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Vertigal's Ahri Montage

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7:13 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 30
Загружено 16 апреля 2017
Hi guys it's been a while since last montage. Here is my 30th, yes, 30th(!) Ahri Montage. While I was recording the clips for the video, I had some...
3:39 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 25
Загружено 12 января 2017
Heya. I know I haven't made a montage in a while. The thing is I want every montage to be better than the last one. Hope you like it!

Thumbnail ar...
3:53 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 26
Загружено 12 января 2017
Hey there. As we know this meta has been a bit annoying (tanks, zzrot portals, splitpushers, point-click champions) so I have had some trouble to '...
3:27 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 27
Загружено 12 января 2017
Hey there! What can I say. Been playing a lot of Ahri and here is another one! Hope you enjoy!

3:54 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 28
Загружено 12 января 2017
Hey guys! It's been quite long since last one amarite. I took a break from League. Season 6 has been extremely unfun to play. But I just can't stop...
4:20 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 29
Загружено 12 января 2017
Heya, here's a new one! Just hit 2000th Ahri ranked game of the season. That's a lot of games. But most of you have sticked me and given incredible...
4:59 - Vertigal's Ahri Smurf Montage
Загружено 24 июля 2016
Heya there peeps! It's Verti here and here is my Ahri Smurftage. Clips are from my 'Ahri Only from lvl1 to Diamond challenge'- stream. Non of the clips are vs completely new players who have no idea about the game's mechanics. Remember, when smurffing if your win rate is sky high, you will be placed versus other high win rate smurfs. Hope you guys like the video and stay tuned fro more future content, including Ahri Montage 21!

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13:32 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage | Master of Ahri Destroying the World (League of Legends)
Загружено 14 апреля 2016
Ahri Montage - Best Ahri plays by Vertigals . (League of Legends)
Master of Ahri Destroying the World
→ Best of Master : Funny and Highlight Moments
→ Pros Destroying The World :
7:36 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 20
Загружено 14 мая 2015
REMINDER: I do Ahri Montages for fun. Not to be the bestest-Ahri-player-in-the-world-of-all-time.

Hey guys Verti here. I'm proud to present to you my 20th (WHAT 20!?) Ahri Montage. I can't believe I actually have made 20 of them. But without all your absolutely amazing support I would have never made it past the first one. You guys are absolutely amazing.

So, the 20th one is around 7 minutes long and it'll be my 3rd longest one this far. Clips are from Team Ranked, Ranked SoloQ and some Draft Normal clip
4:52 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 18
Загружено 7 апреля 2015
Hello peeps. Here is my first montage after finishing my military service. I did my best to make it as good as i could. So I really hope you enjoy it! Clips mostly from ranked games but there is few from normal draft. NONE of the clips are from subscriber custom games.

Music: Tolerance - Exotica
4:26 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 15
Загружено 28 декабря 2014
Hello guys! I've been busy with military service and I can only play on weekends, so this is the best I could do. Hope you guys like it! Also I want to thank everyone because we hit 5k subscribers! Special thanks for Ashbringer for helping with the replay files.

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4:6 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 13
Загружено 26 декабря 2014
Heya! It's time for new Ahri Montage, people kept asking me one so ye, here it is! Hope you guys enjoy and remember to give feedback in the comments!

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4:42 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 7
Загружено 25 декабря 2014
Guess who's back? Back again? He-Hey Verti here and here's my 7th Ahri Montage. Hope you enjoy!

Music: Pegboard Nerds - Far Too Close
3:22 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 3
Загружено 23 декабря 2014
Hello everyone, so here is my 3rd Ahri Montage. I' sorry that it isn's as long as others but I wanted to relelase this video to celebrate Ahri's release date! Also we all can thank LoLReplay for messing up half of the clips. This montage would be around 4-5 minutes long if LoLReplay wouldn't be so broken. Well what can I do :)

Hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed making it, and Happy Birthday my dear Ahri!

Music: Fox Stephenson - Better Now
9:16 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 10
Загружено 23 декабря 2014
Support on Reddit :)
4:23 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 16
Загружено 30 октября 2014
The amount of quadrakills is too damn high! Hello people it's Verti here and i present to you Ahritage 16, hope you enjoy!

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4:1 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 14
Загружено 28 августа 2014
Heya! It's time for new Ahri Montage, The plays might be not as cool or nice as before because I have only been able to play on weekends. So yeah, hope you guys enjoy! I did my best!

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3:57 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 8
Загружено 8 июля 2014
Im a god damn machine of making these! But I can't stop making these, its just too much fun! Hope you enjoy!

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(mitis remix)-
3:19 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 6
Загружено 7 июля 2014
Here is the 6th one, hope you enjoy! (sorry about the bug with the text in the ending)

Music: Fox Stephenson - Turn it Up
4:34 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 5
Загружено 6 июля 2014
BECAUSE I deleted my channel trailer video, I wanted to bring back few clips in this montage, so if you had seen those few before, sorry. Hope you enjoy!

Music: Approaching Nirvana - 2nd Flight
3:40 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 4
Загружено 6 июля 2014
Happy holidays everyone! Hope you like the 4th Ahri Montage as much as i enjoyed making it!

Music: Stan SB - Let This Go
4:14 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 2
Загружено 5 июля 2014
My second Ahri Montage, not as long as the first one but hope you enjoy! Remember to subscribe for more montages and random stuff :)

Music: TVDS - For You
9:6 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage
Загружено 5 июля 2014
Please read :) EDIT: 40'000 VIEWS THANK YOU ALL!

This montage is completely all about how much i love this girl, not about how good I am with her. After hitting 1000th game this year with her I finally decided to make a montage for her :)

This season I climbed from bronze 3 to platinum 3. And I played 200 ranked games with her and my second most played champion Diana has about 30 games. People say that Im not a platinum player, and that is true. Im proud to call myself a platinum Ahri player.
5:1 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 11
Загружено 29 апреля 2014
You thought the 10th one will be the last one didn't you? Well I'm happy to tell you you're wrong. Here is the 11th addition to my Ahri Montage series! Hope you enjoy!

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3:52 - Vertigal's Ahri Montage 12
Загружено 28 апреля 2014
Ive been kinda rusty lately, so I did my best to make a good montage!

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