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59:6 - Mala Gupta - Keeping Pace with What's New in Java
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Java is moving forward and faster than ever before. How do developers keep pace with what's new in Java with its six-month release cadence?
Just knowing a feature is not sufficient. Join this live-coded session to stay ahead of the curve as Java adapts to the changing technology landscape and becomes more relevant than ever.

The audience will take away why, how, and where to use the new language features like Sealed Classes and Interfaces, Records, Text Blocks, Pattern Matching for instance of and much more that will transform your everyday coding experience. You'll see for yourself if it is worthwhile adopting all these new language features.
1:58 - История о преданности и предательстве
Загружено 24 сентября 2021
1:3:4 - Andres Almiray - What I Wish I Knew About Maven Years Ago
Загружено 23 сентября 2021
Apache Maven is seen by many developers as the defacto build tool in the Java space.

Since its early days back in April 2002, Maven has helped developers build projects and assemble artifacts.

On the surface not much appears to have changed in the design, structure, and build file syntax, but in reality there are quite a good number of features that have been added through the years that make Maven a powerhouse.
15:0 - Видео от er xu.
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1:3:28 - Black Eyed Kids, Transhumanism, Gates & Epstein Baby Ranch, Pandemic Babies
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Black Eyed Kids, Transhumanism, Gates & Epstein Baby Ranch, Pandemic Babies

These newborns born in 2021, are the victims of vaccinated mothers, the newborns are considered "TRANSHUMAN", says the U.S court‼️ Dear divine souls, look closely at the baby, it can hold its head upright after a few hours after its birth! The dark eyes remind us of the demons, and this arm also looks strange. These newcomers have a different attitude and a different morphology and hybrid genetics and some also have non-human DNA with patent claims on the part of these entities.

If pregnant women are that stupid to get experimental gene therapy their babies are being born as NON human beings but as soulless genetically modified organisms – PLF – programmable life forms.

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3:14 - Видео от The General
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2:20 - 5_6213230381953451073.mp4
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4:17 - Дорогой длинною-караоке
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Муз. Б.Фомина
Сл. К.Подревского и неизвестного автора.
аранжировка -panteley The materials used in this video (music, images, photos, and videos) are taken from open sources on the Internet. If you are the author of the material or the owner of copyright to it and are against its use in my work, please let me know in a personal email or leave a comment under the video. Материалы, используемые в данном видеоролике, (музыка, картинки, фото и видео) взяты из открытых источников в интернете. Если Вы являетесь автором материала или обладателем авторских прав на него и против его использования в моей работе - сообщите мне личным письмом или оставьте комментарий под видеороликом
1:32:1 - Видео от Martin Vivo
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5:28 - NYTT LAND - Blood Of The North
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Order the "Ritual" here: "Our new album is a big story, a long way - from the harsh, snowy fjords of ancient Scandinavia - to the endless expanses of the great Siberian taiga. Having chosen life in a small Siberian village, we are inspired by nature, its eternal, primordial life force. And this inspiration finds expression in our music."

1:1 - 2_5370634502299194233.mp4
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2:0 - Reasons You Need SEO for Your Ecommerce Website
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For any ecommerce site, ranking at the top of search engines is a high priority. It does not matter if your company size is big or small, you need impactful that will boost your website to rank on the top position. According to a leading ecommerce web design company in Delhi, your product needs to reach its potential customers in the right way so they can find the products they need on the search engine results page.

4:40 - Holly Humberstone - Please Don't Leave Just Yet | Mahogany Session #ShotonOnePlus
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#OnePlus #Hasselblad #MahoganySession

Holly Humberstone performs Please Don't Leave Just Yet, shot on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Our partnership with OnePlus and their flagship OnePlus 9 Pro has taken us all over the 🌎 to collaborate with Artists who Never Settle in their search of creativity and inspiration. We've teamed up with 12 artists incredible musical talents, across urban and rural settings and throughout different time of the day - and they have all been captured using the OnePlus 9 Pro and its integrated Hasselblad camera. The series will run for six months, and it's our proudest work to date. We hope you love it.

3:32 - Forelsket-As if its your last
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debut song ❤
2:16 - telegram_video.mp4
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3:13:54 - Genshin Impact! Кто такая Райдэн? (9)
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ДОНАТ: (из-за проблем с выводом):
3:59 - A.Lancaster & Party Boys - He's Gonna Step On You Again (1987)
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I lay no claim to the ownership of this video or its music content.
This video is for enjoyment of the viewer and to show off the talents of such excellent performers. I highly recommend for people to seek out and purchase this bands songs.
1:7 - 1_5059847245671694863.mp4
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1:57 - 2_5370647653489054209.mp4
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4:40 - Loft - Its Raining Again (BabRoV Refresh)
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Loft - It's Raining Again (BabRoV Refresh)
2:19 - Видео от PRESSTVCHANNEL
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5:47 - Screenrecording_20210926_213737.mp4
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13:4 - Сборка многофункционального верстака большой емкости / часть 4
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This is the fourth and last video of my new multipurpose woodworking bench. I’ll show off some of its functions by building the doors and drawers for the bench itself.

More info on my website:
29:12 - Fantastic Feeding | Weird Nature | BBC Documentary Series | Episode 3
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Discover a creature that employs glue-guns as weapons, a fish that slashes with a chainsaw and a spider that lassos its prey with a swinging blob of glue. This exploration of strange animal behaviour reveals the many inventive ways animals catch prey. Meet a fish that targets its prey using its mouth as a water-pistol, a shrimp that stuns its prey with sound and a lemur with an ET-like finger that taps for a meal. There is also a frogfish whose mouth moves faster than its prey can see, a snake with a tail that acts as a maggot-like lure, and an eagle that has found a novel way to break into its meal. There is even a mantis shrimp with a knockout punch that reaches the speed of a bullet, and a stoat that uses hypnosis.
2:19 - Alan Price - Its Getting Mighty Crowded
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2:33 - Видео от PRESSTVCHANNEL
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29:13 - Puzzling Partners | Weird Nature | BBC Documentary Series | Episode 5
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
Symbiotic relationships exist between very different animals. Find out how unlikely relationships can be beneficial to both animals. Then, discover how the animal kingdom handles the effects of drugs and alcohol among its inhabitants.
29:12 - Bizarre Breeding | Weird Nature | BBC Documentary Series | Episode 2
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
Animal breeding
Discover dancing scorpions, courting birds that give trinkets as gifts, mice that mate themselves to death and a mantis that eats its partner. This exploration of strange behaviour reveals nature's bizarre breeding rituals. Meet frogs that rear their young under their skin, fish that leap from the water to lay eggs on leaves and a bullfrog father that becomes lifeguard to his offspring. There are fish that change sex, others that bubble-wrap their young, male hamsters that act as midwives, and even a male that becomes pregnant. And, in this weird world, there is even a shrew that creates a living daisy chain of its own young.
29:13 - Marvellous Motion | Weird Nature | BBC Documentary Series | Episode 1
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
The first programme in a series looking at strange animal behaviour reveals nature's quirkiest movers and shakers. From dancing sea slugs to cartwheeling caterpillars, this is nature at its most weird and wonderful. In a series of magical sequences, crocodiles gallop, salamanders transform into wheels and bushbabies bounce like rubber balls. Lizards and frogs stage an extraordinary air show, the Mexican jumping bean reveals its fidgety secrets, lemurs pogo, and two-legged lizards hunt like dinosaurs. Using new filming techniques and some extraordinary special effects, this is nature as never seen before. Explore the wild ways animals move with a look at the mechanics of motion. Then delve into the interesting feeding habits of the natural world, including the chameleon, whose tongue is longer than its body.
1:42 - Iron ore prices jumped 17 per cent last night, BHP fell | Finance Report
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
BHP shares fell, while Rio Tinto went up. The local sharemarket produced its third rise ‘in a row’ today, taking it ‘all the way back’ to where it closed last week.

Here’s Alan Kohler on that, and UBS’s finding on mortgage applications.

1:41:4 - A Story of Children and Film - UK (2013)
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
A Story of Children and Film is the world’s first documentary about kids in global cinema. It’s a passionate, poetic, portrait of the adventure of childhood: its surrealism, loneliness, fun, destructiveness and stroppiness: as seen through 53 great films from 25 countries. A story of children and film is an eye opener, a landmark film and a celebration of both childhood and the movies.
2:19 - 5v + nosgov - maybe prod. shinju (official video)
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
shot by @birb100
edited by @nosgov

I kinda miss the sunlight
I forgot what it feels like
to be around you
or to be around someone at all
smoking on gaspack in the park
yea I miss that shit a lot
(yea I miss that shit a lot)

u don’t like me for who I am
u just like the money that I make
I just wanna spend time w u
maybe spend some big checks too
maybe help you see the truth
maybe we could make this work
(maybe we could make this work)

its not as easy how it seems that it be
and the thought of it all making me not believe
why you wanna stay when you wanted me to leave?
as the words got you torn

maybe its sum with me
bringing the receipts
tell me something
i just wanna live

i done caught it
i dont wanna be
the worst i be
just tell me to see

its not as easy how it seems that it be
and the thought of it all making me not believe
why you wanna stay when you wanted me to leave?
as the words got you torn
1:35:26 - Kenny Larkin - Detroit Techno Set In The Lab LA 2018
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
Find out more about WAV:
22:49 - 302 - Its a Jungle Out There
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
Животный демон дает всем животным в Нью-Йорке возможность разговаривать и взаимодействовать, действуя во многом как люди, и использует их, чтобы помочь захватить мир.
3:48 - NMG All Stars - Korn - Its On!
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
3:0 - Heart Attack Man - Pitch Black
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
Official video for Heart Attack Man's single, "Pitch Black," off their upcoming EP 'Thoughtz & Prayerz,' out everywhere on Triple Crown Records November 5.

Pre-order 'Thoughtz & Prayerz' here:
1:0 - Альянс клуб - Жигура .mp4
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
4:15 - DR ALBAN-its my life (DJ SHABAYOFF dance remix) (nikolaishubin clip version VOL.2)
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
16:23 - ИТС Лекция 2.5 Солодушкин 24.09.2021
Загружено 26 сентября 2021
9:29 - ИТС Лекция 2.4 Солодушкин 24.09.2021
Загружено 26 сентября 2021

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