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2:18 - Meet Business Analysts at Google
Загружено вчера
Meet Business Analysts drive continuous improvement at Google throughout the business by re-imagining every aspect of our business. Learn about the...
10:3 - The Business of English - Episode 1: Pleased to meet you
Загружено вчера
The Business of English: Episode 1 - Pleased to meet youIn this episode you can learn how to make introductions in a business setting.This 15-pa...
1:8 - 09.09.2017. St. Petersburg, Russia. Business meeting with Golding partners
Загружено 15 февраля 2018
1:34 - [MEET&GREET] MEET&GREET 출근 후, JBJ가 바쁜이유는? After on the way to MEET&GREET, Why JBJ is so busy?
Загружено 14 февраля 2018
JBJ는 MEET&GREET 대기시간에도 바쁘네요! 그 이유는 바로 팬분들에게 드릴 폴라로이드 선물을 준비중이었기 때문이네요! JBJ MEET&GREET 풀 영상 보러가기:
11:43 - German Business Vocabulary: Meetings. P.1 . Geschäftsdeutsch: Meetings
Загружено 11 февраля 2018
All about the important phrases in a German business meetings! Learn with dialogues and English translation! Level B1-B2Topics covered in this vi...
3:41 - Business English B1 - B2: Participating in meetings 1
Загружено 4 февраля 2018
Big thanks for OUP and all team working on Business Result!Here are some tips how to watch the video to develop listening skills and to practice...
Загружено 4 февраля 2018
It’s not every day you can welcome the CEO of a private investment banking company from Vienna, Pallas Capital, but I had the pleasure of recentl...
2:49 - English Listening Comprehension - Preparing For an English Business Meeting
Загружено 1 февраля 2018
Learn English with ! Do you find yourself missing the nuances in English conversations? Would you like to understand more of wha...
8:46 - German Business Vocabulary p.II Geschäftsdeutsch - ein Meeting leiten B1-B2
Загружено 27 января 2018
All about the important phrases in a German business meetings! Learn with dialogues and English translation! Level B1-B2Topics of this video:☻...
14:4 - Attending a Meeting in English - Useful English Phrases for Meetings - Business English
Загружено 23 января 2018
Imagine that you have a business meeting to attend tomorrow. If the meeting is in English, will you be ready? This lesson will help you learn usefu...
3:16 - Meet International Business Students Kseniia and Vitaliia
Загружено 20 января 2018
Meet Kseniia and Vitaliia who are from Russia and study International Business at Karelia UAS, Joensuu, Finland.Read more about Degree Programme ...
29:59 - Meet the 100 Year Old Woman Who Refuses to Retire After 76 Years in Business
Загружено 20 января 2018
Harriet Lonergan turns 100 today and this powerhouse has no intentions of slowing down!Harriet has been a Consultant in direct sales for the last...
18:33 - Common Expressions #6 (Business Meetings) | English Listening & Speaking Practice
Загружено 18 января 2018
In this lesson, you will practise your listening and speaking skills with some common business expressions used during meetings and discussions.L...
4:19 - Скетч "Business meeting". STATUS LINGUA. 2017
Загружено 16 января 2018
Скетч "Business meeting". Юбилейный вечер Status Lingua -15 лет! 15 декабря 2017 года. Группа Business-Uper.
20:19 - Business English - How to Chair a Meeting in English
Загружено 11 января 2018
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to chair a meeting in English. You can learn business English words and phrases which you can use in your next m...
3:10 - Vienna Business Trip - Meeting with Pallas Capital
Загружено 8 января 2018
My very first visit to Austria, Vienna and it is for business purpose, however I also intend to enjoy and discover this beautiful part of the world...
2:34 - Meet Professor Heather McGregor Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School
Загружено 4 января 2018
Professor Heather McGregor, Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School gives a brief overview of her career and her plans for the future.
12:38 - Business English conversation | Sales meeting
Загружено 3 января 2018
This is a video of a business English conversation. It's a sales meeting between 2 native English speakers, Mr Lewis who is British and Mrs Jones, ...
13:34 - Marijuana Mania Episode 2 - When Big Business Meets Culture #highway420
Загружено 13 декабря 2017
Berner is back with the second installment of Marijuana Mania. This episode finds Bern in Sin City where weed is not only legalized (for medicinal purposes) but is now home to the largest indoor grow facility. Take a tour and see what happens when big business meets culture like never before. #highway420
15:26 - Useful phrases for Business Meeting in English
Загружено 12 декабря 2017
Useful phrases for Business Meeting in English
28:5 - How The "Backpack Kid" Became Famous | GaryVee Business Meeting
Загружено 22 ноября 2017
I had the awesome opportunity to meet with Russell Horning AKA the "backpack kid" who was in Katy Perry's SNL performance. I'm really happy that we...
1:46:18 - Встреча с Ассоциацией европейского бизнеса | Meeting with Association of European Businesses
Загружено 31 октября 2017
Министр иностранных дел выступил на встрече с Ассоциацией европейского бизнеса...
11:42 - Business meeting & conference SMALL TALK – How to avoid that awkward moment!
Загружено 2 октября 2017
Do you get nervous in social situations? In this lesson, I'll teach you expressions you can use to master small talk and have meaningful conversati...
3:25 - Italian Listening Comprehension - Preparing For an Italian Business Meeting
Загружено 30 сентября 2017
>Learn Italian with ! Do you find yourself missing the nuances in Italian conversations? Would ...
11:37 - Business meeting (part 2) | English speaking lesson
Загружено 26 сентября 2017
Part 2 of the business meeting between 2 native English speakers, Mr Lewis who is British and Mrs Jones, who is American.In this meeting, Mrs Jon...
3:5 - Vladimir Putin - Meeting with Russian Business
Загружено 25 сентября 2017
Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin with representatives of the Russian business circles and associations.
1:38 - Arranging a Meeting - English Business Conversation
Загружено 15 сентября 2017
Do you ever have to arrange a meeting with a co-worker or business partner in English? Would you be able to do it if you had to?This video will ...
1:21 - Meeting the New Client - Business English Conversations
Загружено 15 сентября 2017
Meeting a new client for the first time is can be nerve-wracking. You want to make a good first impression. You want to set the foundation for a ...
2:58 - A Very Important Business Meeting
Загружено 15 августа 2017
3:53 - VICE News - Meet Nicole Strickland: The Truck-Driving Mom in a Business with Hardly any Women (02-08-2017)
Загружено 3 августа 2017
VICE News - Meet Nicole Strickland: The Truck-Driving Mom in a Business with Hardly any WomenTwenty nine-year-old single mom Nicole Strickland has spent a decade supporting herself and her young son on her wages as a truck driver. But as one of just 5.1 percent of female drivers nationwide, she doesn’t have it easy.She recalled the time a manager receiving a shipment offered to take her to dinner and let her use his shower. “You must get so lonely in that truck,” Strickland said the man told her. After she declined, he’d make her wait and unload her trailer last.While a 2016 White House report estimated that automized trucks could replace nearly 1.7 million truck driving jobs, for now, the industry is still growing. In fact, there’s a shortage of workers, especially women, according to the American Trucking Association.VICE News followed Strickland during her night shift on the open road.#nicolestrickland #strickland #stricklandnicole #truck #truckdriver #truckdrivingmom #vicenews
1:25 - Business English. Meeting.
Загружено 3 августа 2017
Business English. Meeting.
1:8 - Run Ren Business | Town Hall Meeting 2017
Загружено 24 июля 2017
24 и 25 июля проходит Таун Холл Банка Ренессанс Кредит в Hilton Garden INN. Предлагаю познакомиться с вступительным роликом к этому мероприятию, сделанному мной ;)
2:1 - Business meeting in the company Golding Life!
Загружено 23 июля 2017
"Golding Life": Лучший бизнес- старт - это сразу активно действовать! "Golding Life": Make Gold! Be Hap...
2:0 - Business meeting in the company Golding Life!
Загружено 12 июля 2017
Business meeting in the company Golding Life!
17:36 - Business English Lesson - Musical Business idioms to rock your meeting room.
Загружено 11 июля 2017
Business English Lesson - Musical Business idioms to rock your meeting room.Blog :
1:10 - Easytocharge спасёт Вашу деловую встречу | Easytocharge will rescue your business meeting
Загружено 8 июля 2017
НОМИНАНТ - Евгения Евпак, г. Москва, РоссияКомпозитор, автор слов, изготовитель фонограммы, исполнитель, автор сценария - Евгения ЕвпакИзготовитель видео, режиссёр - Павел Широлапов**********NOMINANT - Jennie Evpak, Moscow, RussiaComposer, songwriter, phonogram producer, performer, screenwriter - Jennie EvpakVideo maker, director - Pavel Shirolapov
1:37 - Trailer for the meeting of the Christian Business Club
Загружено 29 июня 2017
57:24 - +++PLATINCOIN LIVE WEBINAR ENGLISH Business Opportunity Meeting
Загружено 20 июня 2017
check inhttps://goo.gl/4PuIiZМой сайт>Скайпmixalych1970Телеграмм: @ProfitnewsbotМоя Гру ...
1:51 - B2U13 - Business Meeting
Загружено 18 мая 2017
Career Paths: SecretarialBook 2 - Unit 13 - Business Meeting
3:34 - Preparing For a Romanian Business Meeting
Загружено 13 мая 2017

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