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Mgla @ Throne Fest 2016

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9:19 - Mgla - With Hearts Towards None VII, Throne Fest 2016, Kubox, Kuurne, Belgium (15/05/2016)
Загружено 20 мая 2016
Have ye courage, o my brethren?
The signs are everywhere.
Some did not see it coming,
others refused to see.
I can feel it in the tingle of the air,
in the heartbeat of the earth
And I can tell that the storm is
coming all down on me.

Come redemption
As the litany of abandonment
rings through ruined temples
As the darkest night of them all
falls upon the scorched
home shores
As the great fervour within
is crawling in stasis and dirt

yet striving to walk upon the wind
Always downwards - and tow
5:19 - Mgla @ Throne Fest 2016
Загружено 17 мая 2016
Mgla @ Throne Fest 2016
4:26 - Mgla at Throne Fest 2016 BE
Загружено 17 мая 2016

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