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4:49 - 15th Anniversary Special Live BURST INTO A BLAZE 3 (WOWOW Live 2017.08.19) HD - 赤いワンピース (Akai One-Piece)
Загружено 8 апреля 2019
1:3 - 【TVPP】B.A.P - Special stage with Secret, 비에이피 - 시크릿과 합동 무대 @ 2012 KMF
Загружено 27 января 2019
【TVPP】B.A.P - Special stage with Secret, 비에이피 - 시크릿과 합동 무대 @ 2012 KMFB.A.P #023 : B.A,P was at 2012 KMF for speical dance stage with Secret.B.A...
14:38 - 3 февр. 2018 г. Knowing Brother Special II-a: Savage Guests (part 1)
Загружено 2 января 2019
I'm splitting this into 2 videos cause aside from longer videos having a higher chance of getting blocked, I also watch these compilations if I'm b...
4:59 - 一個住在山里的人,用水煮中國的特色火鍋A man living in the mountains, boiled Chinese special hot pot with water
Загружено 12 декабря 2018
沒有人能拒絕火鍋,但是你見過在水里吃火鍋嗎?這是一種特殊的體驗,你也可以試試,這是非常有趣並且令人高興的。No one can refuse the hot pot, but have you seen eating hot pot in the water? This is a specia...
1:31 - B.A.P SPECIAL WISH VIDEO OPEN! - - 쌀쌀한 가을바람을 뚫고 - 훈훈한 기운만 가득 데리고 온 B.A.P! - - B.A.P의 MKWAV
Загружено 20 сентября 2018
6:32 - ANIYEON Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015~2016 far on the water Special Final @東京国際フォーラムホールA Blu ray
Загружено 29 марта 2018
4:7 - 110824 Kpop Boys in Power in Hong Kong 香港 ZE:A - 無心睡眠 (張國榮) SPECIAL STAGE
Загружено 23 декабря 2017
PS: 建議使用1080p觀看效果更佳喔^^~ Watch in 1080p is Better ^^~ 110824 Kpop Boys in Power in Hong Kong 香港 ZE:A 帝國之子 - 無 ...
44:43 - ナンシー・ウィルソン Nancy Wilson & チック・コリア Chick Corea: A VERY SPECIAL CONCERT 1982; ft J.Henderson-S.Clarke
Загружено 20 декабря 2017
ナンシー・ウィルソン Nancy Wilson (vo)/ Joe Henderson (ts)/チック・コリア CHICK COREA (p)/ Stanley Clarke (b)/ Lenny White (ds...
2:8 - 【快银夜衍生】a Special talk (下)【X战警天启】
Загружено 11 июля 2017
2:11 - 【快银夜衍生】a Special talk (上)【X战警天启】
Загружено 11 июля 2017
1:22 - まるで別人?藤田ニコルが大胆イメチェン! 「TGC2016 A/W」(TGC SPECIAL COLLECTION)
Загружено 29 марта 2017
4:1 - Wow! KENRICK is a Wizard. Special Tuned ALTEC CRESCENDO can provide fabulous sounding. クレッシェンド #10
Загружено 11 февраля 2017
KENRICK SOUND ケンリックサウンド Website >Webcam >Customer review from abroad
2:38:13 - [ANIYEON] Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015~2016 far on the water Special Final @東京国際フォーラムホールA Blu ray
Загружено 18 декабря 2016
https:///aniyeonThis is video by ANIYEON ChannelLink buy this product >
1:24:10 - 《陪护一小时》A Special Hour || 1080HD 一部关于精神赡养的喜剧电影 好看又令人深思
Загружено 22 ноября 2016
「一部关于精神赡养的喜剧电影 好看又令人深思」◪【电影简介】影片定位为家庭伦理片,讲述七 旬老人徐振东因儿子徐卫不来探望自 己,把儿子告上了法庭,法院判决徐卫 每周要拿出一小时对徐振东进行陪护。 对父亲做法不满的徐卫只好按法院判决 执行的故事,进而演绎出一幕幕令人&#
3:34 - こぶしファクトリー『オラはにんきもの』(Magnolia Factory [I’m such a popular kid]) (Special Promotion Edit)
Загружено 23 августа 2016
2016年7月27日発売の3rdトリプルA面シングル「サンバ!こぶしジャネイロ/バッチ来い青春!/オラはにんきもの」から「オラはにんきもの」のSpecial Promotion Editです。作詞:里乃塚玲央 作曲:小杉保夫 編曲:菊谷知樹/ブラスアレンジ:竹上良成Amazon⇒>Please note: this is a literal translation, the translation may not be perfect.
4:27 - ヨルニトケル - a day u me【PARABOLA SPECIAL LIVE MOVIE 2015.12】
Загружено 11 июля 2016
2015年12月にキノトがピックアップしたヨルニトケルのPARABOLA撮り下ろしライブ映像!---------ヨルニトケル official website
3:46 - 【BY2 Specials】BY2 sisters teach you "how to shoot a different graduation photo"+BY2姐妹上演壁咚忍不住笑场 花絮MV
Загружено 8 июля 2016
BY2 | Official VK Group | 白2 |
2:52 - [SHOW] 「B.A.P“Best. Absolute. Perfect” Special」#3 @ SSTV Plus
Загружено 21 июня 2016
B.A.P ▪ ZELO ▪ RUSSIAN FAN CLUB▪ /zelo_fc ▪
1:13:45 - Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 - A Special Guest & The Eighth Official Match [ENG/2016.05.31]
Загружено 12 июня 2016
Click the "Caption" button to activate subtitle!------------------------------------------------- Ep.156: A special guest comes to cheer for the Cool Kiz! He's a hot Korean Wave star! ONEW of SHINee turned into an actor. Behind the scene stories of "Descendants of the Sun". The US, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia. Top players from 20 countries are here. It's the Itaewon HBC High Flyers. They're even more powerful than last week's opponent! Will the Cool Kiz achieve a miraculous fifth win?---------
1:13:56 - Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 - A Special Guest [ENG/2016.05.24]
Загружено 25 мая 2016
Click the "Caption" button to activate subtitle!------------------------------------------------- Ep.155: Actress, Kim Sohyun, comes to cheer for the Cool Kiz. She melts the hearts of the Cool Kiz. Fall for the charm of Kim Sohyun. With a tradition of over 60 years, it's the top team among amateur college teams. Will the Cool Kiz be able to achieve a fifth win against|the Seoul National University volleyball team?------------------------------------------------Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube: http:
1:3 - 《Comeback Special》 Block B(블락비) - A Few Years Later(몇 년 후에) @인기가요 Inkigayo 20160417
Загружено 22 апреля 2016
SBS Inkigayo(인기가요) is a Korean music program broadcast by SBS. The show features some of the hottest and popular artists’ performance every Sunday, 3:40pm. The winner is to be announced at the end of a show. Check out this week’s Inkigayo Line up and meet your favorite artist!SBS Inkigayo 인기가요 EP859 20160417Block B(블락비) - A Few Years Later(몇 년 후에)
3:13 - Street Wheelies On A Specialized "Fatboy" Fatbike MTB!! Specialized肥胎登山車,街道孤輪.
Загружено 6 апреля 2016
Instagram: @DaneBritt/DaneBrittStuntsEndos, wheelies, stunts.... Whatever came to mind. This was the first rides on my new Specialized Fatboy, and it was great fun!!! Thanks so much to Specialized, and Bike Cycles in Wilmington NC for the support!!!
18:37 - [Hearthstone] 100 in 10 Arena Challenge Run 1: Paladin Part #3: A Very Special Bwilly Episode
Загружено 20 марта 2016
Мы ВКонтакте: /hsblizzard
2:54 - (2016) (3K Sub Special 1/3) (SU) Pearl has a [Sparta Káosz AE Remix]
Загружено 19 марта 2016
Merry (late) Christmas everyone! and a happy new year!sry for the inactivity lately, school has been eating me alive :(thx for 3k subs!CREDITS:Source by: Cartoon Network, Rebecca SugarBase by: Alex the Savior
5:26 - Our love and passion for a special Mercedes Benz W116 280s 1975 part 3.1
Загружено 21 января 2016
We are going to restore my dad`s old W116, refound after 22 years. This car hasn`t seen daylight for 22 years. My dad sold the car, with regrets afterwards, in 1987. In 1990 the car was stored in a kind of chicken barn and was never moved one inch till now. My dad and I are going to give this car a second life. That`s for sure!!! Stay tuned and enjoy.
3:9 - 151226 B.A.P (비에이피) - Young, Wild & Free (영 와일드 앤 프리) @ 쇼! 음악중심 Music Core Year End Special
Загружено 26 декабря 2015
B.A.P (비에이피) - Young, Wild & Free (영 와일드 앤 프리)151226 MBC 쇼! 음악중심 연말 결산 특집 / Show! Music Core Year End SpecialLive Performance★ Subscribe & Follow me on Twitter, Facebook to update the information needed and fastest:● My Twitter : https:///skpbent● My Facebook : https://
3:42 - 「AMV」Anime Mix - Angel With a Shotgun [ special 10K ]
Загружено 8 декабря 2015
and subscribe!!!! ^^Thanksss for 10.000 + sub. Guyss Arigarouu Gouzaimass!! song name: angel with a shootgunI do not own the anime or song, all rights reserved!!!entertainment purposes only, non- profit.NOTE: This AMV is made with non-profit or does not represent another company. I do not own the copyrights to the "video clips" or the "music" in the video!'Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, new
7:29 - [Eng Sub] TUTORIAL : 여성스럽고 고급스러운 하객 메이크업 / Feminine Sophisticated Makeup for a Special Event
Загружено 1 декабря 2015
이번 영상은 분위기로 시선 강탈하는 여성미가 느껴지는 고급스러운 하객 메이크업을 준비했어요.요즘 결혼식이 부쩍 많아졌는데요. 봄기운을 머금은 듯한 화사한 분위기의촉촉하게 빛나는 깨끗한 피부 표현과 전체적으로 은은한 톤의 메이크업으로꾸미지 않은 듯, 과하지 않게 여성스러운 아우라를 내
49:16 - [iDeep & A Little Bit Louder Special] Pump Up The Volume / Сделай погромче (История хаус-музыки) [1/3]
Загружено 13 ноября 2015
"Все началось в середине 70-х с открытия клубов "Garage" (отсюда появился стиль garage) и "Warehouse" в США. Новые фанаты стали требовать в музыкальных магазинах треки, которые слышали в клубе "Warehouse" (warehouse music). Затем сократили до "house". Так появилось понятие house music, означавшее всю музыку, которая играла только в клубе "Warehouse" (на тот момент единственном с таким репертуаром). Об этом и многом другом вспоминают и рассказывают люди, вошедшие в историю house.В фильме показаны местоположения легендарных клубов, звукозаписывающих компаний и магазинов, эксклюзивные интервью и откровения от Frankie Knuckles, Armand Van Helden, Marshall Jefferson, Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Masters at Work, Jesse Saunders, Happy Mondays и многие другие.Перевод на русский язык - Константин КривоноговВсе лучшее в музыке>
47:2 - 2015 - BBC World Special - A Richer World: Singapore at 50 - From Swamps to Skyscrapers - 1/3/15
Загружено 10 августа 2015
Sharanjit Leyl presents this special 45-minute programme to mark 50 years of Singapore's independence, recorded at 2310hrs SGT on 1 Mar 2015. The following presentation is reproduced from the BBC News online website @ >Fifty years ago Singapore became an independent state, after leaving the short-lived Malaysian Federation. With no natural resources, just how did this tiny country go from swamp to one of the region's leading economies? On the strength of its human
2:59 - 「AMV」 Special ▪ I'm a Monster
Загружено 23 мая 2015
[Português - Portuguese]Oi galerinha, fiquei sumido por um tempo. Mas trouxe o SUPER AMV ESPECIAL!!! Leia a descrição completa, por favor.Música usada : Monster - SkilletAnimes Usados : Akame Ga Kill, Ao no Exorcist, Bleach, Terra Formars, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul e acho que só.Parceiros : Renato Garcia Sasuke Uchiha------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------English - Inglês]Hi guys, I was gone for a while. But brought the SUPER SPEC
5:16 - 【4K】TDL Once Upon A Time Special Edited Version (6 camera angles) TDL ワンス・アポン・ア・タイム
Загружено 5 декабря 2014
This is a special edited version of 'Once Upon A Time' castle projection at Tokyo Disneyland.This edited version use the music from 'Disney On Classic - A Magical Night 2014 The Live'The music is not the origin of the showPlease note that camera shake and video grain may occur in some scenes>https://>https://
1:40 - Showbiz Korea-TVXQ TO HOLD A SPECIAL LIVE TOUR IN DECEMBER 아이돌 그룹 동방신기 12월 스페셜
Загружено 1 ноября 2014
Showbiz TodayTVXQ TO HOLD A SPECIAL LIVE TOUR IN DECEMBERKONG HYO-JIN TRIES OUT A PLAY FOR THE FIRST TIME Showbiz Today아이돌 그룹 동방신기 12월 스페셜 라이브 투어 개최!사랑스러운 배우 공효진 ′리타 길들이기′로 첫 연극 도전
6:34 - the Prince and a wandering bride Yuzawa, Neeko specials interview!/5王子とさすらいの花嫁 湯澤・ニーコのスペシャル対談!
Загружено 18 сентября 2014
Smiling musical that takes place on Sunday the 9th (Sat) - September 1 Planning the cast of "Bride smiling Niko · due ~ wandering prince and 5" to send a free talk, is smiling Niko practice field communication! Cast of rehearsal communication of the fourth round is talk of only two people Yuzawa Koichiro, of Niko!9月1日(土)~9日(日)に行われるニコニコミュージカル『5王子とさすらいの花嫁~ニコニコニーコ・due~』のキャストがフリートークをお送りする企画、ニコニコニーコ稽古場通信です!第四回目の稽古場通信の出演者は湯澤幸一郎、ニーコの二人だけでのトークです!
23:59 - Special A / Спецкласс "А" - 1 сезон 3 серия [Gomer_01 & Yamaxa2006]
Загружено 21 июля 2014
2:5 - 2014/3/19 on sale 14th.Single 猫の尻尾がピンと立ってるように...feat. Bose (スチャダラパー) MV(special edit ver.A
Загружено 27 марта 2014
2014年3月19日発売 SKE48 14th.Single「未来とは?」のc/w曲「猫の尻尾がピンと立ってるように...feat. Bose (スチャダラパー)」(Team S) Music Video(Type-Bに収録)です。Team S:阿比留李帆、石田安奈、磯原杏華、江籠裕奈、大矢真那、木﨑ゆりあ、後藤理沙子、斉藤真木子、都築里佳、出口陽、中西優香、松井珠理奈(※1)、向田茉
23:59 - Special "A" \ Спецкласс "А" - 1 сезон 3 серия
Загружено 12 марта 2014
Присоединяйтесь к нам группа АнимеКаваЙчик..ιllιlι.ιl.. [♫]♫ ♫]♫]..ιllιlι.ιl..>Мы всем будем рады^^
47:21 - [DVD] B.A.P Live On Earth Pacific DVD: Tour Special 1/3
Загружено 11 января 2014
23:59 - Special A / Спецкласс А 1 сезон 3 серия
Загружено 31 декабря 2013
7:39 - Give Love Give Back A Justin Bieber Special 1 3
Загружено 26 декабря 2013

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