TMNT Love Story

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4:14 - TMNT ralph and leo,s love story
Загружено 1 ноября 2016
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5:31 - TMNT and MLP EG Love Story Season 1 Episode 1
Загружено 18 июня 2016
I love tmnt and mlp eg. So I made my first tmnt and mlp eg love story.
7:2 - TMNT and MLP EG Love Story Season 1 Episode 2
Загружено 18 июня 2016
21:20 - TMNT And MLP EG - High School Love Story : Season 1 Episode 2 ("New School New Friends New Enemy")
Загружено 8 июня 2016
Hey Guys!! , This Is The Second Episode Where Twilight Got Transfer To CHS And Meets The Rainbooms And The Turtles . And I Know That Karai Is Actually The Turtles Sister But Let's Just Pretend That They Are A Couple Ok So NO MEAN COMMENTS!!!!!Note : If You Haters Don't Like This Shipping THEN DON'T WATCH IT Because I Worked So Hard On This , This is MY Video MINE !!!! And I Decide On The Shipping So NO BULLYING ME AND NO MEAN COMMENTS . If You Don't Like This Couple Then MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEOS AND GO TO HEL
18:39 - TMNT And MLP High School Love Story Season 1 Episode 1 A Fresh New Start
Загружено 7 июня 2016
REUPLOAD!!That's right my dank, brony , turtle fan!! if you been hiding in the rock and had never heard of MLP and TMNT... My buddy/friend in youtube: Raven Queen (Not Ever After High Raven Queen!!!) had prepared for tonight's episode for you guys. If you know her, go to her channel and follow her in google+, the reaction video to this might happened in september...(May before my birthday start September 12). Channel: https://>Google+:
4:1 - TMNT Love Story
Загружено 12 июля 2014
This is my very first video for the Teengae Mutant Ninja Turtles. And if you do not know who these girl turtles are they are on . The artist Propmol created them and they are the ones that star in my stories and this video. So in this partiicular video it shows the couples like, Leonardo and Venus, Rapheal and Lorota, Donatello and Talena, and Michelangelo and Amoly. So I hope that you like this video and remember comment and like and/or favorite. 3
3:55 - TMNT - Leonardo and Karai (Love Story)
Загружено 24 июня 2013

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