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Piranha 3D Pre-vis

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5:37 - Piranha 3D Pre-vis
Загружено 24 июня 2017
It took a month and was all done in Maya. There are a few cool plugins and other bits of R&D worth mentioning:1. DynoCam: A camera rigged to 4 particles connected by springs. One particle at the subject, one as a look-at constraint, one to constrain the camera node, and one for the camera up vector. When the subjects move the camera is pulled by the sprung rig. The behavior of the camera can be adjusted with spring attributes such as damping, and by adding fields to the particles, such as turbulence for a hand held feel. The shots needed 20 frames or so for the camera to settle, but it meant that physically believable camera moves came almost for free.2. SpringyDivers. The divers were rigged and animated very crudely, but I made a plugin to create a physics based overlay on their skeletons that would simulate in real time. The effect is most evident in their fins, but in fact the whole body was rigged this way. Shots went through many iterations, but changing animation was quick and easy because secondary a

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