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Love's history

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1:6 - (Трейлер) История любви Кан Док Сун / Kang Duk Soon's Love History / 姜德顺爱情变迁史 강덕순 애정 변천사
Загружено 30 апреля 2019
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26:50 - "Temple of Love and Affection" - History & Tour of Srila Gurudev's Samadhi
Загружено 17 апреля 2019
"Temple of Love and Affection" - History & Tour of Srila Gurudev's Samadhi Part 1. New movie about the divine Samadhi Mandir of Om Visnupad Srila B...
1:15 - Blackpink's "Kill This Love" Music Video Makes History | Billboard News
Загружено 12 апреля 2019
BLACKPINK are certainly in YouTube’s area: the K-pop quartet made history last week with the release of the music video for their brand new single ...
7:9 - [v-s.mobi]Italo disco 2016. D.White - All Story History. Magic Babe winter Love Extreme mi.mp4
Загружено 13 марта 2019
1:8:31 - [Full Movie] 曹操秘爱 Cao Cao's Secret Love | 古装爱情片 History Romance, 1080P
Загружено 1 марта 2019
故事简介 Plot Summary: 电影《曹操秘爱 Cao Cao's Secret Love》是一个爱江山更爱美人的故事,讲述 赤壁战败,曹操不顾性命堪忧一心要见大乔,与此同时,以周瑜诸葛亮为首的孙刘势力针对曹操展开了博弈。当大乔对丞相萌生爱意,当小乔徘徊在亲情与爱情之间,当孙刘联盟时有波...

1:5:5 - Kang Deoksun's Love History | 강덕순 애정 변천사 [KBS Drama Special / 2017.10.25]
Загружено 11 февраля 2019
- Cast: Kim Sohye, Oh Seungyoon
- Synopsis: Everyone knows who Yun Bonggil is but not Lee Hwarim, who accompanied him.
We know of the Korean Provi...
8:42 - Reasons To Love & Adore HISTORY's Song Kyungil
Загружено 3 октября 2018
This is one of two videos I had put together to celebrate Kyungil's 30th birthday!

All fancam footage does not belong to me. Credit to their owners
1:5:10 - [ДорамаДом] Drama Special 2017, История любви Кан Док Сун / Kang Duk Soon's Love History, русс. суб.
Загружено 27 мая 2018
Южная Корея, 2017, драма, исторический
1:5:10 - [ДорамаДом] Drama Special 2017, История любви Кан Док Сун / Kang Duk Soon's Love History, русс. суб.
Загружено 27 мая 2018
Перевод: ДорамаДом
3:56 - #savelucifer [let's do it] History of love, friendship, self-development, faith [S1-S3]
Загружено 16 мая 2018
I really hope we can save the show!
» Author — Beautiful TG
» Fandom — Lucifer
» Рrogram — Sony Vegas 13

26:43 - The Untold History of EA's Long (and Rich) Pay-2-Win Love Affair
Загружено 16 января 2018
This video started out as a review for Star Wars Battlefront II, but as I researched the commercials behind it, I began to uncover a consistent pat...
5:28 - Art History’s Greatest Love Story: Marc & Bella Chagall
Загружено 22 октября 2017
Marc Chagall’s granddaughter, Bella Meyer, recalls vivid memories of the artist speaking about his love and muse, Bella Chagall. Les Amoureux, on...
1:3 - 171005 Kang Duk Soon's Love History' trailer
Загружено 6 октября 2017
4:47 - A History Of Taylor Swift & Kanye West’s Love/Hate Relationship
Загружено 10 марта 2017
The biggest beef of 2016 might be Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift. The spat between the megastars centers around “Famous,” the TLOP track on which ...

11:29 - ( wedding's clip)-весілля Лілії & Міші 8 10 2016 р-(The little history of great love) Тернівчанка
Загружено 4 марта 2017
Ukrainian wedding відео-фото оператор Микола -0680595280-0955328799-ВІДЕО-ФОТО-ЗЙОМКА РІЗНИХ УРОЧИ...
5:38 - Let's Dance: HISTORY(히스토리) _ Tell Me Love(열대야) [ENG/JPN SUB]
Загружено 11 декабря 2016
Let's Dance(렛츠댄스): HISTORY(히스토리) _ Tell Me Love(열대야)

*English & Japanese subtitles are available. :D
(Please click on 'CC' b...
59:25 - The People's History of Pop -2. 1966-1976: The Love Affair BBC Documentary 2016
Загружено 15 ноября 2016
Writer, journalist and broadcaster Danny Baker looks at the years of his youth - 1966 to 1976 - a time when music fans really let rip. From the psychedelia of the Beatles' Sgt Pepper to the birth of the large-scale music festival, this is when hair, sounds and ideas got wilder and looser as a whole new generation of fans got really serious about British pop music and the world around them. There is testimony from hippies who found love and happiness at the 1970 Isle of Wight festival, from a teenager growin
6:3 - [VNQ's] T-ARA HISTORY - Love from Queen's in Vietnam ♥
Загружено 3 июня 2016
Video đã đoạt giải nhất Video Contest tại Kpop Festival 2015. Cảm ơn sự ủng hộ của của tất cả các bạn!!!!
Made by a member of Hanoi Queen's in Vietnam - Frozenphq
English Subtitles by Nigel Nghiem
English subtitles was released~ (You can enable it by clicking on the "CC" icon)!
FOR "VIDEO CONTEST" (Kpop Lovers Festival 2015 organized annual by Korean Culture Center in Vietnam)
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3:29 - ArtJumper - There's no Love Like a Love You Feel [Live History Recordings]
Загружено 10 марта 2016
3:19 - The History of Men's Underwear - Worn By A Lovely Model (Lindsey Kevitch)
Загружено 12 января 2016
История мужского нижнего белья
5:39 - [SUB ESPAÑOL] Let's Dance_HISTORY 'Tell Me Love'
Загружено 28 октября 2015
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130826 Let's Dance HISTORY 'Tell Me Love' (by LOENent)

• Subtitulado por HISTORY México •

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6:2 - ♥ T-ARA HISTORY - Love from Queen's ♥
Загружено 2 июня 2015
5:37 - Let's Dance- HISTORY(히스토리) _ Tell Me Love(열대야) [ENG SUB]
Загружено 4 августа 2014
5:4 - Интервью с Клер Холт / Claire Holt Dishes on Rebekah & Marcel's History, Love Life & More on "The Originals"
Загружено 30 апреля 2014
Joslyn Davis visited the Atlanta set of "The Originals" to chat all about what to expect with Rebekah in season one, Rebekah's love life, her relationship with Marcel and more.

For More Clevver Visit:
2:48 - S.P.K - History in love)
Загружено 10 апреля 2014
Прямой эфир еба)
2:31 - [OTHER] MYNAME @ Blood Donor's Card of Love Collection (Donation History & Thank You Message)
Загружено 11 декабря 2013
[마이네임 사랑 나눔 프로젝트] 제 1탄 - 사랑의 헌혈증 모으기 (마이네임의 감사 메세지)
5:3 - Claire Holt Dishes on Rebekah & Marcel's History, Love Life & More on "The Originals"
Загружено 12 ноября 2013
7:38 - Great Moments In VMA History: Madonna And Courtney Love's 1995 VMA Cat Fight
Загружено 24 октября 2013
vma matv 1995
10:0 - THE VOCA PEOPLE, History of Music, Boy's in Love
Загружено 31 августа 2013
voca people HISTORY OF MUSIC
4:7 - The History of Valentine's Day(Song:Love Story by Taylor Swift)
Загружено 13 февраля 2013
Valentine's day is only a few days away!!!!!People excgange gifts,go out,have fun,spend time with their loved ones...But do they really know the history of what they celebrate???So here it is!!!All the story about this Day that belongs to the lovers awaits you in this video!!!!Enjoy,while listening to a beautiful song by Taylor Swift called Love Story!!!!


#49 - Most Viewed (Today) - Travel Events - India 11-2-2009
#87 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Travel Events - India 2-2009
4:50 - Exo-K / Exo-M - History & What's Love (Showcase Debut)
Загружено 6 сентября 2012
This the debut showcase of EXO-K and EXO-M held in the Seoul Olympic Stadium on march 31th 2012. They sang various tracks from their first album and introduced themself at the show. Enjoy!

All rights reserved to SM ENTERTAINMENT.
1:15 - Scarlett&Rhett | | Love's history
Загружено 29 мая 2012
╬═ Унесённые ветром | Gone with the wind ═╬
1:8 - History for LOve Pond's
Загружено 17 мая 2012
my video about Pond's
4:37 - It's love history.
Загружено 9 мая 2012
9:16 - The history of the favorite club. That's why I love Chelsea-[HD]
Загружено 13 апреля 2012
5:1 - Love the History not the trophy's
Загружено 7 февраля 2012
1:56 - My love history. (The history of EmoBoy's cover)
Загружено 31 декабря 2011
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1:55 - My love history. (The history of EmoBoy's cover)
Загружено 2 сентября 2011
Посвящаю тебе
PS Больше половины убрал,дабы твои чувства сильно не задевать.
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5:44 - Take Care of Loved Ones | History Lover's | San Andreas
Загружено 5 марта 2011
»Take Care of Loved Ones« ©
4:26 - История любви Андрея Болконского и Наташи Ростовой / The history of Andrey's Bolkonskiy love to Natasha Rostova
Загружено 16 июня 2010

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