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1:13 - the lonely assassins trailer • superwholock
Загружено 9 июня 2020
Edited description cause it sounded desperate. But yeah, thrilled with the response to this.
4:57 - Superwholock Theme Mashup
Загружено 3 марта 2020
A combination of different soundtracks from Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.

2:8 - carol of the bells | a superwholock christmas
Загружено 25 декабря 2019
1:48 - gabriel's game | superwholock
Загружено 16 октября 2018
→ "it's your destiny. it was always you..."

t u m b l r」
3:29 - Superwholock - The angels are coming
Загружено 27 августа 2018
Doomsday music
The angels are coming
"The angels are coming for you but listen, your life could depend ...
2:8 - cluttered | superwholock
Загружено 27 августа 2018
→ "it's gonna start very soon, Castiel..."

t u m b l r」
2:5 - SuperWhoLock | Lucifer Rising
Загружено 27 августа 2018
After doing a SuperWho trailer, I HAD to do a SuperWhoLock one. It is definitely my favourite fandom. I have so many ideas for future projects :')
2:49 - SuperWhoLock | Breath of Life Trailer | Godstiel
Загружено 27 августа 2018
"Be obedient children, or this will be your fate."

P L O T: This is a sequel to my previous SuperWhoLock trailer, "Lucifer Rising". To stop the de...
1:41 - the leviathans | superwholock
Загружено 27 августа 2018
→ "leviathans run when heroes go to war..."

There is a transcript below, for those who have trouble hearing the voice clips.

1:40 - The God Complex | SuperWhoLock
Загружено 27 августа 2018
oh hi

Wanted to make a crossover for 30 Days of Doctor Who and I only had time to add Sherlock's room - OOPS don't kill me it's not very thought o...
1:53 - SuperWhoLock | Fanmade Movie Trailer
Загружено 27 августа 2018

5:25 - Суперхулок-Superwholock или Дурдом на Бейкер-Стрит. Шерлок Приколы
Загружено 16 апреля 2018
Warning:This is Russian crack vid:)

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3:38 - Superwholock // Seven Devils
Загружено 8 марта 2017
Video: Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who
Music: Florence and the Machine - Seven Devils
3:11 - SuperWhoLock Trailer
Загружено 8 февраля 2017
A SuperWhoLock trailer of some description. I've been working on this on and off for over a month, so I can't even tell if it's any good any more. ...
1:42 - Superwholock Trailer
Загружено 30 января 2017
Watch in HD, please.


Brian: 'What happened to the other people who travel with you?'
Doctor: 'Some left me' ... 'Some got left be...
3:9 - SuperWhoLock Comedy Trailer - "Crash Landing"
Загружено 30 января 2017
A SuperWhoLock Comedy Trailer I made.
When an inevitable plane crash is discovered, who better to save the day that the Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, t...
1:21 - the time of angels | superwholock
Загружено 27 декабря 2016
→ stay away from the light

1:13 - Multifandom // SuperWholock
Загружено 12 декабря 2016


Doctor Who
2:19 - Carry On My Time Traveling Detective (violin) ~ SuperWhoLock theme
Загружено 25 сентября 2016
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2:56 - Superwholock | Heathens (OST "Отряд Самоубийц")
Загружено 27 августа 2016
Песня - twenty one pilots – Heathens (OST "Отряд Самоубийц")
Carolina Winchester
3:41 - SuperWhoLock - Time Of Our Lives
Загружено 18 апреля 2016
SuperWhoLock - Time Of Our Lives
(Yes, I suck at voice-overs.)
Thanks for watching!
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Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 11
Fandoms: Supernatural, Sherlock. Doctor Who
Characters: Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson ( BBC Sherlock), Tenth Doctor & Rose Tyler, Eleventh Doctor & Amy Pond & Rory Williams
Song: Tyrone Wells - Time Of Our Lives
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3:1 - superwholock - ready, aim, FIRE! [+ThareniaCreations]
Загружено 10 октября 2015
Origanal video:
2:1 - Superwholock
Загружено 21 сентября 2015
TUMBLR: "Amy kidnaped by leviathan and everyone wants to save her"
Well, i don't think i managed to do a solid picture, but some parts are alright, i think. Couldn't connect Sherlock with the Doctor much and connect Sherlock with
5:14 - SuperWhoLock Video Crack
Загружено 7 июля 2015
I recently finished Supernatural, and now that i posses all the pieces of the SuperWhoLock, i wanted to make a video about that, trying to survive this long long hiatus!
Hope you like it.
3:30 - Superwholock ~ Crowley/Moriarty/Master ~
Загружено 5 июля 2015
Dedicado a mis dos buenos amigos Julia y Julio~
Adoro a estos tres antagonistas ~
Ellos forman mi Liga del Mal ~
Superwholock'd Forever
3:42 - SuperWhoLock || THE ANGELS OF TIME
Загружено 23 июня 2015
--- We're in the middle of a war ---

The first SuperWhoLock video I ever did ^___^

This was a real challenge for me!!! I remember I watched the 1st season supernatural and totally skipped to 4th one cos I was in love with this amazing idea and i totally wanted to do something with it!!!


The oods dialogue should be very explicit but anyway - Sherlock for the first time is very afraid for his life, Castiel knows how important he is in the plan to kill Lucifer so sends Sam & Dean to protect him. be
2:0 - SUPERWHOLOCK Trailer
Загружено 15 мая 2015
This is my 30th video! :)

Please Note: This video contains footage from the Sherlock season 2 finale, The Reichenbach Fall (although they've kept us waiting for season 3 so long that you will probably have seen this episode by now). Some clips featured are also taken from Supernatural season 8 episodes 8x21 (The Great Escapist) and 8x22 (Clip Show). The latest clips of Doctor Who featured in this video are from the season 7 part 1 finale (The Angels Take Manhattan).

Please comment, like, share and subscri
2:58 - SuperWhoLock | The Last Dying Star
Загружено 5 апреля 2015
7 strangers are brought together in a moment of need and given a chance to save the last dying star in a universe emptied of light.


For Kayla, cause I said I'd always make you anything you ever wanted didn't I? + I owe you a gift for bringing it for the g-team. Girl rules, just ask Donna & Rose. ily so.
2:4 - SuperWhoLock: Falling Angels of Baker Street
Загружено 19 марта 2015
I've always thought the Weeping Angels are pretty much the perfect SuperWhoLock villians. Hope you enjoy this!

Sam and Dean investigate mysterious disappearances with no traces of the victims. They stumble upon the video recordings of a strange man called the Doctor who warns them to stay away from the Weeping Angels. Sherlock also takes up the case, and gets sent forward in time to his own grave. Sam and Dean get sent back in time and Dean meets the Doctor. All of them try to cause the fall of the Angels.
3:13 - Superwholock - The Road So Far
Загружено 28 января 2015
I guess this would be the beginning of the last episode in a Superwholock Series ('Season' for my American friends).
I'll leave it up to you to decide what happens next...

I just wanted an excuse to use an AC/DC soundtrack more than anything!
5:20 - SuperWhoLock CRACK!!
Загружено 10 декабря 2014
Сверхъестественное, Доктор Кто и Шерлок. Очень забавно =)
1:46 - Superwholock || R.u.n this town
Загружено 5 ноября 2014
3:52 - SuperWhoLock - 24 Hours [HAHOE]
Загружено 20 июля 2014
This is my entry to readerandwatcher's Heaven Hell On Earth Contest auditions.

I swear WMM did not want me to finish this. When I was close to completing it WMM would continuously crash. Then when I rendered it was slightly out of sync in some places. :(

But at least I was able to get it done before the deadline :P
1:39 - superwholock | rule the world [svc]
Загружено 20 июля 2014
►AU story! please read to understand!!!

dean, sam, sherlock, john, amelia and rory are doctor's friends. one night all of them watch the strangest dream where a girl is counting and a man puts them to sleep. they all wake up and the only thing they really remember is the feeling that the doctor is in danger and they have to find him. they all begin their trip but when they do find him, all of them (including the doctor) are teleported to different places. is this reality or are they still
1:41 - Castiel ● You Are The Last ||*SuperWhoLock*||
Загружено 20 июля 2014
3:2 - superwholock | ready, aim, FIRE! [+ThareniaCreations]
Загружено 20 июля 2014
3:2 - Superwholock | Ready,aim,FIRE! [+D4rkP4ssenger1]
Загружено 16 июля 2014
[WATCH IN HD PLEASE.it looks so much better]
3:12 - ❧ O Doomsday, I am Death | SuperWhoLock Crossover..ღ★
Загружено 23 марта 2014
My name is Death and the end is here... ♥

~ Part 1 : UpIsD0wnX { Sherlock & Meg }
~ Part 2 : MurdererVampire { Castiel & Ten }
~ Part 3 : HumanEvolutionMutant { Amy & Irene }
~ Part 4 : carbuncle22 { Master & Moriarty }
~ Part 5 : TheJellFreak { Dean & Rose }
~ Part 6 : afragilestar { John & Clara }
~ Part 7 : UpIsD0wnX { Eleven & Ruby }

Thanks for watching ♥

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright
2:14 - SuperWhoLock: The Eleventh Reichenbach Song Trailer
Загружено 22 февраля 2014
Song: World Collapsing by Danny Cocke/Riptide Music
Programs used: Sony Vegas Pro 10 and Photoshop
Link to reblog: (BBC), © TM & Copyright 2005

'World Collapsing' by Danny Cocke remains courtesy of Riptide Music © 2011

This is a non-profit project not
3:15 - The SUPERWHOLOCK Games
Загружено 18 февраля 2014

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