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Richie Stringini (US5) - Best Friend

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4:48 - Richie Stringini (US5) - Best friend
Загружено 27 октября 2014
4:48 - Richie Stringini - Best Friend (US5)
Загружено 6 июля 2012
Мой любимый RICHIE (I LOVE YOU)
4:48 - Richie_Stringini(US5) -_Best_Friend
Загружено 16 августа 2009
Sometimes in life when all hope is goneand you feel like you're on your owntrue friend comes a long and makes you realizethat everything is okin the last year that I've gone throughI have many up's and down'sBut no matter what you guys stood by my sideAnd that's why I dedicate this song to youmy best friendsChorus:And after everything that we've beenthrough I'm still here with youCuz you're still my lady,cuz you're my ladyI swear I'm gonna make you happyfor the rest of our livesCuz you're my lady, and I'm your bestfriend, and I'm your best friendVerse 1:In times when all hope is goneand sadness fills your heart with painYou wonder (yeah)If there's anyone that you can callTo somebody who's left all alonePre-Chorus:You're such a loyal friendand now I know that I'll neverfind somebody quite like youI appreciate the dayyou came and you stayedChorusVerse 2:Some people said that we wouldnever survive, we showed them thatdreams can come true and it's for sure (yeah)Our secret lies behind an endlessfriendship and nothing could tear us apartPre-ChorusChorusC-Part:True love is so hard to findEspecially if it's someoneyou can call your best friendNo matter what problems occureYou will overcome them with her (with her)ChorusIm your best friend yeahCuz Im your best friend

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