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6:46 - Лайфкастинг от Школы Бутафора Lifecasting
Загружено 21 июня 2018
Развёрнутый видео-туториал процедуры лайфкастинга (создание трёхмерной копии) бюста человека. Видеозапись с курса по бутафории от мастерской Школа...
13:33 - Lifecasting Tutorial: Accucast 590 Face Cast
Загружено 16 мая 2018
In this lifecasting tutorial we show a basic face cast using Accucast 590
3:44 - Lifecasting Tutorial - How to Make a Mold of Your Hand with Alginate
Загружено 12 марта 2018
In this lifecasting tutorial video, we demonstrate how to use alginate to make a mold of a hand.Instructional Step One: Measure and MixMix Ratio...
3:13 - LifeCast#10 - 5000к,Новости
Загружено 28 декабря 2017
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13:14 - Lifecasting Tutorial - Dress Form Cast In Flexible Foam
Загружено 27 октября 2017
Lifecasting Tutorial - Dress Form Cast In Flexible Foam
2:45 - LifeCast#9 - 3000К Сабов
Загружено 18 июня 2017
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3:54 - LifeCast#8 - 1500К,Ответы на вопросы,Троллинг
Загружено 13 апреля 2017
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5:40 - LifeCast#7 - 1200 подписчиков,планы
Загружено 19 марта 2017
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6:37 - Timelapse: Lifecasting of Daniel Full Body Cast in Plaster Bandages
Загружено 12 декабря 2016
Atwater, CA Freelance Sculptor/Artist Forrest SchultzThanks for watching!
2:25 - Lifecasting Tutorial: Making a Mold of Your Face with Reinforced Alginate
Загружено 12 декабря 2016
In this lifecasting tutorial video we demonstrate making a mold of a face with alginate.Alja-Safe® Acrobat® is a fiber reinforced "non-sag" ver...
6:3 - Lifecasting
Загружено 14 ноября 2016
14:47 - Lifecasting Tutorial Gel 10 Body Mold Part 2
Загружено 14 ноября 2016
the most interesting videos about creation thing that around us everyday
8:45 - Silicone Lifecasting Tutorial: PlatSil Gel-25 Body Mold
Загружено 11 октября 2016
For the complete lifecasting process, get our new DVD which contains the full video of this cast as well as others: https://>In this tutorial we show how to make a torso mold using PlatSil Gel-25 silicone thickened with TinThix thickener. A plaster bandage support shell was then made over the silicone to support the flexible body mold. Molds like this may be used to cast resin parts and ho
8:45 - Lifecasting: Gel-10 Headcast
Загружено 23 августа 2016
Here are some tips for head casts with Platsil Gel-10. We created a bald cap over a "Red Head" and used that to cover our model's hair. The cap was stuck down with thickened Gel-10 and the exposed skin and hair were released with Vaseline.If you are new to lifecasting, we recommend starting with a face or hand cast kit. We also offer a Gel-10 face cast kit: >
3:8 - Paul Lockwood Lifecasting Jade Cartwright
Загружено 9 мая 2016
Lifecasting Demonstration
11:17 - LifeCast#1 - 100 подписчиков!
Загружено 28 марта 2016
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13:14 - Lifecasting Tutorial: Dress Form Cast In Flexible Foam
Загружено 11 ноября 2015
In this tutorial we give an overview of the plaster bandage lifecast process as well as the casting process for F3 Flexible Foam. For best results flexible foams should be cast in a warm area using a warm mold. F3 Flexible Foam forms may be used to make dress forms for costume construction when sewing cosplay outfits.
10:59 - Lifecasting Tutorial
Загружено 17 сентября 2015
18:35 - Making a Lifecast of Norm for The Zoidberg Project
Загружено 14 августа 2015
Find out more about The Zoidberg Project here: >To craft the mask for the Zoidberg Project, effects artist Frank Ippolito has to first make a realistic duplicate of a head to sculpt on. This is done through a process called lifecasting, in which Frank covers Norm's head with silicone to make a perfect mold. That mold is then filled with plaster to create Norm's creepy double. Thanks to Iwata-Medea and Smooth-On for providing materials and sponsoring this project.
12:3 - Moldmaking Lifecasting Tutorial: Molding A Lifecast Positive With Gel-25
Загружено 25 июня 2015
In this tutorial we mold a Hydrocal positive using Gel-25 thickened with TinThix thickener. >The brush-on mold was created using 3 layers of Gel-25 backed up with a mother mold made of thickened EZ Flo 120.To seal the Hydrocal positive we used mold soap: >Over the soap, we sprayed 2500: >The key sheets
2:7 - Lifecasting Juli))
Загружено 28 мая 2015
3:7 - Body Double Lifecasting Demo feat. Mysuperheroguy @ Reynolds Charlotte
Загружено 14 апреля 2015
Demonstration of Smooth-On's Body Double® Skin Safe Lifecasting Silicone Rubber at Reynolds Advanced Material in Charlotte, NC with guest presenters from Mysuperheroguy (https://).Learn more about seminars hosted by Reynolds by visiting our website @ >Google+ Local: https://>---Reynolds Advanced MaterialsEverything for Mold Making & Casting>https://
14:25 - Lifecasting - Снятие слепков с лица,частей тела
Загружено 17 октября 2014
2:49 - Силикон для тела, не требующий разделителя Body Double Silk _ Lifecasting Tutorial - Molding a Face with Body Double SILK Easy Release Silicone
Загружено 17 сентября 2014
Подробности: /smooth_on
14:26 - Lifecasting - Снятие слепков с лица,частей тела
Загружено 30 августа 2014
.ua Лучшие материалы-силиконы, полиуретаны, смолы, модельные пластики. Производство и продажа. Массы для слепков. 0981941992 Профессиональная мастерская по изготовлению сложных форм (гипсовые архитектурные детали, формы для тиражирования скульптуры, различных деталей. Формы для шоколада, льда. Формы для профессиональной фотосъемки - вода, лед и тд. . Как изготовить слепок с тела, как сделать оттиск рук, ног, частей тела, слепок лица. Body MouldingПеред началом замешивания рекомендуем подготовить
14:47 - Lifecasting Tutorial: Gel-10 Body Mold Part 2
Загружено 2 августа 2014
This is the follow up video to our Gel-10 Body Mold video. In this tutorial we show how to cast a TexClay positive into a Gel-10 mold. For our final clay positive, we cast a 3/8" "skin" of clay backed up with R5 Rigid Casting Foam.
2:55 - Lifecasting Epic Fail
Загружено 25 мая 2014
So I got the bright idea to make a plaster replica of my head, read up on a few tutorials, and gathered my materials: Vaseline, bald cap, plaster bandages, dental alginate, and plaster. It looked easy enough online... but they forget to tell you so many crucial things! Ah, well, practice makes perfect.Some things I learned: Mix your alginate into the water gradually, or it will clump. Even with the slow-set, work FAST! Don't bother trying to get it perfect as you put it on - your first priority is just making contact between the alginate and all the skin you're applying it to. As soon as you have the alginate on the face, apply dry plaster bandages - don't wait, and don't wet them - they will not stick, and your alginate will fall off the plaster and disintegrate once you remove the shell. When pouring the final plaster into the completed mold, make the first coat of plaster very, very thin, and just coat the inside of the mold - you want about half an inch of dried plaster to
6:25 - Lifecasting Tutorial: How To Make a Mold of a Kid's Face with Body Double Silicone
Загружено 10 мая 2014
In this lifecasting tutorial video, we demondtrate making a silicone rubber mold of a child's face using Smooth-On's Body Double silicone rubber. Body Double silicone rubbercan be used to make a mold of a face, hand, arm, leg, torso, or any other body part.Body Double "Standard Set" and Body Double "Fast Set" are long lasting skin safe lifecasting silicone rubbers that can be applied directly to the skin to make molds of the face, hands and other body parts.The rubber cures quickly and will
14:46 - Lifecasting Tutorial- Gel-10 Body Mold Part 2
Загружено 20 апреля 2014
2:54 - Lifecasting for Silicone Applications trailer
Загружено 5 мая 2013
Buy the DVD at: >
5:47 - Lifecasting
Загружено 7 февраля 2011
8:7 - Lifecasting
Загружено 7 февраля 2011
5:30 - Lifecasting
Загружено 30 сентября 2010
2:4 - I Was A Lifecaster
Загружено 3 июля 2008

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