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Miles - Minitage

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1:4 - Miles - Leftovers minitage 1
Загружено 29 сентября 2015
A leftovers minitage?That can only mean one thing?Yeah, recording for something big.Thanks crazz for the colours.Enjoy.
1:25 - Miles & Ubreak - Dual Minitage
Загружено 15 сентября 2015
I bet you didn't expect to see something with Ubreak in ay?Just a quick dual-episode with break.For any confusion, Ubreaks clip on Pipeline is a triple.He gets a helicopter kill just before!Sorry for the shit edit. Focussing all of my time onto Destine 2 at the moment for Tence. Tried to just make a nice sync and colours.Can I get 30 likes for my closer?All my demos from this dual-mini can be downloaded here:https://mega.nz/#!YAAk2IJK!noYpV4ybfmzAH5BaV68TwKvzoiW_MN4pnpP0lYffx3IIf you want breaks
1:8 - Miles & Natalie - Dual Minitage #1
Загружено 30 апреля 2015
Title says all really. Originally this was supposed to be a single episode for Natalie, but we decided to make it into a dual minitage, we may do more in the future, who knows! I hope you guys enjoy this style of edit and song choice, it's completely different from what I usually choose, but I fancied a challenge!Make sure you check out Natalie:https://>Song:DOPE D.O.D - The Butterfly EffectEnjoy!
1:19 - Miles - Minitage #5 ft. Leon
Загружено 3 августа 2013
Hey duuur guyyyz. Minitage number five here with an absolutely sick edit by Dibzy and Edu. Just so you know my dualtage with Mima is going great so far and we are still getting the clips for it. Anyway I hope you enjoy this episode. So yeah, Leon is an old friend of mine who I used to play with in 2011/2012. He is a top guy and you probably wont remember him. He was the leader of the original team Alas and went by the name of Flimzy, either way check his new channel out you shit cunts.First
1:5 - Miles - Minitage #4
Загружено 3 августа 2013
Yoooo. Really badly rushed the edit, sorry. Might be quitting cod4 due to being absolutely bored of the game, so in the future expect black ops, mw3 & black ops 2 episodes. Really enjoying those games! I am also appclipping for TBag on those games and If I get in the only content will be those games (I will most likely get declined though...) Anyway Leave a like If you enjoy.Nicest gyazo of all time:>Demos:
1:1 - Miles - Minitage #2
Загружено 26 июня 2013
Episode number 2, sorry for the really shit edit. Been really de-motivated lately and been doing a lot of exam shit and starting to skate more now the weather is a lot better, I hope you enjoy. Also might be joining Venom :). 20 Likes maybe?
1:47 - Miles - Minitage #1
Загружено 26 июня 2013
Hello-elo-eloooh. New episode here with a fucking sick edit by Rocrazz, cannot thank him enough, he did a great job with this edit, It took me ages to get the clips because I haven't played a lot lately and just been busy with real life shit, so leave a like please!Editor:>My Team:>Enjoy.

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