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Mark Lexie

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2:2 - Grey's Anatomy 8x22 "Lexi & Mark - I Love You"
Загружено 30 октября 2018
4:9 - Mark & Lexie | Chasing Cars
Загружено 26 сентября 2018
Please watch in HD.Feedback is very appreciated.So I finally finished my first slexie edit.I kinda like the way it turned out and how you get a...
3:41 - mark and lexie | never be the same
Загружено 19 мая 2018
if the deaths aren't in a video they don't count right?always my otp, i've missed vidding them. for you guys since my riverdale videos don't go d...
1:59 - Lexie Grey & Mark Sloan em Cena Épica (8x22)
Загружено 11 февраля 2018
Cena do episódio 8x22 - Let The Bad Times Roll, onde Lexie não se segura e se declara para Mark!
1:40 - mercy | mark & lexie
Загружено 17 декабря 2017
"...take it easy on my heart..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN CHARL! I had so much trouble deciding what to do for your birthday, but this year I went wi...
4:4 - Mark Sloan + Lexie Grey || Wings
Загружено 1 декабря 2017
2:28 - Mark & Lexie | Armor
Загружено 4 октября 2017
2:57 - Mark & Lexie Tribute / You're in my veins
Загружено 4 октября 2017
1:59 - dynasty; lexie & mark
Загружено 7 сентября 2017
● please watch in HD (small screen) + headphones------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
1:54 - mark & lexie | perfect
Загружено 7 сентября 2017
They're still my favorite in GA. And they deserved better!Still miss them!x
1:21 - mark & lexie || find my way back
Загружено 23 августа 2017
mark and lexie were soulmates -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------song-...
1:56 - Mark & Lexie || where are you now? [AU]
Загружено 19 мая 2017
HD + earphones❝where are you now? was it all in a fantasy?❞Gaah OTP! I just had to make another Slexie vid, it's impossible not to. I miss ...
3:11 - ► Mark & Lexie l I'll be okay (HBD Nadia!)
Загружено 20 апреля 2017
Watch in 720HD.Felicidades guapisima!! Bueno pues como imaginaba que en tu cumpleaños iban a ser olicity's y delena's, digo vamos a intentar vi...
2:22 - Mark/Lexie/Jackson - walk away (8x08)
Загружено 13 апреля 2017
Another Mark/Lexie video! This one focus on what actually happened in 8x07 and 8x08! You just couldn't walk away Lexie, so Jackson had to! So no...
3:2 - Lexie Mark - It's true
Загружено 16 марта 2017
Ifinally finished this one. I really adore this song and do I need to express my feelings about Mark&Lexie? I hope not...I hope you like this vi...
6:7 - Lexie Grey & Mark Sloan Death - Grey's Anatomy - 8x24 & 9x01
Загружено 5 марта 2017
Title: Grey's Anatomy - Lexie Grey & Mark Sloan DeathEpisodes: 8x22, 8x24 & 9x01Edit by: prisoncreationzMusic: Russian Roulette - Rihannahttp:/...
1:46 - mark + lexie | the beach
Загружено 28 февраля 2017
» watch in 720p, small screen «"we're meant to be."++ quick side note, there's a popular trend on Twitter at the moment of people uploading fa...
1:20 - mark + lexie — a thousand years
Загружено 21 февраля 2017
4:30 - Mark_Lexie II Look After You
Загружено 19 января 2017
3:41 - Mark_Lexie II Poison and wine
Загружено 19 января 2017
1:17 - Mark Sloan & Lexie Grey || Daddy Issues ||
Загружено 12 января 2017
•I started to watch season 5 all over again and after all this time I still miss them, I'll never get over them!!!! I want to do an AU for this t...
5:3 - mark&lexie | all i want
Загружено 25 сентября 2016
• [HD; 720p] FOR THE BEST QUALITY. GIVE FEEDBACK PLEASE!"lexie's waiting for me, i'll be okay." #sob #killmenowwell isn't this just a mess of feelings and emotions. this is honestly the quickest i've ever vidded something. every time i make a video with them i wanna throw my laptop out of the window cause it's just such a sad experience. especially to this song (which i've vidded before but lets be real, this is t.h.e.i.r song). i don't have much else to say, other than i love them so so much and they'l
3:21 - Lexie&Mark|Life after you
Загружено 21 августа 2016
4:22 - mark&lexie | the last time
Загружено 17 августа 2016
WATCH IN HD BECAUSE SLEXIE THAT'S WHY!!!So if you ever hear the name Shonda Rhimes try to stay away from it as far as possible, or else your life is ruined forever.So here I am with another GA couple and this time it's an OTPPPPPPP. Like...you don't understand. I'm watching the show for a looong time and these are truly one of the couples I shipped from the beginning of my shipping days. And NOW I always have to have that bittersweet feeling when thinkingabout them...*another 'stay away from Shonda' war
18:54 - Grey's Anatomy: Lexie & Mark - Love Story
Загружено 12 августа 2016
A little video to document the love story shared by Lexie & Mark on Grey's Anatomy. It broke many hearts to see both of them die on the hit ABC drama. Rights belong to ABC
13:24 - Mark & Lexie Scenes S05 Part 1- Grey's Anatomy
Загружено 12 августа 2016
Disclaimer - I DO NOT own Grey's Anatomy and its characters. The video clips, the characters, etc. belong to ShondaLand, Touchstone Television, ABC Studios and The Mark Gordon Company
3:13 - Mark & Lexie:Entwined
Загружено 10 августа 2016
Another Mark and Lexie Video!Gotta keep showing the love even though they are both not on the show = [ Dont own anythingSong: Entwined by Tim Myers
3:10 - mark & lexie || meant to be
Загружено 11 июня 2016
Watch it in 720p“We’re going to be happy Lex. You and me, we’re going to have the best life Lexie, you and me. We’re going to be so happy. So you can’t die, okay? You can’t die. Because we’re supposed to end up together. We’re meant to be.”“Meant to be.” I can't believe I'm actually posting this! I spent like 10 days redownloading the episodes in a good quality and rewatching everything and then I didn't know where to start, but once I was done with all that part I actually enjoyed vidding them. An
4:29 - ♥ never let me go | mark&lexie ♥
Загружено 5 июня 2016
--HD Please :)-- Instagram: >Tumblr: >Facebook: >Twitter: https:///fctnOVRrlty"In the arms of the ocean, so sweet and so cold, And all this devotion I never knew at all, And the crashes are Heaven, for a sinner released, And the arms of the ocean..."my newest grey's anatomy vid (7/05/12): >
3:46 - mark&lexie _ wolfs law
Загружено 15 марта 2016
4:21 - mark&lexie _ the last time
Загружено 15 марта 2016
4:0 - mark&lexie _ something i need
Загружено 15 марта 2016
6:6 - mark&lexie _ for blue skies
Загружено 15 марта 2016
4:1 - mark x lexie _ new york
Загружено 15 марта 2016
4:5 - Mark and Lexie _ Come Around
Загружено 15 марта 2016
3:9 - mark&lexie __ meant to be
Загружено 15 марта 2016
1:46 - gotten _ mark.&lexie
Загружено 14 марта 2016
6:49 - Mark and Lexie 8x22 and 8x24 (Legendado PT)
Загружено 23 января 2016
Uma das cenas mais engraçadas e tristes da 8ª temporada de Grey's
2:3 - Mark and Lexie - 8x22 - Grey's Anatomy (Legendado PT)
Загружено 11 января 2016
Lexie desabafa com Mark, cena bem engraçada.
3:19 - Mark & Lexie | meant to be
Загружено 22 ноября 2015
"We're supposed to end up together. We're meant to be." --**PLEASE WATCH IN 720P, HD **OH, these two... I waited almost a month after the season finale to start this video because for several weeks, any scene between ML would bring me to tears. I could write a huge long description about how unfair Lexie's death was and how upset/mad I am about it but I would probably just ramble for paragraphs. I decided to make a more happy video to show the amazing moments and chemistry my OTP of all OTPs shared b

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