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Merlin 5 01

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12:25 - Merlin S5 deleted scenes 5.01-5.06 (English &Chinese subtitles)
Загружено 28 декабря 2014
The subtitles are translated & added by our Chinese fan subgroup, Koushuidou, which is formed by some Merlin fans in China. There may be mistakes in writing down the English as well as in Chinese translation. We do not own the original video, and we do not make profit on any of our translations.
3:19 - Merlin Crack 5.01-02
Загружено 16 января 2013
By Dr.Lawliet
11:13 - Merlin S5 | DVD Box 5.1 Extras - Deleted Scenes episode 05.01 - 05.06
Загружено 9 января 2013
Merlin S5 | DVD Box 5.1 Extras - Deleted Scenes episode 05.01 - 05.06.Note: This has been uploaded by a fan for fans. No copyright infringement intended. The rights belong to their respective owners.
42:38 - Merlin / Мерлин. Сезон 5. Эпизод 01. Погибель Артура. Часть 1.
Загружено 30 ноября 2012
1:27 - Merlin&Arthur | You're My Wonderwall (5.01)
Загружено 13 октября 2012
I knew I was going to make a video to Merlin after I saw the series 5 premier. I planned on it being to the episode in general but after all the merthur I couldn't help myself. BECAUSE OMFG MY OTP WAS PERFECT IN THAT EPISODE OKAY?! I am so happy that Merlin is back and so happy that merthur is back as well. Okay I am going to talk about the episode now so continue reading at your own risk.I LOVED IT! I loved it so much, like it is up there with my favorite Merlin episodes ever. The merthur i
1:19 - Merlin [ 5•01] | So cold
Загружено 10 октября 2012
Hi, I think start of season 5 was great! So many Merthur ... Waiting for the next series. This is gonna be wonderful!Hope you like it ;)Fandom : MerlinColoring: xfamestar Song: Ben Cocks -- So Cold
42:38 - Merlin 5/01
Загружено 7 октября 2012
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