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Trick in the cs 1.6

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2:45 - CS:GO Knife Guide: Run Speed, 1 Slash Instant Frag Secrets, GO vs 1.6 vs CS: Source Comparisons
Загружено 6 августа 2012
27:34 - CS:GO Pro Ancient Nades, Tricks, and Tips.
Загружено 8 июня 2021
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2:42 - [TAS] Counter-Strike - de_nuke B rush
Загружено 19 мая 2020
The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy the nuclear missile. TAS experiments on some of the standard 1.6 maps...
Some maps are suitable for rushes, like Nuke. Unlike Dust2 and other maps where CT simply have too big advantage in terms of distance. But it's always nice to enter the game quickly anyway, like on Assault. The closest located spawn point is used throughout.Got any ideas for other possible TAS tricks? Let me know in the comments. All settings on default* and 100 fps. [club84346602|*EXCEPT] cl_sidespeed, НУ КАК ВАМ??))
3:58 - Surf Roulette #6
Загружено 2 мая 2020
This round was edited by Rapha - thank you!

Surf Roulette is a CS 1.6 trick surf competition, where a player is given a map chosen at random from a pool of surf maps - the player then has one week to do a trick on that map and send in the demo. For more information and sign up, check out
4:3 - CS 1.6 Top 20 tricks on DUST 2
Загружено 3 февраля 2020
Hi, guys this week you will see the best tricks on CS 1.6 dust 2 map. These tricks are still working in 2019.

→ About De_Dust2 Map:- In 2000, the ...
3:59 - CS 1.6 Top 20 tricks on INFERNO
Загружено 3 февраля 2020
Hi, guys this week you will see the best tricks on CS 1.6 Inferno map. These tricks are still working in 2019.

→ About De_Inferno Map:- In 1999, t...
5:56 - CS 1.6 Top 25 tricks on NUKE
Загружено 3 февраля 2020
Hi, guys this week you will see the best tricks on CS 1.6 de_nuke map. These tricks are still working in 2019.

♥ Enjoyed the video and want more? ...
20:17 - [Nevel850] TOP 50 GMOD ADDONS #2
Загружено 9 октября 2019
Видео загруженно с помощью группы VKS » YouTube.
Оригинал видео:
14:11 - CS:GO Nade Spots Ep #1 - Dust2 18 Smokes, 26 Flashes, 6 Nades and 2 Molotovs - Quick Version
Загружено 12 октября 2016
The best and fastest video for learning Dust2 Nade Spots, in 2016.

Here's a video where I quickly fly through 18 smokes, 26 flashes, 6 grenades and 2 molotov spots on de_dust2. I created this video to refresh my memory on the nade spots on each map, and hopefully you can get some use out of it too.

I haven't seen a video that shoots through so many grenade spots in a short amount of time, so here's my attempt at it. I hope you like it!

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4:18 - CS 1.6 - console tricks
Загружено 9 июня 2016
In this video were any server plugins used.
These commands are available for you in offline game and on online servers if u got admin rights.

The crazy music: Rabbids Go Home Music - Bãtutã Din Moldova

2:51 - Top 5 Tricks on MONASTERY ★ CS:GO
Загружено 1 декабря 2015
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8:14 - CS 1.6 Deathrun Movie - My Way
Загружено 27 марта 2015
Tried to get some really fresh tricks onto this one tho it also has older tricks done in a new way. Hope you enjoy it, my best work so far ! :)

Every single jump on the movie was done with standard deathrun settings. No scripts or hacks of any kind were used.


Camo & Krooked - Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday
In Styles ft. Da Griot & Don King - If U Want To Party

Programs used:

Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

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2:46 - (CS 1.6 Tips and Tricks)DE_DUST2 A SITE COMBO FLASHBANGS + BONUS
Загружено 10 января 2013
i now made a facebook page so we could discuss there things that you might want
3:4 - Aqua Cee _ Did You Cee That _ Episode 2
Загружено 25 октября 2011
Cee with an amazing episode!
Can we push 150 likes/favs for this insane episode

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