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4:48 - Sub:liminal & Resurgence - Just A Waste
Загружено 7 сентября 2021
Sub:liminal & Resurgence - Just A Waste [Pilot Release] ✈️
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27:44 - Pilot Speed (Pilate) - For All That's Given, Wasted (Full EP)
Загружено 30 августа 2021
The alternative rock group Pilate was formed in 1999 in Toronto, Canada, by New Zealand singer, pianist and songwriter Todd Clark; it was he who placed an online ad to find a bass player, contacting Ruby Bumrah, a student at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Bumrah recruited guitarist Chris Greenough, who in turn recruited drummer Bill Keeley, when the band's original drummer left (Trevor Taylor).
Currently, Pilot Speed ​​has released three full-length albums "Caught by the Window", "Sell Control for Life's Speed" and "Wooden Bones", all produced by MapleMusic Recordings in the years 2003, 2006 and 2009 respectively.
On June 26, 2006 they published a message on their website, informing that due to legal restrictions they would change the name of the band to avoid problems with other entities outside of Canada. As a result, they changed their name from Pilate to Pilot Speed. Given this, his second album (Sell Control for Life's Speed) was re-released in the United States by Wind-up Records under a new nam
5:22 - Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Alive In The Windy City)
Загружено 18 августа 2021
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Alive In The Windy City)

Available Now: "Alive In The Windy City" is the first Stone Temple Pilots live concert to be authorised for video release.
The band are in top form and the show both looks and sounds spectacular.
The concert was held shortly before the release of their recent "Stone Temple Pilots" album and the tracklisting combines new songs interspersed with their classic hits. This is a great live concert by one of the most successful rock acts of the last twenty years.

And I feel that time's a wasted
So where ya going til tomorrow?
And I se that these are lies to
So Would you even care?

And I feel it
And I feel it

Where ya going for to tomorrow?
Where ya goin' with the mask I
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell
Will she smell alone?

And I feel, so much depends on
The weather
So is it raining in your bedr
45:48 - Ofenbach - Tomorrowland Around The World 2021 (17.07.2021)
Загружено 3 августа 2021
45:50 - Ofenbach @ Elixir Club Stage, Tomorrowland Around The World
Загружено 1 августа 2021
29:32 - ACG Campaign - From Battleaxe to Crusader - Mission 01 (4a Squadriglia)
Загружено 7 июля 2021
Campaign desription:
Surrounding you, the scorched lands. The sands of time lay ahead. Even these inhospitable places shall be laid to waste by the tide of war. Blazing landscapes: heat blur upon the horizon, complete emptiness beyond eye's reach. Engulfed by the heat and sweat, there is no stepping down. The eyes of the world are upon you. Egypt and beyond: Access to the Suez Canal, the middle east and the Soviet oilfields. A key objective of the war efforts which shall be fought over to the last plane. Vast open terrain present themselves in front of you. No easy feat for a few squadrons to cover. Divide and conquer... Fortune favours the bold. A hard challenge for the battle hardened pilots. Things are not always right because they may be hard, but if they are the right thing to do, one must not mind if they are also hard. So, Blow, wind! come, wrack! At least we’ll die with harness on our back... Welcome to North Africa, Pilots!

About ACG:
The Air Combat Group consists of both Allied and Axis squadrons
9:53 - “Alligator Boots” Pilot | Behind the Scenes | Doc by Konee Rok (Kanye's tv show that got canceled)
Загружено 1 июля 2021
it's a short documentary about Kanye wast's pilot for a failed tv show from 2007 that was supposed to be named "pork troy" and was later changed to the official name “Alligator Boots” the show is packed with an intruding an interesting history. created with the help from the creators of "crank yankers" the show was firstly suggested by rapper "rhythm first" during the recording session for graduation when he started acting in the studio as a character named pork troy a rapping pig puppet Kanye who was captivated by this character suggested that they'll do something with it as he eventually go to jimmy Kimmel to pitch the idea of a tv show evolving around the character Kimmel who was one part of jackhole productions at the time already had experience making muppet style shows as he was involved with the puppet show "crank yankers" a show that was loved by much of the hip hop community and would often feature cameos from rappers like snoop dog, Eminem and Lil Jhon Kimmel along with daniel kalisson the co-creato
3:25 - Gentlemens Club - Wasted Time (ft. The Slopes)
Загружено 5 мая 2021
Gentlemens Club - Wasted Time (ft. The Slopes) [Pilot Release] ✈️
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53:2 - Gran Turismo Toyota Chaser
Загружено 17 апреля 2021
Game: Gran Turismo 5 & 6
Platform: Playstation 3

Toyota Tom's Chaser

Illusion Suite - Uni-Twins
Heavenly - Wasted Time
Vanishing Point - When Truth Lies

Freedom Call - Freedom Call
Level 10 - Cry No More
Machinae Supremacy - Force Feedback

Symfonia - I Walk In Neon
Tarot - Pilot Of All Dreams
Speed Stroke - Riot In Everyone
1:58:21 - A Reversed Hope (subtitled)
Загружено 13 апреля 2021
A Reversed Hope

Time has gone backwards! While the flow of space and time remain conflicted in this lone galaxy, the Empire has arisen from the ashes, leaving the small rebellion left from the ashes of the forgotten REPUBLIC in constant jeopardy; as the supposed Space Utopia project has been finished, and only time will tell its unveiling.

Former Jedi Master Naw Ibo has vanished (quite literally) and is now watching from the sidelines, through a passage only known as the FORCE. Eyewitness accounts suspect he is living the rest of his days, shortened by war, as a space hobo in the Jundland Wastes.

These are the hours of the past, and the war goes ever on. Two male pilots have been recently revealed as war criminals, and they are immediately being renounced of their medals. There was no trial. Silently, the mental stability of both Ekul Reklawyks and Nah Olos has not been questioned by word or by thought, for with them they carried a dangerous zoo animal, and they just see
3:59 - twenty one pilots - Not Today (Official Audio)
Загружено 5 апреля 2021
The official audio for twenty one pilots' "Not Today" from the new album 'Blurryface' - available now on Fueled By Ramen:

2:33 - Life Of A Fighter Pilots - "Aim High" | Military Tribute
Загружено 27 февраля 2021
Military Motivation 2021

Music : Pop Punk Instrumental - WASTED TIME
1:12 - Save Fuel Aka Eyes On The Target (1942)
Загружено 12 февраля 2021
Title reads: "M of I - Government Official"

Ministry of Information public information trailer


WS. Fighter plane. MS the pilot. ECU Pilots eye looking through a target. Cut to MS Man reading paper in his living room. Voice-over 'What is he keeping his eye on?' Various CU's Kettle. Fire. Lamps. Voice-over 'Hey you. You're wasting fuel.' CU a piece of coal. Voice-over 'This represents the amount of fuel you've just been wasting'. WS a residential street. Cut to various shots of increasingly large amounts of coal. Titles: 'Enough fuel to make a' cut to an army tank. Various shots as the man switches of the appliances around his house. Voice-over 'keep an eye on your fuel target and save, save, save'. Shots of gas and electricity meters. Shot of eye looking through a target.

End title: Save fuel

NB: item was originally part of Gazette issue 42/100.
FILM ID:2911.11

15:17 - Rome To Pulham Non Stop & Cuts (1926)
Загружено 29 января 2021

Title: "ROME TO PULHAM NON-STOP! Amundsen's Airship - 'Norge1' - in which he will attempt flight across arctic wastes, completes 1,400 miles journey in 30 hours".

Intertitle: "Piloted by Capt. C. D. Barnard in a D. H. 9, our camera-man accompanied Airship for English Coast and secured wonderful and exclusive pictures".

Various aerial shots of an airship flying over countryside, taken from an aeroplane.

Intertitle: "Over the Aerodrome. Owing to adverse weather it took over 2 1/2 hours to complete landing operations".

Aerial shot of the airship flying over a hangar and an airfield. L/S, taken from ground level, of the airship coming into land, a large crowd watches. M/S of the airship on the ground, the crowd swarms around the airship's cabin. L/S of the airship slowly moving along the ground, it looks as if the crowd are pushing it along. M/S of the underneath of the airship, gangs of men pull the mighty vessel along by ropes.

Intertitle: "Prince Olaf, with the Commande
2:22 - Titles Only Various Aka Title Roll Various (1926)
Загружено 29 января 2021
Various titles for stories in Pathe Gazette Issue G 1285. Please see separate records for details of stories themselves.

Title (1) : "MARWICK HEAD. In memory of Empire's Greatest Soldier. Imposing Memorial, on nearest point to where ill-fated H.M.S. Hampshire was lost, completed".

Title (2) : "SURREY. Festival of EID-UL-FTR. Moslems in England attend celebrations at the Woking Mosque".

Title (3) : "Over the Aerodrome. Owing to adverse weather it took over 2 1/2 hours to complete landing operations".

Title (4) : "Prince Olaf, with the Commander and Crew".

Title (5) : "NORFOLK. ROME TO PULHAM NON-STOP! Amundsen's Airship - 'Norge 1' - in which he will attempt flight across the arctic wastes, completes 1,400 miles journey in 30 hours".

Title (6) : "Piloted by Capt. C. D. Barnard in a D.H.9, our camera-man accompanied Airship for English Coast and secured wonderful and exclusive pictures".

Title (flash frame) (7): "GAZETTE NO. 26-30".

Title (8) : "TONBRIDGE. The Final Meet of th
2:30 - Courtauld Rescued (1931)
Загружено 26 января 2021
Full title reads: "Courtauld rescued ... after 5 months alone in Greenland's Arctic wastes. Dramatic and exclusive pictures to the Pathe Gazette by arrangement with 'The Times'."


Aerial views of the Greenland icecap. Lots of ice and snow. Shots of the coastline.

Plane belonging to Captain Ironberg (sp?) loaded and prepared for take off to fetch Augustine Courtauld from his solitary place at a research camp in the snowy wastes. CU Pilot in snow gear. Shots of plane taking off.

Men at the landing ground tend to fires creating smoke signals to allow the plane to come back to base. Plane lands.

Shots of Courtauld with some of his rescuers. MS and CU of Courtauld as he smokes his pipe. CU of Courtauld smoking a cigar. Shot of Courtauld after he has shaved off his beard, he shakes hands with Captain Ironberg.
FILM ID:809.01

3:2 - every time zim and dib say each other's names
Загружено 24 января 2021
this is every single time zim and dib say each other's name in the pilot, show, and movie

it was also a TREMENDOUS WASTE OF TIME!!! :D
1:8 - Первая История про школу! (Шиба) (пилот)
Загружено 3 августа 2020
Первая История про школу (Шиба) (пилот)
3:51 - Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Acoustic)
Загружено 16 мая 2020
And I feel that time's a wasted go So where ya going to tomorrow?
And I see that these are lies to come So would you even care?

And I feel it, And...
Загружено 3 мая 2020
Сегодня обсуждаем: 0:34 - Онлайн концерты
0:58 - Слепаков "Вирусная"
1:43 - Карантиновидение 2020
2:28 - Evanescence - «Wasted on You»
2:57 - The Weeknd - «Until I Bleed Out»
3:39 - Twenty One Pilots - «Level of Concern»
4:24 - Blink-182 - «Happy Days»
4:54 - James Blunt - «The Greatest»
5:33 - «Спасибо докторам»
6:14 - EOB - «Earth»
7:51 - Егор Крид - «58»
8:59 - Nightwish - «HUMAN. :II: NATURE»
9:21 - T-Fest - «Выйди и зайди нормально»
10:38 - Enter Shikari - «Nothing is True & Everything is Possible»
11:36 - Мульт-сериал от Fall Out Boy -///-

Подписывайся ещё вот сюда:

1:12:17 - Michel Chossudovsky_ The Globalization of War ( 360 X 360 ).mp4
Загружено 7 марта 2020
3:4 - Plastic Eco-Friendly Roads in Jamshedpur !!!
Загружено 17 декабря 2019
Jamshedpur has set an example in recycling for the rest of the country by using plastic waste for road construction.
Plastic waste is one of the most prominent sources of environmental pollution. Making the problem worse is the fact that it is hard to dispose of.
The initiative which started out as a pilot project is now being replicated across the city and so far 48 to 50 kilometers of roads in the city have been constructed using plastic waste.
Plastic bottles, wrappers et al are collected from across the
2:18 - Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook with 1 Pilot Frixion pens
Загружено 15 ноября 2019
To buy this item, click the following link;
13:41 - TOG Season Opener || Drone Racing || RACE DAY! || Getting Wasted FPV Style
Загружено 15 июня 2019
Remember to hit the bell if you like this type of content, or would like to support me in my drone racing endeavors.
If you curious what the life of a drone racer looks like, buckle up and enjoy the show! We`ll meet many local and national pilots as we see how far yours truly can push his drone racing skills. We`ll talk gear/tech, learn new racing techniques, and have fun in this crazy sport called drone racing!
This is the first vlog of the 2019 season of Race Day. In this episode, we`ll be checking out The Other Guys` season opener race in Longmont CO. We`ll be competing against DCL, pilots, MGP nationally ranked pilots, and some of the fastest guys in the state. There will be speed, crashes, and laughs along the way, so stick around!
Connect with me :)
- Fox Stevenson - Go Like
#авиамодель #авиамоделизм #дрон #квадрокоптер #самолет #моделизм #RC #видео #полет #drone
1:49 - OVERRIDE - Announcement Trailer
Загружено 10 июля 2018
No Gears, No Glory. Get ready to punch mechs in the face when Override launches on 12/4!
1:33 - 17 Pounds of Plastic Waste Kills Pilot Whale | National Geographic
Загружено 9 июня 2018
The whale was found in Thailand struggling to swim; a necropsy found 80 plastic shopping bags and other debris had caused it to starve.
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1:0 - Twenty One Pilots - Not Today
Загружено 22 мая 2018
4:22 - Friday Pilots Club - Gold and Bones (Official Video)
Загружено 12 мая 2018
12:29 - Figureheads TPS Xenogears Mecha Final Gameplay All Pilots & Shop Preview
Загружено 8 мая 2018
The game is shutting down soon. A waste to see all the assets go.
A remake wouldn't be bad or a whole new different genre on Steam!
5:19 - Stone Temple Pilots - Plush - piano cover
Загружено 14 февраля 2018
And I feel that time's a wasted go
So where ya going 'til tomorrow?
And I see that these are lies to come
So would you even care?

And I feel it
And I feel it

Where ya going for tomorrow?
Where ya going with the mask I found?
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell her
Will she smell alone?

And I feel, so much depends on the weather
So is it raining in your bedroom?
And I see, that these are the eyes of disarray
Would you even care?

And I feel it
And she feels it

Where ya going for tomorrow?
Where ya going with the mask I found?
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell her
Will she smell alone?

When the dogs do find her
Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow
To find it, to find it, to find it
When the dogs do find her
Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow
To find it, to find it, to find it

Where ya going for tomorrow?
Where ya going with the mask I found?
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell her
Will she smell alone?

When the dogs do find her
Got time, time, to wait f
2:30 - Nikki Reed and Dell Turn E-Waste into New Treasures
Загружено 17 января 2018
Learn more at /gold
Dell and Nikki Reed unveil The Circular Collection by Bayou with Love, a jewelry line made from gold recovered from computer motherboards collected through Dell’s recycling programs. The collaboration brings visibility to the importance and value of recycling and sustainable design. It also supports Dell’s Legacy of Good goals to collect 2 billion pounds of e-waste and recycle 100 million pounds of recycled content into its product portfolio by 2020.
The gold reclamation process created by Dell partner, Wistron GreenTech, has a 99% lower environmental impact than traditionally mined gold. In addition to the jewelry collection, the reclamation process is used on an industry first pilot to reuse gold from e-waste in millions of new computer motherboards including the Latitude 5285 2-in-1. More information at /gold.
1:44:31 - Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (2009)
Загружено 5 июня 2017
'Flight 666' детально показывает первую часть легендарного тура SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR, во время которой группа проделала путь вокруг планеты в 70 000 км, отыграв 23 концерта на пяти континентах за 45 дней. За штурвалом Боинга был сам Брюс Дикинсон, по совместительству профессиональный пилот и командир экипажа на рейсах Astraeus Airlines.
00:12-Churchill's Speech (Mumbai-India)
01:14-Aces High (Mumbai-India)
05:48-Two Minutes To Midnight (Melbourne-Australia)
12:10-Revelations (Sydney-Australia)
18:54-The Trooper (Tokyo-Japan)
24:18-Wasted Years (Monterrey-Mexico)
29:21-The Number Of The Beast (Los Angeles-EE.UU)
34:28-Can I Play With Madness (Ciudad De Mexico-Mexico)
38:18-Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (New Jersey-EE.UU)
52:00-Powerslave (San Jose-Costa Rica)
59:30-Heaven Can Wait (Sao Pablo-Brazil)
01:07:10-Run To The Hills (Bogota-Colombia)
01:11:12-Fear Of The Dark (Buenos Aires-Argentina)
01:18:56-Iron Maiden (Santiago-Chile)
01:24:31-Moonchild (San Juan-Puerto Rico)
01:30:28-The Clairvoyant (C
1:3:59 - Antonov 225 Mriya ULTIMATE MOVIE about flying world's largest airplane [AirClips full flight series]
Загружено 16 января 2017
Antonov AN-225 flies 154 metric tonne waste heat boiler from Leipzig, Germany to Edmonton, Alberta. (Edmonton, Canada) DB Schenker today announced...
4:37 - Twenty One Pilots - Trap door
Загружено 10 ноября 2016
Buy this album on itunes: "Trap door"

He wakes up early today
Throws on a mask that will alter his face
Nobody knows his real name
But now he just uses one he saw on a grave

He pretends that he's okay
But you should see
Him in bed late at night, he's petrified
Take me out, and finish this waste of a life

Everyone gather around for a show
Watch as this man disappears as we know
Do me a favor and try to ignore
As you watch him fall through a bleeding trap door

3:8:19 - Лекция Ильи Кнабенгофа 3 марта 2010
Загружено 24 октября 2016
Лекция, прочитанная Ильёй Чёртом в Центре Ведической Культуры года.

Илья Чёрт - псевдоним Ильи Кнабенгофа, солиста знаменитой группы "ПилОт".

Он родился 2 августа 1972 года, учился в школе до 8 класса, потом Кинотехникум, работал и грузчиком, и санитаром реанимации, и озеленителем и даже конюхом в Зоопарке.

За свою жизнь он переиграл во многих группах, таких как "AL.EX", "Toxic Waste", "Агрессор", "Негодники" и др. Самое прекрасное для него - это дождь осенью или сидеть на крыше, когда на не
4:40 - Scott Weiland - But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode Cover) HD
Загружено 16 августа 2016
Скотт Вэйленд (27 октября 1967 — 3 декабря 2015) — американский музыкант, вокалист и бывший фронтмен группы Stone Temple Pilots, одной из самых успешных групп 1990-х[. Двукратный лауреат премии Грэмми. Вэйленд также участвовал в супергруппе Velvet Revolver, образованной бывшими участниками Guns N' Roses — Слэшем, Даффом МакКаганом и Мэттом Сорумом и гитаристом Wasted Youth Дэйвом Кушнером. Вэйленд известен своими выступлениями, яркими сценическими образами и манерой пения. Очень часто на концертах, для достижения необходимого эффекта от вокала использовал мегафон. На протяжении своей карьеры имел проблемы с наркотиками. Посмертно признан многими обозревателями и музыкантами "голосом поколения" наряду с вокалистами Nirvana Куртом Кобейном и Alice In Chains Лейном Стэйли. Считается одним из самых знаковых исполнителей 1990-х и вошел в сотню величайших вокалистов. Скончался 3 декабря 2015 года в Блумингтоне, штат Миннесота во время турне со своей группой The Wildabouts в поддержку альбома Blaster.
1:38 - Plane Crash @ PDK Peachtree Good Neighbor Day Air Show 2016
Загружено 15 мая 2016
Full routine involving a small plane that crashed at 2016 PDK air show. After being conflicted whether to post or not, as a fellow pilot myself, I post this in honor of the brave pilot. He did what he loved and loved what he did, such honor in that. Sometimes things happen and only God knows why. Godspeed Greg

All news media, contact me for video release prior to use. Limited use only on request. No sub leasing without approval. (C) 2016

All Negative comment will not be approved so don't waste your t
11:15 - Viper Pilots - The F-16 B Course
Загружено 21 апреля 2016
10 months of learning how to fly and employ the mighty Viper in the 309th Fighter Squadron at Luke AFB. To the Mad Mallards from Hell, QQMF!

Gold (feat. Yuna) - Adventure Club
Clash - Alesso
Wasted Time (Lost Kings Remix) - Vance Joy
Renegades - X Ambassadors
1:39 - Dead Star - First Reveal Trailer | PS4
Загружено 6 апреля 2016
4:39 - Energy from Waste - Sustainable waste management for a megacity | Tomorrow Today
Загружено 24 марта 2016
Enormous amounts of waste, a rising population, over-crowding, and an aging infrastructure: Vietnam's capital Hanoi is a perfect example of a fast-growing megacity. Scientists at Darmstadt University have developed a pilot project that combines wastewater treatment, waste disposal and energy production in one. Their goal is to design a biogas plant for Hanoi that digests waste to generate electricity and heat.

Интересное в онлайне