tour] Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker (Expert)
Загружено 31 марта 2016
[Guitar Hero World Tour] Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker (Expert)
9:3 - Guitar Hero: World Tour - Stranglehold Expert Guitar FC 655,508
Загружено 8 марта 2016
Song Name: StrangleholdBand: Ted NugentScore: 655,508Path: >This song is so long and annoying to get an FC. I missed the last squeeze which kind of sucks. I had to pause the game to turn on the tilt sensor because my guitar is stupid and will randomly activate if I have it turned on. However, I needed it turned on for the fifth activation. If you don't like me pausing the game mid song, too bad. Follow me on Twitch! https://>
5:3 - [Guitar Hero World Tour] Van Halen - Hot For Teacher (Expert)
Загружено 23 декабря 2015
[Guitar Hero World Tour] Van Halen - Hot For Teacher (Expert)
5:1 - Guitar Hero World Tour Billy Idol
Загружено 22 декабря 2015
6:43 - Guitar Hero World Tour (GBD) - PC Custom Song - Devil Went Down To Georgia - Steve Ouimette
Загружено 21 октября 2015
Yes bots are playing and missed up at some bits.Sorry for the audio not being in sync, I was going to use the video editor but it looks like you can't use it when there is copyright audio :(You can play this song on World Tour by downloading a mod for world tour called Guitar Hero: Tour of Legends and you can find it here - >This is not my song and it is a cover by Steve Ouimette, the original song artist is Charlie Daniels Band
4:13 - Guitar Hero World Tour PC 2009 Gameplay
Загружено 6 сентября 2015
Лучшие игры здесь
5:18 - G-Rad: Guitar Hero World Tour Foo Fighters Everlong Expert Drums Performance Mode 450k
Загружено 2 сентября 2015
This is one of my first ever videos and pretty much the "Birth" of DeathSketch the GH/RB drummer. This and my Scream Aim Fire Performance Mode videos were my two most favorited videos by other people. I don't have a working copy of GH:WT right now. I don't have my SAF video either, however I will redo it if I can get the song and game to load up on my Xbox. Nonetheless, I think I'm going to return to Performance mode videos. I enjoyed those more than FC's because I am a player not about score, but a
7:8 - Guitar Hero World Tour(Schism by Tool)
Загружено 30 июля 2015
6:27 - Guitar Hero World Tour - Parabola Tool Expert Guitar 100% FC
Загружено 10 июня 2015
4:26 - Guitar Hero - World Tour
Загружено 16 мая 2015
5:43 - [Guitar Hero World Tour] Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley (Expert)
Загружено 15 мая 2015
[Guitar Hero World Tour] Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley (Expert)
8:41 - Guitar Hero World Tour Drums On PC Part 1
Загружено 13 апреля 2015
UPDATE: PS360 Midi Drummer Link updated.>•Guitar Hero: World Tour Drum Kit (Must be either Xbox 360 or PS3 version)•Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver For Windows (Xbox 360 version only)•PS360MIDI Drummer-Link: >•LoopBe1•ASIO4ALL•FL Studio•Addictive Drums If you have a rock band 2 drum kit and can provide some technical data for Magnus so that he can ad
4:5 - Guitar Hero World Tour - "Black Label Society - Stillborn" (Bass - Expert 100%) by necromancer_al
Загружено 9 февраля 2015
2:13 - Guitar Hero World Tour Intro
Загружено 21 января 2015
me testing my new capture program
5:24 - Overkill 100% FC - Guitar Hero 4: World Tour
Загружено 18 января 2015
Overkill by Motorhead The 3rd solo triplets are easy as hell with my tapping method (if you guys want me to make a hands vid I'll do that). Overall I think this song is a bit overrated (although it's definitely not easy; I'd say it's in the top 5 hardest FCs) and should have been FCed more times than it has.
4:56 - Guitar Hero World Tour : Everlong Expert Drums 5* Sightread
Загружено 16 января 2015
Me playing Everlong By The Foo Fighters On Guitar Hero World Tour Song: Everlong Artist: Foo Fighters Difficulty: Expert Instrument: Drums No Copyright Intended YouTube
4:56 - [Guitar Hero World Tour] Michael Jackson - Beat It (Expert)
Загружено 5 января 2015
[Guitar Hero World Tour] Michael Jackson - Beat It (Expert)
5:20 - [Guitar Hero World Tour] Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (Expert)
Загружено 2 января 2015
[Guitar Hero World Tour] Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (Expert)
5:14 - Beat it - Michael Jackson ( Guitar hero world tour )
Загружено 27 декабря 2014
Мы с друзьями сыграли в игре песню в память о нём это была 45ая попытка наверно но у нас получилось смотрите все ( Если ч я слева на гитаре )
5:56 - Guitar Hero World Tour - "Linkin Park - What I've Done" (Guitar - Expert 100%) by necromancer_al
Загружено 23 декабря 2014
6:5 - Guitar Hero World Tour - R.E.M. - The One I Love (Bass - Expert 100%) by necromancer_al
Загружено 14 декабря 2014
4:53 - Guitar Hero World tour SOAD - BYOB
Загружено 12 декабря 2014
Мировая чемпионка по гитар хиро на гитаре100% правильно!!!

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