Neon Rose Julias Dream

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6:23 - Neon Rose "Julias Dream"
Загружено 2 июня 2018
6:24 - Neon Rose "Julia`s Dream" 1974 Swedish Hard Rock
Загружено 29 октября 2017
Talk about undressing in the dark. In all probabillity noone is ever gone read this review ... cause who the hell is Neon Rose?? Well from a Scandinavian point of view they were as hot as they get in the first half of the seventies. They are swedish but just because you breath the same air as Abba don't mean you have to be a total popster.
Neon Rose was at the time the number one english-singing rock-act in scandinavia, and in retrospect they have injected substantial influence into the scandinavian rock-scene.
Run basically by the Mengarelli brothers (guitar and bass) they played somewhere between Purple and Led Zep with a slight dash of prog at times. Hardly innovative, hardly world class, but very consistent, and as aforementioned ... fairly influential at that.
Actually - to be honest - I've never heard this particular album. As the majority of tracks originates from "Two" and "Reload" (the latter by far their best), I dare recommend it just the same, should you get the chance to lay your hand on it (if y

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