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8:27 - Grand Theft Auto 2 Teaser Promo Movie Moving Shadow Msx fm
Загружено 21 сентября 2014
/msx_fmI ripped this video straight from the Moving Shadow 99.1 CD, and upscaled it to 720p. Though the video was in poor quality to begin with (240p), this is the highest quality you can find on YouTube so far, despite a lot of incurable pixelation.Music by Moving Shadow Records:0:18 - Successful Criminals - Music Madness.0:54 - Inter Orbit Communication (E-Z Rollers) - Short Wave Cafe.1:39 - Dom & Roland - Thunder.3:00 - JMJ & Richie - The Score.4:25 - PFM - Cruising Detroit '98.

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