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Police disperse

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1:54 - La police recourt aux gaz lacrymogènes pour disperser la manifestation des Gilets jaunes à Lyon
Загружено 19 октября 2020
Le 17 octobre des centaines des Gilets jaunes se sont rassemblés à Lyon, malgré l'interdiction de manifester dans le centre-ville due aux mesures a...
1:5 - Thai police disperses anti-royal protesters with water cannons
Загружено 18 октября 2020
` Король Таиланда говорит, что страна нуждается в роялистах, поскольку протестующие, бросающие вызов запрету на второй день, встречают водяные каноны ( тысячи протестующих были встречены ОМОНом и водяными канонами ) : "любят монархию", когда он нарушил свое молчание по поводу анти-королевских протестов, сотрясающих столицу Бангкока. Его заранее записанные комментарии транслировались по государственному телевидению, когда тайская полиция использовала водометы, щиты для беспорядков и дубинки, чтобы разогнать тысячи протестующих, которые второй день игнорировали запрет на протесты. Король не сделал никаких прямых комментариев по поводу трехмесячных протестов, которые призывали к ограничению его полномочий, а также к смещению премьер-министра Праюта Чан-Оча, бывшего военного правителя. Около 2000 демонстрантов, выступающих за демократию, скандировал
2:45 - Belgium: Police use water cannon and pepper spray to disperse Armenian supporters rally in Brussels
Загружено 8 октября 2020
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Police forces used pepper spray and a water cannon truck to disperse an Armenian supporters rally in front of the European Commission building in Brussels on Wednesday.

Large strings of police forces were involved in scuffles with supporters holding Armenian flags and chanting slogans in front of the EU official building.

Since the late 1980s, Armenia and Azerbaijan have been involved in a territorial conflict over control of the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, a
2:31 - Dozens Arrested As Police Disperse Women Protesting Against Lukashenka
Загружено 27 сентября 2020
Security forces in Minsk detained dozens of protesters on September 26 during a women’s march against Alyaksandr Lukashenka, who claimed victory in the Belarus presidential election on August 9 amid reports of widespread fraud. (RFE/RL's Belarus Service)
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1:27 - USA: Police use pepper bombs to disperse Rochester protesters
Загружено 4 сентября 2020
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Police were seen using pepper bombs to disperse protesters in Rochester, Thursday.

People gathered to...
2:0 - USA: Police disperse Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC
Загружено 31 августа 2020
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Police dispersed a protest of Black Lives Matter movement supporters near the White House in Washington DC on Sunday.

The peaceful gathering turned violent after midnight reportedly after a bottle was thrown at the police. Officers could be seen firing tear gas, dispersing the crowd and blocking streets.

Scuffles broke out after at least five protesters were arrested at the rally.

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8:43 - Israeli police fire water cannons to disperse anti-government protesters
Загружено 19 июля 2020
Israeli police used water cannons to disperse demonstrators around Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence on Saturday as protests mounted ag...
1:37 - On Pride anniversary, police try to disperse protesters in New York
Загружено 29 июня 2020
Protesters danced and marched in New York as part of the Queer Liberation March for Black Lives and Against Police Brutality on June 28. Video showed police clashing with demonstrators after ordering them to vacate the street. Read more:
2:5 - Paris Police use tear gas to disperse protest over killing of black Frenchman and George Floyd
Загружено 15 июня 2020
Paris Police use tear gas to disperse protest over killing of black Frenchman and George Floyd

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14:28 - Seattle police clash with protesters in Capitol Hill as they try to disperse the crowd
Загружено 10 июня 2020
What began as a peaceful protest near Cal Anderson Park has turned tense as Seattle police used crowd control tactics to try and disperse the crowd...
2:9 - Paris: Police use tear gas to disperse protest over killing of black Frenchman and George Floyd
Загружено 7 июня 2020
Paris riot police fired tear gas on Tuesday as scattered protesters threw projectiles and set fires during an unauthorised demonstration against po...
2:14 - Paris Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters
Загружено 4 июня 2020
Paris riot police fired tear gas Tuesday as scattered protesters threw projectiles and set fires during an unauthorized demonstration against police violence and racial injustice.

Several thousand people had previously rallied peacefully for two hours around the main Paris courthouse in homage to Adama Traore, a French black man who died in police custody.

The demonstration turned into a rally in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and against the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, which sparke
2:8 - Paris- Police use tear gas to disperse protest over killing of black Frenchman and George Floyd
Загружено 4 июня 2020
8:49 - Paris police fire tear gas to disperse anti-racism protesters
Загружено 4 июня 2020
WARNING: Video contains content that is not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Police fired tear gas to disperse anti-racism ...
1:5 - Seattle Police Emerge on Bikes From Haze of Teargas to Disperse Seattle Protesters
Загружено 3 июня 2020
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1:20 - Police Disperse Peaceful Protesters With Tear Gas for Trump's Bible Photo-Op
Загружено 2 июня 2020
President Donald Trump is visiting the 200 -year-old church near the White House that was set on fire as demonstrators clashed with police over the weekend.

Beginning with James Madison, every person who has held the office of president has attended a service at St. John’s Church.

Law enforcement cleared protesters out of the area with tear gas before Trump’s visit. Tear gas canisters could be heard exploding as Trump spoke in the Rose Garden. He then walked over to the church.

The protesters appeared to
1:17 - June - 02 2020 Washington DC demo - Police disperse protestors near White House with tear gas
Загружено 2 июня 2020
3:56 - UK: Anti-lockdown protest dispersed by police in London
Загружено 10 мая 2020
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Protesters against coronavirus lockdown restrictions gathered in London on Saturday, to be met with arrests and fines by the UK capital's police.

Around 30 protesters gathered in front of the London Eye, only to be forced to vacate the area by police. Footage shows officers detaining protesters.

Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, was among protesters and was also issued a fine.

"This thing is aimed at preventing freedom of asso
2:19 - Hong Kong protests: Police storm shopping mall to disperse demonstrators on May Day
Загружено 3 мая 2020
Hong Kong police stormed a shopping mall on Friday and used pepper spray to disperse around 200 demonstrators who had gathered for a "sing-along pr...
1:42 - Kyrgyz Police Disperse Protesters With Water Canon
Загружено 2 марта 2020
Police used a water canon, tear gas, and dogs to disperse demonstrators in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. Protesters had gathered to demand the release of jailed Kyrgyz politician Sadyr Japarov, who was given an 11 1/2-year prison sentence in 2017 for hostage-taking.
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1:7 - Greece: Police disperse rally as migrants demand better conditions at Lesvos camp
Загружено 4 февраля 2020
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Greek police dispersed a large rally of migrants and refugees during protests on the Greek island of Lesvos on Monday.

The demonstrators protested against what they call terrible living conditions in the state-run camp of Moria.

The UN refugee agency expects a steady rise in the numbers of asylum applications in Greece in 2020. Some 50,000 migrants and refugees are expected to remain in the country by the end of the year.

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2:35 - Bolivia unrest: Police disperse funeral protest with tear gas
Загружено 23 ноября 2019
Bolivian riot police have fired tear gas to break up a funeral procession to mourn the deaths of eight killed in clashes, in the capital La Paz.
8:47 - Police disperse people. Ukraine. Разгон казаков спецназом в Крыму
Загружено 9 ноября 2019
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2:0 - Colombia: Police disperse rally as students demand better funding of education system
Загружено 25 октября 2019
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A demonstration of students turned violent in Colombia's capital Bogota on Thursday with police using ...
2:1 - La police casse des voitures en dispersant les gilets jaunes
Загружено 30 сентября 2019
En fin de l'acte 46 des gilets jaunes à Toulouse alors que les derniers manifestants étaient réunis à Jean Jaurès, la police les a dispersé en direction du canal du Midi par la rue Gabriel Péri. Deux voitures ont été cassées suite aux nombreux tirs de grenades lacrymogènes selon le témoignage de deux street medics. Ce n'est pas la première fois que cela arrive.

Afin de me soutenir et m'aider à faire mon travail vous pouvez mettre un pouce bleu et vous abonner car la censure me touche de plus en plus : htt
4:37 - Hong Kong protests: police fire tear gas to disperse crowds
Загружено 28 июля 2019
Police in Hong Kong have fired tear gas to disperse crowds of protesters. The crowd had defied warnings not to gather to protest the failure of sec...
20:12 - [Gilets jaunes ACTE 25] Dispersion de la police 😂 place de la Nation
Загружено 4 мая 2019
2:17 - Turkish Police fire tear gas to disperse Women's Day rally in Istanbul
Загружено 12 марта 2019
People are gathering in Istanbul for the Women's Day March, despite authorities banning it. Police have closed off Istanbul's main road to stop the march from taking place. Mersin authorities have also banned a similar march because it was "too late in the evening."
1:10 - La police disperse des Gilets jaunes avec des canons à eau sur les Champs-Elysées
Загружено 9 марта 2019
La manifestation des Gilets jaunes a dégénéré sur les Champs-Elysées, où la police a dispersé les protestataires en faisant usage d'un canon à eau....
1:21 - Dozens arrested as police disperse ultra-Orthodox protest in Jerusalem - Israel
Загружено 9 марта 2019
1:54 - Gilets jaunes: Paris police use teargas and water cannon to disperse protesters
Загружено 8 декабря 2018
Protesters in Paris clash with riot police, setting makeshift barricades on fire as officers moved in with teargas and water cannon
Gilets jaunes:...
1:46 - 12/3/17 Rotterdamer police with dogs disperse Turkish protesters
Загружено 21 марта 2017
Dutch police use batons and dogs to disperse Turkish protesters who protest Dutch government after its ban on Turkish ministers near the Turkish co...
1:13 - 3 октября 2013. Киев. Ukraine police fire tear gas to disperse protest in Kiev - no comment
Загружено 9 января 2017
Ukrainian police fired tear gas to disperse protesters trying to enter the city council building in the capital Kiev on Wednesday.

Let the picture...
41:31 - WATCH A bus has been burnt in Braamfontein,police dispersing protesting students with rubber bullets
Загружено 11 октября 2016
[WATCH] A bus has been burnt in Braamfontein and police dispersing protesting students with rubber bullets, students set to be from Wits University tags: police, news, stun grenade, protest, student protest, tear gas, johannesburg, saps, students, video, public order police, rhodes must fall, cape town, studen.. police, news, stun grenade, protest, student protest, tear gas, johannesburg, #feesmustfall, saps,
1:0 - French riot police disperse English and Russian fans in Marseille
Загружено 11 июня 2016
1:38 - Turkey: Police use water cannons to disperse Kurds celebrating Newruz
Загружено 20 марта 2016
Turkish police used water cannons to disperse Kurds celebrating Newruz, the Kurdish New Year, in Turkey's southeastern town of Silopi, Saturday.

Video ID: 20160319-070
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2:52 - Police disperse #RhodesMustFall protesters with stun grenades and rubber bullets
Загружено 21 февраля 2016
Police dispersed protesting students as they blocked the Rondebosch Main Road in Cape Town after protests against a lack of housing by UCT turned violent.

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1:57 - Turkey: Sit down protest violently dispersed by police in Sur district of Diyarbakir
Загружено 23 декабря 2015
A peaceful protest staged in the Sur district of the south-eastern Diyarbakir province of Turkey, Tuesday, was violently dispersed by Turkish security forces. Local residents protested against the ongoing curfew restrictions which have been enforced in the region due to escalating violence between Turkish military forces and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Residents of all ages including the elderly staged the sit down protest in central Sur earlier on Tuesday. The predominantly Kurdish neighbourhood h
3:7 - Police fire tear gas to disperse protesters attending Global Climate March in Paris
Загружено 30 ноября 2015
The French president has condemned what he calls the scandalous behavior of far-left activists who clashed with police ahead of Monday’s climate talks in Paris.
Francois Hollande says the disruptive elements that clashed with police have nothing to do with the environment. Scuffles broke out between riot police and protesters on a street leading to the Place de la Republique square, which has become a place of gathering following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

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1:23 - Burundi: police fire live rounds to disperse anti-president protesters
Загружено 29 апреля 2015

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