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Red Hot cHili Peppers - Venice Queen (Ireland live 2003)

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7:44 - Red Hot cHili Peppers - Venice Queen (Ireland live 2003)
Загружено 15 сентября 2009
Does it go from east to westBody free and a body lessCome again just to start a freshOnce again to find a homeIn the moment of the meantimeDropping in coming through the meshChecking in just to get it blessedHard to leave when it’s picturesqueFind a form that’s free the roamWhere you coming fromWhere you goingDo it all then it all againMake it up and you make a friendPaddle on just around the bendFind a place where you can seeAll the mamas and the papasTake a chance on a recommendHard as hell just to comprehendDisbelief that I do suspendEasy now to find a breezeWhere you come fromWhere you goingWe all want to tell herTell her that we love herVenice gets a queenBest I’ve ever seenWe all want to kiss herTell her that we miss herVenice gets a queenBest I’ve everI know you said you don’t believeIn god do you still disagreeNow that it’s time for you to leaveG.L.O.R.I.AIs love my friendYour stylish mess of silver hairA woman of your kind is rareYour uniform returns to airG.L.O.R.I.AIs love my friendAnd now it’s time for you to goYou taught me most of what I knowWhere would I be without you GloG.L.O.R.I.AIs love my friendI see you standing by the seeThe waves you made will always beA kiss goodbye forever you leaveG.L.O.R.I.AIs love my friend

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