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4:2 - Taylor Swift - Love Story (Live on Letterman)(360P).mp4
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3:35 - Видео от Дмитрия Чеботарёва
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Чеботарëв Дмитрий - Love story (муз.Ф.Лей, слова Р. Рождественский)
3:28 - YouCut_20210921_200838525.mp4
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10:51 - Love Story Диего & Лана г. Сочи
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7:32 - [RUS SUB] A First Love Story (Part 1)
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8:12 - [RUS SUB] A First Love Story (Part 2)
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1:6 - euKyOGim0mhZCmaH.mp4
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1:2:42 - Midnight Special 1973 More
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SEALS & CROFTS - Diamond Girl
STEELY DAN - Do It Again
TODD RUNDGREN - Hello, It's Me
GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS - The Midnight Train To Georgia
JERRY LEE LEWIS - Chantilly Lace
JOHN DENVER - Take Me Home, Country Roads
SPINNERS - Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
RARE EARTH - I Just Want To Celebrate
THE HOLLIES - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
JOAN BAEZ - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
NEW YORK DOLLS - Personality crisis
STORIES - Brother Louie
1:36:14 - Кровная связь - 13/15
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1:0 - VID_29321015_062316_810.mp4
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"His life really was interesting, regardless if you're a fan or not. He
was this young guy from the cornfields of Indiana that came out to
Hollywood and within eight months he's touring the world and that was
just the beginning of the story" said Zane The movie follows Karloff through various phases of his career, which
spanned between his two main bands, Society 1 and Sin Quirin's 3
Headed Snake. It also touches upon his incredibly successful
profession as a tattoo artist that saw him inking up celebrities such
as Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Steve-O. "Probably the most interesting thing about the film is that a subplot
emerged about the band KISS. DV absolutely loved KISS, and as I pieced
together all the different portions of his life, KISS was there from
the beginning to the end in one interesting way or another."
3:30 - Видео от Яхт-клуб «Акватория Ветра» Саратов
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3:26 - Love story (Иван Акулов - Игорь Ковалёв)
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пение под минусовку
2:54 - Love Story 4-09-2021
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1:41 - Аня и Костя (love story) short version
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2:9:47 - Three Times (最好的時光), Hsiao-hsien Hou, 2005
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There are three stories of women and men: in “A Time for Love,” set in 1966, a soldier searches for a young woman he met one afternoon playing pool; “A Time for Freedom,” set in a bordello in 1911, revolves around a singer’s longing to escape her surroundings; in “A Time for Youth” set in 2005 Taipei, a triangle in which a singer has an affair with a photographer while her partner suffers is dramatized. In the first two stories, letters are crucial to the outcome; in the third, it’s cell phone calls, text messages, and a computer file. Over the years between the tales, communication recedes as sexual intimacy becomes more likely and words freer․
10:1 - Elvis Presley story until 2030 / Mega-Real Evolution, Song, Live
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1:42:11 - 14+ First Love - Russia (2015)
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Alex becomes infatuated with Vika without her knowing. What happens when he plucks up the courage to show his feelings?
“You know that you can always trust reviews from this source. As usual, for the movie plot read other people’s reviews. If you keep in mind what could be the budget of this movie, then I assure you it is great and go watch it. This is a great example of the real thrill of chasing of the girls that has been forgotten in American modern life. Seeing the girl in the park (not in USA movies), finding her school (not in USA movies), waiting in hiding for the girl to come out of Metro station (not in USA movies), following the girl to find her address (not in USA movies), writing love letters (rare in USA movies), mom giving an illustrated sex education book to the son (not in USA movies), shy encounters, great story line, finally an act of bravery and in return receiving a generous salute by the annoying punks. Stark differences between American teen movies and Russian contemporary teen life.”
1:9:28 - The House Across The Street (1949) Wayne Morris, Janis Paige, Bruce Bennett
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Dave Joslin, the managing editor of a big-city newspaper, is demoted and moved to the Miss Lonely Hearts column-writing department by the newspaper's publisher, J. B. Grennell, because Joslin refuses to desist in printing stories linking a gangster, Matthew Keever, to a murder. But Joslin, aided by Kit Williams, a newspaper woman with whom he is in love, investigate the murder case on their own time and, after several narrow escapes from death, finally solve it.
18:43 - Видео от Солнечный Лучик
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3:36 - Видео от love story to SF9
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1:28:1 - Italo Disco Michael Rimini - Love Stories 2018 ( Full Album )
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#Italo #Disco #Michael #Rimini
by Anıl Atabey
5:14 - Шуршание новыми пластинками из Европы. 18.09.21
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Сегодня без слов.
1:36:1 - Заяц. Love Story
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Жанр: Комедия
Режиссер: Галина Волчек.
В ролях: Валентин Гафт, Нина Дорошина.
5:54 - 20210917_101643.mp4
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1:12 - Дима и Таня
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Love Story
#фотоЗлатоуст #фотографЗлатоуст
2:21 - Свадьба - Поздравление сестре 2021
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1:38:27 - [MultiSub] Love Story
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Sinopsis: La película "Love Story" trata sobre la historia de amor de un jefe dominante y una Cenicienta. Después de que Ai Meili se graduó de su universidad, su rol cambió a Cao Aiai, asistente en una empresa de publicidad. Zhan Shaoang es el único hijo de una familia rica que acaba de escapar de una boda involuntaria. Cuando Cai Aiai intentó aprender a conducir un automóvil, golpeó al Sr. Zhan. Después de que el Sr. Zhan se despertó en el hospital, perdió algunos recuerdos temporalmente. Cao Aiai lo lleva de regreso a su habitación y lo cuida. Aquí viene su historia de amor de comedia.
4:20 - MAD Чизуру и Хиджиката love story пара из аниме сказание о демонах сакуры!!
Загружено 17 сентября 2021
Toshizou Hijikata (Тосидзо Хидзиката) x Chizuru Yukimura (Тидзуру Юкимура) пара из аниме Hakuouki (Shinsengumi Kitan)(сказание о демонах сакуры)! история любви двух людей с разными характерами и с разными судьбами с 1 сезона по 3 сезон и OVA (с 1 по 6 серии) and MOVIE (фильмы с 1 по 2)! Песня: mao-Kimi no Kioku!
1:0 - Видео от ★ ИНДИЯ - страна любви [ITCOL] ®Official Page★
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14:31 - Amor crudo a.k.a. Raw Love - Argentina (2008)
Загружено 17 сентября 2021
A portrait of the last days of high school. Two friends spend all day long together, but this will inevitably come to an end. A beautiful sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that dare not speak loud.
2:8 - Fever Dream/Distancia de rescate | Official Trailer | Netflix
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A woman named Amanda lies stricken, far from home. A young boy named David questions her, trying to make her remember. She’s not his mother, he’s not her son. As her time is running out, he helps her unravel a powerful, haunting story of obsessive jealousy, an invisible danger, and the power of a mother’s love for her child.

Directed by award-winning Peruvian filmmaker Claudia Llosa, co-written with renowned Argentine author Samanta Schweblin.

In Select Theaters October, and on Netflix October 13th
1:20 - Beauty_Video_1631850991720.mp4
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1:33 - Beauty_Video_1631814160313.mp4
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