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Tanaka Face Massage (Japanese)

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10:44 - Face Massage Techniques of Yukuko Tanaka or Japanese Facial Massage at Home
Загружено 26 января 2016
Face massage techniques of Yukuko Tanaka or Japanese facial massage you can do at home yourself. Japanese massage techniques of Yukuko Tanaka is considered like the method of natural face rejuvenation. This old Japanese lymphatic drainage facial massage was revived and introduced to all of us by Japanese beauty professional Yukuko Tanaka with her meaning.Face massage techniques Yukuko Tanaka create a considerable anti-aging result: minimize wrinkles, the face skin area get smooth and elastic, facial contou
14:35 - Japanese Massage Face Technique Zogan - Lymphatic Drainage Massage Facial Yukuko Tanaka
Загружено 4 января 2016
Japanese massage face technique Zogan called women (not only women) the secret of natural rejuvenation. This ancient lymphatic drainage massage facial was revived and presented to us by Japanese beauty expert Yukuko Tanaka in her interpretation.Japanese massage face technique Zogan produces a significant anti-aging effect: reduces wrinkles, our facial skin becomes elastic and smooth, oval face tightened, leaving bags and puffiness under the eyes disappear, normal metabolism, and improves the complexion. Th
6:21 - How to Reduce Facial Swelling - Japanese Face Massage Yukuko Tanaka Video
Загружено 1 ноября 2015
Often the question arises how to reduce facial swelling quickly and without leaving home. If your facial swelling is not a consequence of any internal disease, then help will come to you in the form of the Japanese face massage Yukuko Tanaka. But before how to reduce facial swelling, it is desirable to find and eliminate the reasons causing these swellings of the face. On the possibility of any internal disorders of the organism, we have already mentioned, but there are reasons provoked by our wrong or rath
19:1 - Japanese Facial Massage Yukuko Tanaka and Classic Face Massage at Home
Загружено 17 октября 2015
Japanese facial massage Yukuko Tanaka in home by yourself ?! Face massage and neck is very important procedure to prevent premature wrinkles, as well as to achieve a fresh and healthy skin. Correct facial massage increases blood flow, improves lymph flow, and increases turgor (elasticity) of the skin. There are various types of face massage, and each of them fulfills a specific function and is aimed at solving any tasks. Japanese facial massage technique from Yukuko Tanaka is considered the rejuvenating vie
34:40 - Tanaka Face Massage (Japanese)
Загружено 5 сентября 2013

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