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exhaust cutout

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1:37 - Camaro Exhaust Cutout 2.5" / Система управления звуком выхлопа
Загружено 22 декабря 2018
305 TBI 1988
1:38 - Electronic Exhaust Cutouts
Загружено 30 мая 2018
Electronic Cutouts
2:30 - LOUD exhaust cutout valve on 2009 Camry
Загружено 22 мая 2017
i recently added an electronic cutout valve on my 2009 Camry, and with the other lil mods, it sounds so deep and aggressive.
1:2 - 2011 Chevy cruze exhaust cutout
Загружено 16 мая 2017
Catback resonator delete cutout.
2:11 - 2011 Chevy Cruze with custom catback, no cats, and exhaust cutout
Загружено 16 мая 2017
1.4T Cruze ECO with Flowmaster 80 series, Vibrant Performance resonator, ZZP catless downpipe and midpipe, and a raceland exhaust cutout. This car ...
2:7 - Sound Performance Boost Activated Exhaust Cutout Results!!!
Загружено 24 января 2017
2:40 - PYPES Electric Exhaust Cutouts Dump Pipe HVE11 HVE10 HVE13K
Загружено 5 января 2017
PYPES Electric Exhaust Cutouts Dump Pipe HVE11 HVE10 HVE13K>Cutout Ass...
2:9 - 06 corolla xrs exhaust cutout pulls
Загружено 20 июля 2016
This is my 06 Corolla XRS with injen cai/wp&alt UD pullys/cat delete with o2 simulator/electric exhaust cutout 2 1/2 inch/03 matrix xrs ecu
1:2 - 2013 BMW F10 550i Custom Exhaust Cutouts W/ X-pipe
Загружено 8 июня 2016
2013 BMW F10 550i Custom Exhaust Cutouts W/ X-pipeFollow on Instagram: edgar_0895
1:41 - BMW F10 550i xDrive met maatwerk RVS X-Pipe & Dual exhaust Cutout / Kleppen -
Загружено 8 июня 2016
Deze BMW F10 550i xDrive hebben we voorzien van een op maat gemaakte RVS X-Pipe op de plaats van de originele middendemper.Daarnaast hebben we deze auto voorzien van een set schakelbare kleppen (exhaust cutouts) voor de originele einddempers.Zo kan er worden gekozen voor een vrijwel origineel geluid (kleppen in gesloten stand) en een zeer sportieve sound (kleppen in open stand).Deze elektrische kleppen zijn te bedienen via een afstandsbediening.Wilt u ook zo iets of heeft u andere wensen op het gebied
9:14 - 1973 Plymouth Cuda 340 - QTP Quick Time Cutout Exhausts - Badass Sound - Viva Las Vegas Autos
Загружено 6 июня 2016
to contact us with sales questions visit >To view our blog, go to
3:24 - Magnaflow Custom Exhaust - Toyota Celica VVTI Custom System with Cutout by Profusion Customs
Загружено 6 июня 2016
1:48 - Focus 3 electric cutout exhaust sound
Загружено 17 мая 2016
QTP electric cutout installed just before muffler allows for exhaust tone and volume to be adjusted from driver's seat. Resonator replaced with 2.5" SS straight pipe. Zero drone - can not hear exhaust when cruising on highway until you step on it. When closed you hear the stock engine symposer.
1:3 - BMW X5 4.8i with electric exhaust cutout
Загружено 1 мая 2016
My BMW X5 4.8i with electric exhaust flap closed and open
1:9 - 08 Cobalt SS TURBO (QTP Y PIPE Electric Exhaust Cutout) + AEM INTAKE
Загружено 2 марта 2016
Revs of it closed.. then i open it and rev a couple times
2:46 - Tiburon - Custom Exhaust & Electric Cutout
Загружено 25 февраля 2016
2004 Hyundai Tiburon
3:14 - Racelands 3" Electric Exhaust Cutout - 2013 Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7L
Загружено 24 января 2016
5:13 - New and Improved Doug's Electric Exhaust Cutout
Загружено 24 января 2016
Uncork your exhaust system with the flip of a switch. Our all NEW and Improved Doug's Electric Cut-Outs offer superior design and function. You won't find these features anywhere else: 304 Stainless Steel construction High Torque DUncork your exhaust system with the flip of a switch. No exhaust leak noise when closed. Self adjusting, self cleaning gate provides lifetime leak proof seal. Zero obstructions when fully open. Harness pre wired for easy installation.
3:23 - 軽トラ 竹ヤリExhaust Cutout
Загружено 23 января 2016
2:8 - Audi S6 URS6 2.2T exhaust cutout
Загружено 21 января 2016
My 1995.5 URS6. Car has Stromung Gen2 exhaust with an electric cut-out installed before the mufflers. Stage2 MRC tune, 034 motorsports CAI, 034 motorsports high output coil kit, 044 fuel pump with RS2 injectors, and more ;P More videos to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:9 - Mazda Xedos 6 2.5 V6 KL Cutout Valve Exhaust
Загружено 24 декабря 2015
Watch with headphones ;)
1:22 - 2004 Mazda Rx8 Electronic Cutout Exhaust
Загружено 15 ноября 2015
Biggest reason why I went ahead with putting this electronic cutout exhaust was probably because I hadn't seen anyone else out there with one. I enjoy playing with it, pull up to a light next to another car and rev your engine and they think your car is a joke so there rev theirs. Then I laugh and open the cutout and rev mine and watch their face :) For an average person who doesn't know to much about exhaust and stuff they find it pretty cool. I know there will be haters, who think it sounds like crap. Plu
1:2 - Honda Civic Si dyno exhaust cutout
Загружено 15 ноября 2015
extra loud with cutout open
1:20 - audi a4 electronic exhaust cutout
Загружено 15 ноября 2015
05.5 B7 A4 quattro manual dmh electronic exhaust cutout
2:36 - Ford Fiesta Exhaust Cutout
Загружено 15 ноября 2015
2011 Ford Fiesta Sedan SSound clip of various levels of sound using a Jegs 3in manual exhaust cutout directly after the first muffler or resonator.
1:10 - Electric Exhaust Cutout Subaru BRZ 2013
Загружено 15 ноября 2015
"How it works: DMH Electric Cutouts are designed to better your cars performance and feel. The cutout works by welding into your stock or modified exhaust. They can be placed anywhere after the headers. To open the cutout you press a switch, which opens cutout, releasing your exhaust. This enables you to bypass your muffler, increasing horsepower and giving your car an extremely throaty rumble." - DMH Performance. " Basically it's a y pipe with an electrically operated butterfly valve on the end." - O
2:24 - exhaust cutout
Загружено 15 ноября 2015
Install electric exhaust cutout to your vehicle This Electric Exhaust Cutout System is specifically designed and made to enhance the performance, sound, and power of vehicles with the flip of the toggle switch. Instantly increases up to 20+ Horsepower. Designed to be conveniently welded onto anywhere from the cutout location from the header to the catback of vehicles. Electrical appliance allows opening the cutout simply by flipping the switch and exhaust will be opened for a more direct exhaust flow, mor
5:20 - Exhaust cutout
Загружено 15 ноября 2015
this is my Subaru xv crosstrek with the exhaust cutout I wanted a little more sound but wanted to make it quiet on the highway so I installed this cutout. it sounds a lot better live. I do feel a little more power in the higher RPM's
1:48 - Can Am Spyder model 2013 - met schakelbare uitlaatklep / exhaust cutout - door EPS Uitlaten BV
Загружено 12 августа 2015
Deze Can Am Spyder van 2012 (model 2013) hebben we voorzien van een schakelbare klep in het originele uitlaatsysteem.Door het plaatsen van deze klep (ook wel exhaust cutout genoemd) kan de klant kiezen tussen een beschaafd origineel geluid en een mooie sportieve roffel.De toegepaste klep is traploos regelbaar waardoor ook de toename van het geluid nog iets is af te stellen.Wilt u ook zo iets of heeft u andere wensen op het gebied van uitlaten?Bel of mail met onderstaand adres.Met vriendelijke groet,
2:11 - 2007 Mustang GT with QTP Electric Exhaust Cutouts
Загружено 31 мая 2015
>Just messing around after the install of the cutouts and took another quick idling video.FYI: This was before the holes in the rear bumper were filled... The holes are no longer there.
1:22 - bmw 525 TDS straight pipe exhaust Electric cutouts / przepustnica wydechu
Загружено 9 ноября 2014
1:48 - Supercharged Tiburon GT - Exhaust cutout
Загружено 6 октября 2014
Exhaust cutout installed on my supercharged Hyundai Tiburon GT.Some will call this "ricer", but i personnaly have a lot of fun with that mod. I love to be able to switch so easily between a "normal" sound an a "rally car" sound. Don't ask if performance is better when cutout is opened, i haven't dynoed it yet ; it may be, but not by much, considering the welding shop replaced more of the piping than planned so it's 2.5" until it splits to the Evofusion dual 2".5 years ago, i had bought a Evo
2:35 - Exhaust Cutout Mercedes Benz s430 2003 w220
Загружено 22 сентября 2014
Exhaust Cut out Mercedes Benz s430 2003Resonator has been removed to fit both exhaust cut outs.I was planning to place them before the seconday cats but theres no space for the electronic exhaust cut out so i removed the resonator instead to fit the y pipe for the exhaust cut outs.
3:42 - Ford Capri Essex V6 with exhaust cutout roared in tunnels
Загружено 15 апреля 2014
Ride with Ford Capri X-Pack, powered by Essex V6 engine with exhaust cutout opened. Three tunnels (both directions) in my hometown Brno, Czech Republic.Headphones are recommended :)
1:2 - 2012 Boss 302 with QTP Electric Exhaust Cutouts
Загружено 10 октября 2013
1:52 - zo6 cutouts (QTP) exhaust mod. corvette
Загружено 10 сентября 2013
my qtp cutouts mod. 2003 zo6 w/cam, no cats, headers, ti.
3:3 - (HD) Audi S5 DMH Electric Cutout Exhaust-Incredible Sound-Revving and Fly by
Загружено 19 мая 2013
2010 Audi S5 4.2L V8 with (2) 2.5" DMH electric cutout exhaust valve's attached right after the primary catalytic converters from each down pipe. The result is extreme loudness along with an incredible exhaust note! All work done by Ryan Wendt, Audi Specialist -Master Guild Certified Services Tri-State NY/NJ/CT Area The song in the beginning of the video is called "Easy Muffin" by Amon Tobin.
1:1 - 2008 Dodge Charger 440 / 7.2L Hemi Stroker Exhaust Cutouts - Burnout
Загружено 28 октября 2012
440 CI hemi stroker, forged 9.3:1 CR built for boost...
1:53 - 2006 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 with DMH Performance Electric Exhaust Cutouts
Загружено 24 июля 2012
The Jeep is a bone stock 2006 SRT8 Grand Cherokee. Electric exhaust cutouts are from
1:55 - Dodge Charger Electronic Cutouts Exhaust
Загружено 30 ноября 2011
2006 Dodge Charger Top Banana Yellow Electronic Exhaust. Open and Closed Clips of the car at idle and driving.

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