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Sony A7R III - ���������� ( A7R II VS A7R III)

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15:23 - Sony A7R III - Обзор ( A7R II VS A7R III)
Загружено 14 мая 2018
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1:55 - Sony a7R ii VS Canon 5D iii (Magic Lantern Raw)
Загружено 13 июня 2016
For the side-by-side comparison, the Sony (SLOG2, 4K, S35 crop) is on the left and the Canon (1080P) is on the right. Various lenses. The focus slightly off on the 5D3 on the CU. a7R ii footage was graded in Premiere with the 'Neutral Start' creative look and then tweaked the exposure and saturation. 5D3 raw footage brought into Resolve in BMD Film Color space and then applied Cinelog. In Premiere, I added the Alexa Default LogC2Rec.709 LUT and made a few exposure and contrast tweaks. No windows

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