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The Polyphonic Spree

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3:29 - The Polyphonic Spree - Light and Day
Загружено 31 марта 2018
4:56 - The Polyphonic Spree - "Lithium" [Live]
Загружено 7 декабря 2017
Webster Hall NYC12.15.12Nirvana - "Lithium" (Cover)
4:7 - The Polyphonic spree - Hold me now
Загружено 6 августа 2017
The Polyphonic spree - Hold me now video
2:27 - THE POLYPHONIC SPREE soldier girl
Загружено 27 июля 2017
4:34 - The Polyphonic Spree : Hold Yourself Up (OFFICIAL)
Загружено 19 марта 2017
Directed by Justin Wilson. "Hold Yourself Up" is from The Polyphonic Spree's latest album, Yes, It's True. Available now, everywhere!Facebook: fa...
11:0 - The Polyphonic Spree: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
Загружено 3 января 2017
This year marks the 10th anniversary for The Polyphonic Spree's annual holiday music show — an extravaganza the group has held in Dallas each Dec...
1:37:31 - The Polyphonic Spree - Austin City Underground
Загружено 20 октября 2016
Scary Glare ProductionsNu Ize ProductionsDetached Head ProductionsAustin City UndergroundThe Polyphonic SpreeSetlistOpener Hold Me Now Popular by Design Hanging Around the Day Running Away Two Thousand Places Younger Yesterday Hold Yourself UpPorpoise songDiamonds/Mild Devotion to MajestyHeart TalkLive and Let DieSoldier GirlEverything Starts at the SeamWhen the Fool Becomes a KingBattlefieldEDITED by: Gerald SparkmanSound by: Alex ParishFilmed by: Alex ParishJoseph BrostowiczA
5:41 - The Polyphonic Spree covers Neil Young
Загружено 20 октября 2016
The Texas-based (and Texas-sized) Polyphonic Spree performs a mega-cover of Neil Young's "Heart Of Gold." Watch more covers here:
1:40 - St. Vincent on the Polyphonic Spree
Загружено 20 октября 2016
2:40 - Scrubs - The Polyphonic Spree - Light and Day.
Загружено 29 сентября 2016
Here we have one of my all time favorite scrubs moments. Its from episode 3.19: My Choosiest Choice of All..at the end the sick band member gets to play with his Band who just happen to be The Polyphonic Spree with their song "Light and Day / Reach for the Sun" also a popular sainsburys uk advert song :)
4:27 - The Polyphonic Spree – Lithium
Загружено 14 августа 2016
5:22 - The Polyphonic Spree - 'Have A Day/Celebratory'
Загружено 10 июля 2016
The Polyphonic Spree perform 'Have A Day/Celebratory' at the Marsh Chapel, Boston University, Boston on August 25, 2014. List of performers in The Polyphonic Spree:Bach Norwood, bassBuffi Jacobs, celloCory Helms, guitarElizabeth Evans, choirEvan Weiss, trumpetJason Garner, drumsJennie Kelley, choirJesse Hester, pianoJessica Jordan, choirNatalie Young, choirNick Earl, guitarPaul Deemer, tromboneTim DeLaughter, lead vocalsVictoria Arrellano, harpTo hear an interview with Tim DeLaughter go t
32:53 - The Polyphonic Spree & The Very Best in Uganda | A Take Away Show with Invisible Children
Загружено 5 апреля 2016
La Blogothèque & Invisible Children presentsThe Polyphonic Spree & The Very Best in Uganda | A Take Away Show A film by Invisible Children & La BlogothèqueIn loving memory The lovable Nate HennExecutive producerKathleen TreatTom ShadyacInvisible Children producersKenny LaubbacherMalorie TullBethany WilliamsLa Blogothèque producersChrydeSarah SchutzkiCultural guideDavid OcittiThe Polyphonic SpreeTim DeLaughterStella DeLaughterMatthew BrickerStephanie DolphJesse HesterJenni Kelle
3:50 - The Polyphonic Spree - "Do You Hear What I Hear?"
Загружено 4 декабря 2015
An animated collaboration, directed by Benjamin Rowe and Rainer Judd Animation by Benjamin Rowe Drawings by Rainer Judd, Benjamin Rowe, and Nicole Vidor "Do You Hear What I Hear?" was written in 1962 by Nole Regney and Gloria Shanyne as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Bing Crosby's recording made it famous, released a month before President John F. Kennedy was assainated. Rainer Judd/Ben Rowe " We were inspired to capture, in a world of magic and wonder, the thread of the song;
3:34 - The Polyphonic Spree - Heart of Gold (Live)
Загружено 5 апреля 2015
AV Club Sessions. I OWN NOTHING.
10:40 - The Polyphonic Spree - Hanging Around The Day (Live From Austin TX)
Загружено 19 марта 2015
"Hanging Around The Day" from The Polyphonic Spree's 'Live From Austin TX' performance. Buy it today on Amazon >Through all the years of Austin City Limits, there probably has never been a night quite like this. From the opening processional through the crowd, through the harp solos, cymbal crashes and rousing choruses, the many members of Polyphonic Spree, all wearing their floor-length choir robes of every color in the rainbow, lifted the
7:10 - How to Play - Light and Day, The Polyphonic Spree
Загружено 25 сентября 2014
All right folks. Got another video song lesson for you. I couldn't believe that no one had put up how to do a video on this one, especially since it's such a great beginning song to learn and make you look super neat while playing! Comment and like so I can know if you all think I'm doing a good enough job. Feel free to suggest what you want to see next. Chords used: G, A, D
4:8 - The Polyphonic Spree - You Don't Know Me
Загружено 15 сентября 2014
Directed by Albert Moya. "You Don't Know Me" is from The Polyphonic Spree's latest album, Yes, It's True. Available now, everywhere!
4:40 - The Polyphonic Spree - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (UK Music Hall of Fame 2004)
Загружено 9 сентября 2014
The Polyphonic Spree performing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" at the 2004 UK Music Hall of Fame.
3:2 - Light & Day (The Polyphonic Spree)
Загружено 28 августа 2014
>/jimcarreyfansite - /jimcarreyonline - Facebook>
4:11 - The Polyphonic Spree : Popular By Design (OFFICIAL)
Загружено 26 августа 2014
Directed by Abandon Building. "Popular By Design" is from The Polyphonic Spree's latest album, Yes, It's True. Available now, everywhere!Facebook: /polyphonicspreeTwitter: /PolySpreeWebsite: /Order The Polyphonic Spree's album, Yes, It's True., now on iTunes: itunes./us/album/yes-its-true./id668645481
4:11 - The Polyphonic Spree - "You're Golden"
Загружено 26 июня 2014
Taken from their fifth album "Yes, It's True" - 2013 (Cherry Red Records). I do not own the rights to the song or the image, I just want people to hear a gorgeous song by a band I love.
5:47 - The Polyphonic Spree : Raise Your Head (OFFICIAL)
Загружено 26 июня 2014
Directed by Alex Gabbott. "Raise Your Head" is from The Polyphonic Spree's latest album, Yes, It's True. Available now, everywhere! Facebook: https://>Twitter: https:///PolySpreeWebsite: >Order The Polyphonic Spree's album, Yes, It's True., now on iTunes: https://itunes./us/album/yes-its-true./id668645481
3:20 - The Polyphonic Spree - Hold Me Now
Загружено 26 июня 2014
4:24 - The Polyphonic Spree - "Popular By Design" (Live at WFUV)
Загружено 26 июня 2014
>The Polyphonic Spree performs "Popular By Design" live in Studio A. Recorded 7.9.2013.Host: Alisa AliEngineer: Caroline InzucchiCameras: Erica Talbott, Patrick Doherty, Dan Brauer and Eric GrossmanEditor: Eric Grossman
2:39 - The Polyphonic Spree - "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"
Загружено 4 мая 2014
"At the time Oscar was really into Charlie Chaplin and his movies. He would constantly dress up and put on a fake mustache. The only problem was we couldn't find a cane his size. Our friend Bill Feeney is a master artist/woodsman. We got him to create a cane the proper size as a surprise for Oscar. What you see in the video is the very first time we let Oscar see his cane."---Tim DeLaughterDirected by Tim DeLaughter & Julie DoyleEdited by Rolyn BarthelmanStarring Bill Feeney & Oscar
2:22 - The Polyphonic Spree - "Holidaydream" Trailer
Загружено 4 мая 2014
Holidaydream: Sounds of the Holidays Vol. One by The Polyphonic Spree will be released October 22, 2012.
4:36 - The Polyphonic Spree & Wee See at TED
Загружено 3 мая 2014
The Polyphonic Spree performs alongside visuals from Wee See at TED, 10/10/09.
3:37 - The Polyphonic Spree plays "It's The Sun"
Загружено 6 марта 2014
VDub Sessions documents musicians on the move. Dallas-based band The Polyphonic Spree hopped into a green 1977 Vanagon and performed its original song "It's the Sun" in Norman, Okla. For more Polyphonic Spree, check out...
4:51 - Soldier Girl - The Polyphonic Spree - Soldier's Girl
Загружено 6 января 2014
A fanvid of Soldier's Girl, set to The Polyphonic Spree's Soldier Girl. Confused yet? I loved this movie, so much. It's so tragic and beautiful. This is my first ever video like this, so don't kill me for it. Enjoy. :)
2:59 - The Polyphonic Spree - Light & day
Загружено 4 ноября 2013
4:11 - The Polyphonic Spree : Popular By Design
Загружено 27 сентября 2013
Directed by Abandon Building. "Popular By Design" is from The Polyphonic Spree's latest album, Yes, It's True. Available now, everywhere! Facebook: /polyphonicspree Twitter: /PolySpree Website: / Order The Polyphonic Spree's album, Yes, It's True., now on iTunes: itunes./us/album/yes-its-true./id668645481
4:7 - The Polyphonic Spree - Hold Me Now (Official Music Video)
Загружено 8 сентября 2013
The official video for The Polyphonic Spree's single, "Hold Me Now" which is off their album, "Together We're Heavy".
1:39 - The Polyphonic Spree - "A Working Elf's Theme"
Загружено 8 сентября 2013
Directed by Vincent Bova and Damien Eckhardt-Jacobi aka Glove and Boots. Glove and Boots is a puppet company. Its first performances were on the subways of New York City in 2004. In 2004, Glove and Boots produced the official video for The Polyphonic Spree's single, "Hold Me Now."
4:28 - The Polyphonic Spree- Lithium (Nirvana cover)
Загружено 14 августа 2013
4:9 - The Polyphonic Spree - "Carol of the Drum (Little Drummer Boy)"
Загружено 19 января 2013
"This video is about the scaling and self-similarity of history. One moment can contain the grand narrative arch of history. From end to end, the important things remain constant. Everything else is just cell phones in the '90s. As a thesis, I would say: where ever you happened to be located in time or space, you are only required to give what you have already been given." --- Ben Rowe (Director)
7:7 - The Polyphonic Spree feat. School of Seven Bells - Silver Bells
Загружено 24 декабря 2012
2:54 - The Polyphonic Spree - "Winter Wonderland"
Загружено 23 декабря 2012
"When I first heard Winter Wonderland I was really moved by the way it had a beautiful haunting beginning. I remember thinking, " What happens when Santa has had too much of the elves, the up keep of the North Pole's day to day, and turns in the cookies and milk for a glass of scotch." Lucky for me my friend Jack enjoys scotch, has Santa's snowy locks and can be easily found on the patio of the City Tavern in downtown Dallas. Jack was also the original voice of Popeye's Chicken commercials, so when I asked
2:36 - The Polyphonic Spree - "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)"
Загружено 23 декабря 2012
Behind the scenes of the Holidaydream photo shoot. Video by Josh David Jordan.
4:15 - The Polyphonic Spree - "Happy Xmas (War is Over)"
Загружено 23 декабря 2012
"This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, because it's so plaintive and idealistic and sincerely hippie awesome. As someone who has not experienced war first hand, I have only eye witness accounts to convince me that it is a dreadful and perplexing quagmire. The worst mankind has to offer. From the same eye witness accounts, I also know that threads of hope and mercy are strung even in the midst of terrible circumstances. In this animation, I join The Polyphonic Spree, Lennon, Ono and countless others wh

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