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2:5 - racket boys | that's how it goes
Загружено 11 сентября 2021
i'm single mother of 7 children i love them all so much ;.;

show : racket boys
song : la la la that's how it goes x honne
date completed : 19/07/2021
coloring : lightningxdisaster (altered)

insta :
8:0 - How to do ADVANCE Backhand Flick attack |Table Tennis / Ping Pong |Learn & Master FAN ZHENDONG style
Загружено 31 августа 2021
Learn & master the famous backhand flick table tennis / ping pong technique by Fan Zhendong. Advance version shows more in depth look how to perform the shot and how to counter attack any ball that comes your way. Create more power, spin and speed into your attacks and win points by simply using this shot.

Beginner backhand flick:
1:31 - #RaiseARacket for your heroes these Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Загружено 20 июля 2021
Show your support for your favourite players and teams at #Tokyo2020 by getting behind our brand new campaign.

Use #RaiseARacket and 🏸 in all your comments and posts plus send us your home videos of you raising a racket and making some noise for your heroes.

Who will you Raise A Racket for these Games?

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11:7 - How to glue your table tennis racket l Dimitrij Ovtcharov
Загружено 6 июля 2021
Dimitrij Ovtcharov shows you how to glue your table tennis racket!

Do you have something special that you would like to see? Or questions that you would like to get answered from some of the best table tennis players in the world?

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8:20 - Marillion - All One Tonight - The Space Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Загружено 3 июля 2021
Originally posted to celebrate the release of All One Tonight - Live At The Royal Albert Hall, we are delighted to share one of the highlights of the show.

The Space opened our second set and features the string quartet In Praise Of Folly along with Sam Morris on french horn and Emma Halnan on flute.

The concert is now available to buy from Racket Records.
1:31:16 - Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson (1986) - featuring Adrian Belew, William S. Burroughs
Загружено 3 июля 2021
Video and audio restored by me!

Concert film of Laurie Anderson performing songs from her first three albums, selections from her four-night epic "United States Live," and several new songs, which incorporate a unique blend of film, Animation, dance, and electronics.
The film included appearances by guitarist Adrian Belew, author William S. Burroughs, keyboardist Joy Askew, and percussionist David Van Tieghem

Good Evening 0:05
Zero and One 2:45
Excellent Birds 5:59
Old Hat 10:19
Drum Dance 11:27
Smoke Rings 12:27
Late Show 20:17
White Lily 24:49
Sharkey's Day 26:11
How to Write 32:35
Kokoku 37:59
Radar 45:12
Gravity's Angel 48:33
Langue d'amour 55:47
Talk Normal 1:01:59
Difficult Listening Hour 1:11:25
Language Is a Virus 1:14:49
Sharkey's Night 1:21:05
Credit Racket 1:27:42
7:8 - Marillion - All One Tonight - Go! - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Загружено 11 мая 2021
Originally posted to celebrate the release of All One Tonight - Live At The Royal Albert Hall, we are delighted to share another one of the highlights of the show.

Go! was played during our second set and once again features the string quartet In Praise Of Folly along with Sam Morris on french horn and Emma Halnan on flute.

The concert is now available to buy from Racket Records.
19:55 - The Racketeers / Burlesque Show / High Rockabilly
Загружено 28 апреля 2021
High Rockabilly Calafell Spain
4:26 - Brent Faiyaz - Show U Off
Загружено 14 марта 2021
Subscribe to Brent Faiyaz - (443) 637-6100

2:54 - Customs School Beware - Other Colour Pics Share This Title (1966)
Загружено 14 марта 2021
Southend, Essex.

Waterguard Training School trains young men to become officers of the anti-smuggling branch of H.M. Customs.

C/U of suitcase on a table, tilt up to a Customs Guard holding declaration form. M/S of a man and the guard, the man places a bottle of wine and a tennis racket next to his case, he opens his case and takes out a bottle of gin and some cigarettes. C/U of the guard, tilt down to show him rummaging in the case, once satisfied he marks it with chalk. A more senior guard enters and stops the man repacking. The senior guard carefully unpacks the case - an illegal flick knife is found in a shoe and smuggled watches in a false sole.

M/S of the senior guard teaching trainee customs officials. C/U of the senior guard opening a book revealing more smuggled watches in a secret compartment. The senior shows the class a tennis racket. C/U of a trainee. The senior guard opens the handle revealing diamonds, he passes it down a row of students. C/U of a suitcase with a false bottom
1:43 - Tennis Styles In Play & Fashions (1956)
Загружено 13 марта 2021

Fred Perry is seen giving tennis tuition to a group of girls who model some of Fred's sportswear designs. American player Gardnar Mulloy is also seen in the film showing the girls how to hold their rackets.

Actress Vera Day models a very short pleated skirt and sleeveless tennis shirt. Narrator explains how began designing for men in 1952 but has now turned his hand to designing women's clothes. C/U of the tennis shoes Vera wears, also designed by Perry. The other girls are Valerie McAndless and Angela Proctor.

M/S of Perry demonstrating his serving technique.

George Worthington, official coach to the British Davis Cup team is seen giving some special training to an attractive girl. He seems to enjoy holding her around the waist as she practices her technique. The girl serves a ball.

* not sure which county Hurlingham is in - couldn't find it on the map.
FILM ID:207.07

3:43 - Why some pro table tennis players use edge tape? Timo Boll and Anton Kallberg tell us their reasons
Загружено 8 марта 2021
Why is Timo Boll using such a small piece of edge tape on his table tennis racket? And why does anyone use edge tape or side tape? You have the questions, we have the answer. Featured in this video (and showing their paddles) are the ping pong pro's Timo Boll, Anton Källberg, Galia Dvorak and Matilda Ekholm.

PS: Thank you to Galia's cameraman Alberto Seoane, great job there 🙌

#tabletennis #pingpong #timoboll #antonkällberg #edgetape #sidetape #ittf #wtt #tabletennistape #tabletennisracket #cantonera #tenisdemesa #switcherstudio #usatt #pingpod #olympic #sport
45:11 - Secret videos reveal fashion designer Peter Nygard's Bahamas pamper parties - The Fifth Estate
Загружено 6 марта 2021
In our investigation, we show you never-before-seen videos of the Canadian fashion designer at his pamper parties on his estate in the Bahamas. More than 80 women from different countries have come forward accusing him of rape or sexual assault stretching back decades. Last year, he was arrested and faces charges involving sex trafficking and racketeering. He denies the accusations. Now, through exclusive interviews, we learn more about how he allegedly operated and answer the question: how did the accusations stay secret for so long?

To read more:
2:10 - How To Assemble Your Own Table Tennis Racket
Загружено 20 февраля 2021
Assembling your own table tennis racket shows that you are serious about improving. You bought a blade and rubber suited to your own unique style and this video will show you how to assemble it yourself.
4:58 - Racket County (The Lacs x Hard Target x Wess Nyle x Cymple Man) - Donut
Загружено 18 февраля 2021
Country rap supergroup Racket County, which is composed of Dirt Rock labelmates The LACS, Hard Target, Wess Nyle and Cymple Man have released a brand new video for "Donut". The video was directed by Breadwin Deville at Lead Foot City's burnout zone in Hernando County, Florida, and shows the guys wildin' out on the 60-acre vintage americana automotive themed property.

The LACs teamed up with Hard Target, Wess Nyle and Cymple Man to form a new band, Racket County, in early 2016. Racket County’s debut album “Welcome to Dodge City” became an instant-classic, producing massive hits like the reggae-infused, feel-good single “Sunday,” which went on to become a viral hit as the video racked up over +2 million Youtube views. The Racket County projects have been filled overflowing homebrewed, countryfied Hick-Hop and barbed wire bars that instantly get listeners buzzing to the vibes of the songs.

Keep up with all of the new Racket County releases by following Dirt Rock Empire on all s
1:49 - ROYAL: Prices rocket in Coronation seat racket (1937)
Загружено 18 февраля 2021

To license this film, visit (Secretary of the Coronation Committee) interview SOT

General view of suburban houses
Woman beating carpet
Polishing letter
3:13 - Government acts to end illegal production of black market cosmetics (1941)
Загружено 17 февраля 2021

To license this film, visit "Coty" cosmetics factory / Interior shots of factory showing big vats, women in overalls and caps at work in make-up factory / Mixing-machines making face cream / Woman pushing trolley with containers of cream along / Woman worker at vat PAN to cream coming out into container / Lipstick substance poured on to rollers / Rollers turning. / Liquid pouring from machine into vat container / Lips
1:34 - Lost Property (1950)
Загружено 14 февраля 2021
Lost Property, Baker Street London Transport Office in London.

C/U baskets hanging on wall, pan down to rows of coats. M/S Man hunting through coats. C/U mass of handbags etc., on shelves. C/U Tennis rackets, cricket bats, etc., C/U bottle. C/U ties and gloves. C/U books, man hunts through them. C/U Man looking through books, picks out one and walks out of picture. C/U woman at desk, man shows her book, she inspects then takes it, walks out of frame. C/U woman with book walks to cashier's desk. C/U puts book on counter and looks in bag.

M/S woman walking into office goes to man behind counter who points and she walks out of frame. M/S Man and woman looking umbrella. C/U woman looks at umbrellas, picks out one. M/S Man goes to counter with umbrella, woman follows. M/S Man takes stuffed stag's head, from shelf, turns and walks to camera. M/S customer walks to counter, man hands over stag's head, customer starts to walk out. M/S Man coming out of door with stag's head.
FILM ID:1285.03

2:29 - The Way To Wimbledon - Record C (1954)
Загружено 14 февраля 2021
Continued. c. 1954

C/U hand of groundsman attending to grass on Centre Court at Wimbledon. Pull out to show groundsman instructing three other men to work the court with forks. Grass seed being sown onto court. Camera moves down from empty stand to show man using hazel brush to remove autumn leaves from court. C/U bush with snow falling on its leaves. Man clears snow from court with shovel.

Tilt up pile of ticket applications. Group of women drawing lots from bowl to allocate seats. They have lots of paperwork surrounding them.

Camera pans along hedge to show nets being put up and roller working on court. Women coming out of office (not at Wimbledon). People playing tennis on local courts. Group of young boys watching, they eat sandwiches and one drinks from a bottle. Bus queue, the young woman at the front carries a tennis racket. The bus arrives and they get on. Two young women practice tennis. Tennis match in Paris. Tennis match in Rome. Spectators in New York. Indian spectators. Tennis match i
3:8 - Nylons (1951)
Загружено 14 февраля 2021
Nylon fashions, London.

Various shots street hawkers selling black market nylon stockings from suitcases on pavement. Good shots showing lookout man on watch. Motorcycle policemen pull up to line on road. We see case being picked up and feet walking quickly away. Street looks like Oxford Street.

Women queuing for nylons outside shop. Top shot sales desk in shop. CU woman looking at nylons - dissolve to -

Factory scene: various shots showing nylons being made by machine. Various shots woman inspecting stocking for flaws, she pencils mark on stocking to show flaw.

Various shots another woman stamping hallmark on stocking and packing them.

Various shot chemist inspecting stocking. He dips the stocking into a secret chemical solution. The chemicals reveal a secret stock number - this is part of campaign to stop black market racketeers selling stockings.

Various shots deserted back streets and warehouses. Various shots showing woman's hands taking nylon stockings from drawer behind sh
2:48 - Vegetable Racket Story (1945)
Загружено 10 февраля 2021

M.S.C.U. a horsedrawn plough at work. M.S. 2 small boys walking through a field of corn.

M.S. a food queue, mostly housewives with shopping bags. C.U. boxes of beans being unloaded from a lorry. L.S. M.S. the scene round the stall in Kennards arcade, Croydon where the farmers are selling their produce direct to the consumer. C.U. a man picking

lettuces.M.S. L.S. 'Iris' shot showing the picture in a circular frame of people picking beans. M.S. a barrow load of boxes being wheeled to the stall. CU placards giving notice of the stall in the arcade. HAS of man selling vegetable off a stall to a crowd of people.
FILM ID:2393.06

7:39 - London's Night Lights AKA Londons Night Lights Reel 1 (1921)
Загружено 9 февраля 2021
Unedited material.

Reel 1. Illuminations in London at night - various companies and theatre shows advertised in lights. Signs include: Sun Insurance Office, Daily Mail and Schweppes. Piccadilly Circus. Lights reflected in Thames. Army Club Cigarettes. Monico. Read Britannia. Bovril. Gordon's London Gin. Cannes. Sandeman's Port. Carr's Biscuits. ("Carr's Club Cheese Biscuits are Popular with Men"...) Different angle views of same signs. People passing in front of the lights. The Criterion. Ever Ready. Few seconds of spacing. Anne's. Charles B Cochran's Revue "This Year of Grace!" Guinness is Good for You. Double decker buses pass by. "The Racket". "Someone to Love". Plaza. Underground Station sign (not clear which station).

Dated by stock mark - check on date for "This Year of Grace"?

Note: Reels 1 and 2 are positive. Reel 3 is a mixture of neg and pos.

See separate records for reels 2 and 3.
FILM ID:1621.05

6:30 - Tennis Forehand and Serving Techniques - By a Wimbledon Winner (1936)
Загружено 9 февраля 2021
Dorothy Round - winner of Ladies Singles Championship at Wimbledon in 1934 and other competitions teaches us the do's and don'ts of lawn tennis. Serving and forehand techniques
Shows some great slow motion techniques, all of which apply today.

She speaks to camera with her thoughts on the game. Crowds at Wimbledon. Queen Mary and King George V at Wimbledon. Score board for match between Helen Jacobs and Dorothy Round. They play and we see them shaking hands and leaving court together with their arms around each other. Training through skipping. Service technique. We see her serve in slow motion. The film is frozen at various points in the serve. This is compared to a slow motion tee off in golf.

The position of Dorothy's feet during a serve is highlighted. C/U of grip on racket. Being on her toes is compared to how a boxer's feet move. Dorothy's swing is shown in slow motion. We see all these elements put together as Dorothy plays a game.

See part 2 on backhand technique:
3:43 - Ice Cream Factory (1946)
Загружено 7 февраля 2021
Unissued / unused material - dates and locations may be unknown / unclear.

Cuts from newsreel story 46/56 - Ice Cream Racket.

Various shots of the El Dorado Ice Cream Factory showing the correct way and the racketeers' way of making ice cream (location of events unknown).

Woman chemist takes samples of ice cream from machine to be analysed. Ice cream vats full to brim. General shots of workers in the factory. Machine filling cups of ice cream on conveyor belt.

Several shots in laboratory of samples being tested and examined.

View through a door of a barn or shed, showing racketeers way of making ice cream in barrels - yeuch - looks pretty unhygienic!
FILM ID:2323.1

3:11 - Wimbledon All Stars (1965)
Загружено 6 февраля 2021
Wimbledon All Stars. London.


L/S of rose beds, lawns and tennis courts. M/S Gloria Buizer standing with others showing her net dress. C/U of Buizer and her dress. M/S of Helga Schultze from Berlin sitting on grass in white long socks. M/S of Carol Castell from Florida in bare midriff dress and flowers at the hip designed by Fred Perry. L/Ss of the courts and clubhouses. M/S of Mario Bueno and Teddy Tinling. M/S An Indian woman named Mukerjah talking to Bob Hewitts wife. M/S of group of ball girls looking at the fashions. C/U of Drobney. M/S of Drobney with Czech tennis stars. L/S fountain and gardens. M/S of Mr and Mrs Parsons at table taking refreshments. C/U of Miss Parsons at table taking refreshments. C/U Miss Parsons wearing straw type hat. M/S A French poodle standing behind man's legs. C/U poodle. M/S Madonna Schacht from Australia swinging racket. M/S of Carol Ann Prosen from USA in play.

C/U Carmen Coronado from Spain in short dress. C/U of Russian player Lejus pan to another Russi
1:17 - For Wimbledon - Next Summer (1966)
Загружено 5 февраля 2021

GV. Deserted Wimbledon centre court. GV. Pan along centre court. SV. Fashion designer Teddy Tinling with two models wearing his newest tennis designs at London's Hilton hotel. Teddy is arranging a tennis skirt with contrasting op art designs of rackets and balls in sugar pink and sky blue. CU. Pan up the shift showing the racket motif. CU. The racket motif. SV. Teddy and the girls. CU. Teddy raises the skirt to show a racket motif on the tights the girl is wearing, pan down leg. SV. Teddy moves across to the other model and starts to arrange her skirt. CU. Teddy arranging skirt, & SCU. Teddy's hands point out a racket garter type motif on the girls tights. SV. The girls walk out of picture and Teddy walks towards a 'dummy'. SCU. The 'dummy' comes to life and walks towards camera. SV. As the girl walks towards camera. CU. Teddy and the girl, the girl turns and the camera pans down to show her cat suit trousers. CU. The girl's skirt as she turns. SV. Teddy finishes arranging skirt and stands up.
2:18 - Wimbledon 1962 (1962)
Загружено 5 февраля 2021
Wimbledon 1962.

L/S crowds walking about near the centre court entrance. L/S crowds and people wearing latest fashions. C/U of woman walking towards camera wearing flowered hat. M/S of Mrs Krishnan from India eating ice cream. M/S of tennis player Chuck Mckinley and his wife. C/U of girl wearing tennis racket hat. M/S of Bobby Wilson arriving, pan to Neil Fraser arriving. C/U of Miss Marlene Gerson from South Africa. C/U Drobny talking to friend. C/U of fashionable girl laughing. M/S Sonia Pacnta from Austria.

M/S Mrs Heather Segal. C/U of girl with large hat wearing sun glasses. M/S Princess Marina stepping out of car followed by lady in waiting. C/U girl making notes in programme and looks up at scoreboard. L/S of scoreboard showing order of play. L/Ss of courts with play in progress. C/U of girl in crowd with large teeth. L/S of royal party watching from box. Shots of Rod Laver and Naresh Kumar walking out onto centre court. Several shots of match in progress. Laver wins. M/S of school girls applau
1:20 - World Crown For Gonzales (1958)
Загружено 4 февраля 2021
Full title reads: "Long Island. World Crown For Gonzales".

Forest Hills, Long Island, United States of America (USA). World Professional tennis championship - Richard (Pancho) Gonzales beats Ken Rosewall.

GV Gonzales and Rosewall walking onto the court at Forest hills, Rosewall tosses racket to one side.

GV Crowds. LV Looking along court with Gonzales serving from far end, the ball is returned by Rosewall, Gonzales returns, Rosewall volleys, Gonzales lobs, Rosewall smashes and Gonzales is beaten, Rosewall's first point.

GV Crowds. LV Elevated, looking along court, Gonzales serving, Rosewall returns, Gonzales returns into corner of the court, Rosewall runs for it and manages to get his racket to it and the ball goes high in the air to Gonzales who smashes, Rosewall gets it back and Gonzales returns it out of Rosewall's reach. Zoom, crowd applauding.

CU Rosewall serving, zoom to show whole of court, Gonzales returns it, Rosewall near the net chops it down, Gonzales returns back hand, Rosewall
1:14 - Curtain Up On "The Fortnight" (1958)
Загружено 4 февраля 2021
Full title reads: "Wimbledon. Curtain Up On 'The Fortnight'."

Wimbledon, London.

SV Crowd entering gates. GV Crowds entering and assembling near pavilions. SV Fashionable woman arriving. CU Pan, two women arriving. SV Mrs Neville Layton. CU Woman wearing fashionable hat. SV Girl showing off fish handbag. CU handbag. CU Pan, Miss Shirley Bloomer arriving. SV Pan, Miss Karol Fageros. CU Karol Fageros smiling as she walks away from camera. CU Sir Ralph Richardson arriving. CU Miss Althea Gibson.

GV Tennis Courts. SV Miss Christine Truman arriving. CU Girl with camera. SV Christine Truman. SV Fred Perry with junior champion of America E Bucholtz. CU D Candy arriving. GV Baby Pancho Wimbledon Contreras in walking chair surrounded by people watching. SV Baby Pancho in walking chair holding miniature tennis racket.

SV Crowds watching on court No. 3. SV Christine Truman posing with Mrs Deloford on Court No. 3. SV Christine in action on court No. 3.

GV Crowds and centre court at Wimbledon.

10:41 - Racket Zhan Jike SUPER ZLC - FAKE in Aliexpress
Загружено 3 февраля 2021
#Racket #ZhanJike #SUPERZLC #FAKE #Aliexpress

Ракетка Zhan Jike SUPER ZLC - реплика на Aliexpress
В данном видео будет показана распаковка и краткий обзор товара.
Мнение основанное на собственном опыте эксплуатации!

This video will show the unpacking and a brief overview of the product.
Opinion based on your own experience of operation!
где заказывал ракетку:
2:40 - Ice Cream Racket Exposed (1946)
Загружено 2 февраля 2021
Item title reads - ice cream racket exposed.

Location of events unknown.

Shots of the making of ice cream at the El-Dorado factory. M/S's as a man puts the fat content into the mixers. C/U of a female chemist taking samples of liquid cream from the mixer. C/U liquid ice cream in tank. C/U as chemist takes sample from the tank. C/U as ice cream is cut into slabs and placed in freezer. C/U as chemists test ice cream contents in the laboratory. M/S of cones stacked up. M/S as machine fills the cones with ice cream. M/S as women pack ice cream pots. A specially prepared sequence shows what happens when ice cream is made on the black market. It is made with dirty water, ersatz powder and little fat or sugar then sold for high price. Various good shots of children eating ice creams from cones.

End titles.
FILM ID:1404.22

1:13 - Machine Made Tennis (1934)
Загружено 1 февраля 2021
Note: Location of the events are unknown.

Full titles read: "MACHINE MADE TENNIS - Something Novel for all Tennis Players."

M/S's of marking on the floor designed to show people where to position their feet for a particular tennis stroke. A trainer shows a young lady the correct position. She then drops a tennis ball through the hole of a metal arm in front of her (approximately at arms length). Various more shots of people practising.

L/S of a tube which fires the ball high into the air so that players can practice the 'Smash'. L/S's and M/S's of a young women hitting a a ball with a racket against the side of a wall with a drawing of a tennis court on it."
FILM ID:1094.1

1:0 - Opening Of Tennis Tournament (1956)
Загружено 31 января 2021

GV. Personalities arriving for the opening day at Wimbledon. LV. American tennis player Vic Seixas being photographed with his wife. SCU. Seixas and his wife. SV. Miss Gloria Buttler, US tennis player - posing showing off new fashions handbag. CU. Broach in the shape of a player and a tennis racket on the collar of coat, pan up to Miss Buttler. SV. Australian players arriving with Ken Rosewall on the right. CU. Ken Rosewall. SV. Mrs Fred Perry with birdcage handbag, & CU. SV. Australian Lew Hoad and wife Jenny arriving. SV. Danmark's Kurt Nielsen with a woman. SV. Press photographers. SCU. Two German girl players, Miss Edna Buding and Miss I. Buding. GV. Wimbledon courts with play in progress. SV. Jaroslav Drobny and R. Krishnan walking on to the centre court. LV. Crowds applauding. SCU. Drobny and Krishnan.

(Neg.) (Title Scene "P")
FILM ID:595.32

3:3 - Tennis Trifles (1930)
Загружено 27 января 2021
No title. M/S of pile of large logs. Young boy paints the end of one of the logs. M/S of man working at a wooden bench checking that the planks are straight (?). M/S of elderly man using a hand tool to plane a piece of wood. High angle shot of the workshop with several men at work. Camera pans across to show the rest of the workshop.

High angle shot of area of stacked tennis rackets. Man stands on the top of a very tall ladder lifting off some rackets. C/U of lathe being used to shape the handle of a tennis racket. Various shots of a machine being used to shape the neck of the racket. Racket is fed through another machine. High angle shot of men in another work area stringing the rackets. C/U of a man threading the racket strings. C/U of the finished racket.

M/S of workbench with a dozen women painting, varnishing and checking the finished rackets. M/S of the warehouse. Man in overalls checks quality of racket then stacks it on a shelf. M/S of two women at work - possibly applying ma
3:13 - The Sports Machine (1931)
Загружено 27 января 2021
No title.

C/U of three women looking at a machine which has a turning cog that has a tennis racket attached. C/U of the machine - the racket hits tennis balls. L/S of a dozen girls - all in white watching the balls flying through the air.

"Slow-motion shows what a nasty service this would be to meet - the ball is travelling about 60 miles an hour." We see the machine hitting balls in slow motion. L/S of the girls watching. We then see an automatic golf driver. M/S of man turning the wheel on a machine which has a golf club attached. The machine tests golf balls' flight and durability. Man steps on a lever which sets the machine off. We see the machine take various shots. We then see the machine working in slow motion.

Was an item in Pathe Pictorial issue number 669.

Note: flash-frame intertitles.
FILM ID:908.03

1:55 - Pathe's Beauty Contest 3 (1920)
Загружено 27 января 2021
No title.

M/S of a woman sitting on a large wicker chair beside a tennis net. She is dressed in white and holds a tennis racket. Preceding intertitle reads: "The next lady is - Miss A. Mascall of North West London." Miss Mascall turns her head and smiles. She picks up a tennis ball. C/U of Miss Mascall looking to the right. She moves her head to show her profile. The next competition entrant stands in the middle of a pond on a plinth as if a statue! She is draped in a semi transparent piece of cloth. L/S of her running town some steps between two large conifers. She runs barefoot as if a wood nymph! She looks around as if nervous then grabs on to one of the trees. C/U of her face - wild looking woman. Another C/U as she leans against the conifer and smiles. Another competitor is presented. She stands in a garden leaning on a sun dial. She turns her head. C/U of her framed with a black masking device. Very short shot of another entrant standing amongst some flowers. There is a recap of
2:6 - "One Hundred Thousand Singlets" (1933)
Загружено 25 января 2021
Full title reads: "Moscow. 'One Hundred Thousand Singlets'. Stalin reviews the Great Parade of Sportsmen in the heart of the city."

Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union (USSR).

Various shots of large parade / procession of Russian athletes in Red Square, Moscow. They march past carrying rowing boats. Boys in Soccer kit walk past with footballs. Women march raising tennis rackets. St. Basil's Cathedral can be seen in background. More gymnasts and athletes march. Fencers, boxers, parachutists, climbers.

High angle shots showing parade filling Red Square.

Men march past carrying flags. More shots of athletes marching.

N.B. No shots of Stalin.
FILM ID:733.22

5:57 - Amelia Watson’s tennis racket
Загружено 6 декабря 2020
Amelia is a detective, and detectives need magnifying glasses. Gura likes to prank, and Ina likes to perfect. The transformation of Ame’s crime-solving tool into a sporty equipment unfolds.

Did a lot of jumping around in this one. I wanted to switch between instances for comedic and better story-telling (to show how instances are related to each other).

Gura’s Nov16 MineCraft:
3:38 - How to catch a tennis ball on your racket
Загружено 2 декабря 2020
Mr. Funke shows you how to catch a ball in your strings just like the top pros do
5:14 - Left-wing media censor 'sleazy Biden family business' with China
Загружено 19 октября 2020
The lack of media curiosity concerning suspicious Biden family dealings with China show the left-wing media has morphed into “little more than a protection racket for progressive politicians” says Sky News host James Morrow.

“They are determined that the less you know, the better,” he said.

Mr Morrow said evidence has emerged which suggests the “sleazy Biden family business in the Ukraine saw Hunter taking home $83,000 a month for a do-nothing job and his Dad, Joe, using the power of the US government to

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