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2:25 - SUNWALTER "Lexx"
Загружено 30 октября 2016
Вологда 29 Октября | СУББОТА | METAL CONFEDERATIONHALLOWEEN 2016 | клуб iRRis Пугачева 26
3:4 - Sunwalter - Lexx (Divine Assassin) live
Загружено 13 августа 2016
(Verse 1):The assassin from the ClusterIn the service ofHis Divine Shadow andThose who were before.But I am freeAnd now I can sing 'bout Brunnen-G!(Chorus):In the Light UniverseI have been darknessPerhaps in the Dark ZoneI will be light.(verse 2)I killed mothers with their babiesAnd philosophers.Just shot with my brace withoutMercy, doubts and fears.Once more I singAbout Brunnen-G, who have been killed!(Outro):Yo Way Yo Hom Var RayYo Way Rah Jerum Brunnen-G

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