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Miley Cyrus - Can't be tamed (Karaoke Instrumental)

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3:6 - Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed (Karaoke/Instrumental)
Загружено 24 декабря 2014
I can' believe that I have over 1000 subscribers already. Maybe it's not that many, but FOR ME it's a lot. Thanks you guys. So here's my take on Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed". I think it's pretty good, compared to some other karaoke versions on youtube, with missing drums and f@cked up backing vocals. Hope you enjoy it! _________________________ Lyrics: For those who don't know me, I can get a bit crazy Have to get my way,yep 24 hours a day 'Cause I'm hot like that Every guy, everywhere Ju
3:50 - Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed [Instrumental/Karaoke]
Загружено 23 февраля 2013
I know there are a million other versions of this song's supposed 'official' karaoke, but they all suck! So, I decided to make a better version and I personally think this is one of the best versions so far, so I hope everyone helps me and watches, comments, and downloads below :) DOWNLOAD LINK: >
2:53 - Miley Cyrus - Can't be Tamed | Instrumental/Karaoke
Загружено 23 февраля 2013
2:54 - Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Загружено 18 октября 2012
Miley-Life Offical
2:55 - Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed - Karaoke Instrumental
Загружено 20 января 2012
Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed - Karaoke InstrumentalPlease do not leave any negative comments. If you dont like the video, dont comment.ABOUT MILEY CYRUS:Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer, famed for her role as Hannah Montanna. "Can't Be Tamed" is from Miley's third album under her own name away from the Hannah Montanna franchise, which is also called "Can't Be Tamed". The album is out June 22nd 2010. Miley's music career has been a huge success, as has her acting career. Now Hannah Montanna is over, Miley is branching out into movies, appearing in 'The Last Song'. Miley is also credited to be starring in several other films throughout 2010. Miley has also said she will take a break from the music to concentrate on acting, following the "Can't Be Tamed" album release and promotions.
2:55 - Miley Cyrus - Can't be tamed (Karaoke/Instrumental)
Загружено 28 декабря 2011
Karaoke without voice or echo, Sin voz ni ecos.
2:47 - Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed (Piano Version) Karaoke/Instrumental with lyrics on screen
Загружено 24 декабря 2011
Without backing vocals. Hope you like it:) Credit me if you'll use for covers:) Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed ( Piano Version ) Karaoke / Instrumental with lyrics on screen

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