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Super Sonic Remix

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2:32 - Super Sonic Style! - Sparta Remix
Загружено 8 сентября 2018
Don't worry guys, Sonic's got dis!!!Sparta Remix Discord Group: https://discord.gg/bsDdEmF---Base: Sparta DJ Club Basehttps://
5:56 - Music Instructor Feat. Flying Steps - Super Sonic (BRAINBUG REMIX)
Загружено 6 марта 2018
4:6 - Super Sonic Racing - Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue Remix / Challenge / Mission 1 (Sonic R)
Загружено 9 декабря 2017
Super Sonic Racing - Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue Remix / Challenge / Mission 1 (Sonic R) (from Sonic Generations)
4:4 - Sonic R Music: Super Sonic Racing Remix (Boys Version)
Загружено 9 декабря 2017
Oi amigos hoje eu vou mostrar pra vocês um remix que fiz do Super Sonic Racing a versão masculina. O link do Download da musica tá logo abaixo....
5:38 - Sonic Generations Super Sonic Racing (Cash Cash Remix)
Загружено 9 декабря 2017
Super Sonic Racing remix by Cash Cash for Sonic Generations for certain missions
4:2 - Super Sonic Racing Remix ( T.J. Davis vs. Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue ) - Matthias Mix
Загружено 9 декабря 2017
A carefully thought-out mix I made that combines the original Super Sonic Racing track with the Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue remix from Sonic Generatio...
4:27 - Super Sonic Racing | Dubstep Remix | Sonic R
Загружено 3 сентября 2016
This is a remix from The ost "Super Sonic Racing" from Sonic R.Download: >Sample is from the Super Sonic Racing ost by producer: Richard Jacques and Singer: TJ Davis.Enjoy
3:5 - Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Reef Zone Remix (Super Sonic Fireballz)
Загружено 21 августа 2016
A heavy rock mix of Lava Reef Zone from Sonic & Knuckles with a smattering of chiptunes. Hope you enjoy :)Sonic, the graphics and original music are all copyright of Sega.Composers: Brad Buxer, Bobby Brooks, Geoff Grace, Doug Grigsby III, Darryl Ross, Jun Senoue, Sachio Ogawa, Yoshiaki Kashima, Masaru Setsumaru, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Tomonori Sawada, Masayuki Nagao, Michael Jackson ( a lot of people :p)Arrangement by Magellanic
2:12 - Sonic Super Form Transformation - Sparta Hyper Remix V2.25
Загружено 19 марта 2016
I was about to use Sony Vegas 10 for this Sparta Remix, but the source glitched, so I had no choice to use Sony Vegas 11.Sorry, if the pitch gets too loud.Base by JVids24(Credit goes to Link3Kokiri for the animation! I own nothing.)Source provided by ShadowThg015: https://
3:27 - Sega - Super Sonic Racer (Sasha LSD Remix)
Загружено 6 февраля 2016
Just a new remix from me Sasha LSD for fun and happy feels =)
2:37 - The Very Best Dark Super Sonic Sparta Remix on Youtube
Загружено 8 января 2016
Based off of sharuto4's versionRequested by sobrim123 freestyles usedJastuk55mine (The original one)mine (a different one)zozey1231Godzilla3709
2:8 - dark super sonic lets test them out extended sparta remix
Загружено 12 мая 2014
3:27 - Sonic Generations - Super Sonic Racing (Remix - With Lyrics) + Download Link
Загружено 20 июля 2013
Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this video. Sonic Generations and Sonic The Hedgehog are copyright of Sega/ Sonic Team. All rights reserved."Everybody's Super Sonic Racing," well they are now! With the lyrics added into the mix, the Sonic Generations remix of Super Sonic Racing is ready to spread its epicness to everybody!Download the OST here:>

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