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Qin's Moon S5 Episode 1 English Sub ������������ ������������ 01 ������������

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28:6 - Qin's Moon S5 Episode 1 English Sub | 秦時明月 君臨天下 01 荧惑守心
Загружено 21 октября 2015
秦時明月 君臨天下Qin's Moon, The Emperor Under HeavenEnglish Translation: seiyounashiBeta Reader: sstyhooUploader/subtitles: 5WaterTranslator's notes:"荧惑" refers to the comet, and "心" refers to a star in the constellation Scorpius, Antares. "守" means generally to defend, but that doesn't make sense in context because this astrological event is said to be the event of Mars (or Ares) meeting his rival, Antares. As a historical note, it's said that the comet's appearance was one of the signs preceding the Qin

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