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Lip Dub

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2:40 - nb-rusal-20-09-dlya-sajta.mp4
Загружено 20 сентября 2021
12:33 - Seminole Ridge High School LIP DUB 2020
Загружено 6 сентября 2021
This is a Lip Dub video produced by Seminole Ridge High School's Television Production Academy and Student Government Association.

We do not own the rights to this music, but hope you enjoy the mix!
2:41 - Really dont care -demi lavoto lip dub
Загружено 22 августа 2021
1:21 - My wife loved games, mostly mind games, but also actual games of amusement …
Загружено 31 июля 2021
… and for our anniversary she always set up an elaborate treasure hunt, with each clue leading to the hiding place of the next clue until I reached the end, and my present.
2:15 - InShot_20210602_182927856.mp4
Загружено 28 июня 2021
2:19 - Mad Men Theme Song ... With a Twist
Загружено 28 июня 2021
We loved the song "A Beautiful Mine" by RJD2 that plays during the opening credits of "Mad Men." We wanted to put lyrics to it and realized that "Nature Boy" made famous by Nat King Cole, and written by eden ahbez, was the perfect fit. This was filmed in one take (this one, specifically, happened to be take 29 of the day)...no cuts, dubbing, lip-syncing or auto-tuning. More videos coming soon...This is a Video Recorded Live.

Vocalist: Allison Williams
Director: Ralph Arend
DP: Vincent Peone
Editor: Ralph Arend
Composer: Jay Wadley
Sound Mixer: Raphael
Producer: Josh Ruben
Producer: Erika Hampson
Line-Producer: Nick Uhas
Steadicam Op: Yousheng Tang
Gaffer: Corey Fontana
Grip: Jason Beasley
Grip: Leo Schott
AC: Andrew Brinkman
DIT: Kali Riley
PA: Roland Da Rold
PA: Suzie Jozkowski
PM: Jordan Hall/Elefant Films
Art Director: Andy Myers
Prop Master - Thor Foss
Scenic - Jen Dunlap
6:2 - 4 Play ‎– Miss Lips - no barback dub
Загружено 21 июня 2021
tech house 2000
2:5 - OKINAWA MICE PLAYER’S Lip-Dub - Making
Загружено 31 мая 2021
100 MICE players are casted!
This is a making video for the Okinawa MICE (business events) PV. The full cast shows their enthusiasm for making MICE (business events) in Okinawa successful.


1:10:49 - (1996) Trade Volume Three - Steve Thomas
Загружено 27 мая 2021
(1996) Trade Volume Three - Steve Thomas

00:00:00 The Sharp Boys - Sharp Tools Vol 2 (Side A1)
00:06:47 99 Allstars - Soakin Wet
00:10:53 Black And Brown - Lick It
00:14:55 The Sharp Boys - Sharp Tools Vol 2 (Side B2)
00:17:52 Strange Attractor - Luxor
00:20:39 Scoff Boys - Totally Insane (BSA Remix)
00:23:37 Porn Kings - Up To No Good (JB Mix)
00:28:38 Natural Born Grooves - Forerunner (Experts Mix)
00:33:49 3 Guys On Warwick Feat. Devone - Let Me Tell You Something (Experts Remix)
00:37:25 Andy Trex - Pulse Fiction (Trex 2)
00:39:52 Kitty Lips - Keep Rockin
00:43:44 The Experts - Take You There
00:49:51 Starfish - System
00:51:41 Adam Beyer - Pump 1
00:53:42 Must - Understood (Dave Randall Mix)
01:00:02 Waterhouse - Ain't No...
01:03:56 Billabong - You're No Good (Nigma's Deep Dub Acperience Mix)

Label: Feverpitch - FVRCD3
Series: Trade - Volume Three
Format: 2 x CD, Mixed
Country: UK
Year: 1996
Genre: Electronic
1:38:19 - JAZZ HOUSE MIX 2021 #2
Загружено 10 мая 2021

FREE DOWNLOAD (feat. Paul Frick)
48:34 Neik - Hacia Ningún Lado (TC80 Remix)
55:04 Neik - Hacia Ningún Lado
1:03:25 Soul Of Hex - Lip Reading (Mr Fingers Jazzy Dub)
1:10:56 Sweet Coffee - Whats Up With That
1:15:57 Theo Parrish Overyohead
1:25:21 Wareika - Kings Child

11:55 - Broken Arrow High School 2015 Lip Dub
Загружено 10 мая 2021
The 2015-16 Broken Arrow High School lip dub was shot over a 3 week period on the campus of BAHS.

The final song and dance scene was shot on the Friday of Homecoming week as the entire school gathered in the gym to perform the hit song from High School Musical, "We're All In This Together."

The planning for this project was coordinated by ArrowVision Video Production Manager, Greg Spencer and BAHS Leadership Teacher Spencer VanDolah.
4:24 - Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger
Загружено 8 мая 2021
We did this video one night after work. We are a company called Connected Ventures, a group of friends who work for: Vimeo, CollegeHumor, Busted Tees, and Defunker.

... and, we're hiring:
3:1 - Lip Dub - Mademoiselle
Загружено 29 апреля 2021
(Miss 2009, would you dance?)

Lip dub of the Hypnolove's song " Mademoiselle ".

Cast : Arno , Kevlar, Guylles, Servouch and me, Raph.

May 2009 be as hot as this song, happy dancing new year !
3:49 - Kim Carnes Betty Davis Eyes (Remastered) Live
Загружено 27 марта 2021
Best sound of beautiful Kim Carnes performing her Eighties mega-hit Betty Davis Eyes on Solid Gold. Dubbed with enhanced CD-quality audio, Kim Carnes lip-synced Betty Davis Eyes live on the SG Hollywood stage in 1981.

Written and composed by Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon, Betty Davis Eyes spent nine non-consecutive weeks on top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and was Billboard's biggest hit for 1981. The Kim Carnes song won the Grammy Awards for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. Betty Davis Eyes was also a number one hit in 21 countries. The song was ranked at number 12 on Billboard's list of the top 100 songs in the first 50 years of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and at number one of the biggest hits of the 1980s.
4:33 - Baby Actor Has a Meltdown on Dinosaurs TV Show
Загружено 20 марта 2021
NOTE: This is an original video shot by the owner of this channel on the live set of Dinosaurs with the permission of the producers. My channel was demonetized by YouTube without proper cause.

While filming one of the final episodes of the ABC sitcom "Dinosaurs" in August 1993, Season 4 Episode 10 (Life in the Faust Lane), "Baby Sinclair" (played by Kevin Clash of "Elmo" fame) is cranky after a day of shooting. Finally he's had enough and threatens the director and refuses to work. Fantastic hilarious improv work by incredibly talented puppeteers! Captured by Ed Tannenbaum on a Hi8 camcorder.

FYI- Kevin Clash was the puppeteer working and voicing Baby. The other voices are the puppeteers but for the show, other actor's voices are dubbed in. That's why the other voices don't sound like the show. They worked to and voiced the script live but dubbed new voices in post. This old YouTube video is a little out of sync. The original has much better lip sync.

Sorry about the shaky video in parts. It's hard to
38:32 - Уберите стену Лучшая Аудиокнига🍀БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ ПСИХОТЕРАПЕВТ
Загружено 18 февраля 2021
7:40 - Read My Lips (JZJ Dub Remix)
Загружено 13 февраля 2021
Provided to YouTube by London Music Stream Ltd.

Read My Lips (JZJ Dub Remix) · Jimmy Somerville

Read My Lips
1:25 - School of Rock | 'Theme Song Lip Dub' Music Video | Nick
Загружено 22 января 2021
Are you ready to rock out to this totally epic lip dub music video? Get schooled on the School of Rock theme song as Breanna Yde (Tomika), Ricardo ...
2:1 - Dub Pistols - Running in a Cyclone (Official Music Video)
Загружено 20 января 2021
HS project. Don't mind the lip syncing- we mostly just said "watermelon watermelon watermelon" hah
1:8:27 - CHUS presents FROM THE DEEP Chapter One - Redolent Music
Загружено 7 января 2021
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(Dub Mix)
03. Dee Montero feat. Meliha - Headspace
04. Gorge - Depth Of Silence
05. JB - W.C.G.B (Julien Jabre Remix)
06. Sobek - Modest Is Hottest
07. Djuma Soundsystem & Western - Kawahagi (Fake Mood Remix)
08. Novakk, Animal Picnic - Khokana
09. The XX - Lips (Edu Imbernon Remix)
10. AudioJack - Reverie
11. Monolink - Swallow (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
12. Ad
52:20 - Schwein - 'Son Of Schweinstein' FULL ALBUM ¦ 2001.09.05
Загружено 2 января 2021
00:00 You're My Disease (Ken Ishii Mix)
06:26 Organzola (Main Mix)
12:19 Lard, Lips, Liquor (Shadows)
18:17 Fantasia (Kosh & Carry Pig Mix)
25:11 Porno (Strip Down Dub)
29:49 Spank The Monkey (Can't Save Shant Save Mix)
36:08 World's Junk (R.K. Mix)
40:44 Slip (Mekon Mix)
46:26 Organzola (Dub Mix)

5:7 - Massive Attack - Risingson
Загружено 1 января 2021
Discover more about this classic song and the Mezzanine album here:
2:25 - Nobody But Me Lip Dub
Загружено 18 ноября 2020
BroHo's version of the Office's lip dub
3:5 - Правила посадки молодых деревьев
Загружено 13 октября 2020
Сегодня в Петергофе на Санкт-Петербургском проспекте высаживают молодые деревья. Всего на данном участке появятся 19 лип и один дуб. Корреспондент телеканала «Санкт-Петербург» Виктория Зуева – подробнее.
13:39 - Plaza Lip Dub 2015 2016
Загружено 6 октября 2020
6th annual Plaza Lip Dub! Thanks to our building and staff for supporting this great adventure known as the lip dub! Students, you did awesome! F...
3:43 - Rock County 911 - "Problem" Lip Dub Video
Загружено 4 октября 2020
Song by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea -
Rock County WI Public Safety
4:35 - Rock County 911 - Uptown Funk Lip Dub Video
Загружено 1 октября 2020
Rock County, WI Public Safety Lip Dub Video
(Song by Mark Ronson, Featuring Bruno Mars)
9:23 - Lip dub "Mój miły rolniku" FOLKOWISKO HD
Загружено 27 сентября 2020
To było chyba najdłuższe 4 minuty 50 sekund w naszym życiu! Dwa dni prób, półtorej godziny nagrań, 3 wersje, problemy techniczne, dużo entuzjazmu, świetna zabawa. Ale chyba udało nam się przenieść na ekran atmosferę Festiwalu Folkowisko, który w dniach 12-14 lipca odbędzie się w niewielkiej podkarpackiej wsi Gorajec.

prosimy o wsparcie w narodowej ściepie:
2:42 - Love Me Like You Do | Bride Dance | Lip Dub | Get Ready
Загружено 4 сентября 2020
Full bridal swag for the bindaas bride!

This is how you enjoy your own wedding, our bindaas bride Priya with singing and spicing up this video.

4:56 - Harlan Community High School Lip Dub 2017
Загружено 1 сентября 2020
Please help us reach our $10,000 goal by donating at the link below.
Please share this link with your friends and family. Thank You!
2:50 - LIP-DUB 4 отряд 3 смена 2020
Загружено 30 августа 2020
3:15 - Вожатые LIP - DUB 3 смена 2020
Загружено 30 августа 2020
2:26 - LIP - DUB 1 отряд
Загружено 28 августа 2020
3:6 - Lip Dub лабораторий. Лабиринт событий 2020
Загружено 17 августа 2020
1:54:50 - Setka Club — Russell Force
Загружено 28 июля 2020
5:53 - Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal
Загружено 8 июля 2020
On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, I told my girlfriend to meet me at my parent's house for dinner. When she arrived I had stationed my brother to sit her in the back of an open Honda CRV and give her some headphones. He "wanted to play her a song"...

What she got instead was the world's first Live Lip-Dub Proposal.

1:15:2 - JVNA Live Ep 011 feat. Vincent #Trap #FutureTrap, #MelodicBass
Загружено 27 апреля 2020
#EDM #Trap #Dubstep #HardTrap #Bass #EDM_Podcast

Давай к нам ! жми [club184223885|EDM Podcasts] !

И сюда [club142715751|blackrus34]
1:8 - LIP DUB #1
Загружено 23 апреля 2020
2:26 - Лип Даб Карантинная версия
Загружено 21 апреля 2020
Недавно мы смотрели сериал «Офис» и увидели заставку «Lip dub» - работники офиса одним кадром снимают движуху на работе. Нам пришла идея поддержать каждого из вас в карантинные времена и показать, как много вещей теперь мы вынуждены делать не выходя из дома. ⠀

У нас были 1 квартира, 4 актера, 16 героев, 12 сцен, 2 секунды на смену реквизита и 1 кошка!⠀

Не то чтобы 16 героев для четверых были необходимы, но если уж мы остались дома, нам было сложно остановиться! ⠀

#cameramotorquiz #cmquiz #камерамоторквиз #кино #квиз #киноквиз #lipdub #quiz #home #stayhome #дом #оставайтесьдома #офис #карантиннаяверсия #office #карантин #quarantineversion #quarantin
6:23 - Hoco Lip Dub 2019
Загружено 27 марта 2020
Our 2nd Annual Homecoming Lip Dub.
Thanks to all the students and staff who participated!

"Hit the Lights" by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Cre...

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