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La Parkour

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Загружено 6 июля 2018
2:12 - Jesse La Flair Parkour - Tempest Freerunning
Загружено 7 мая 2018
4:5 - LA Beach Bums | FULL VERSION | Parkour
Загружено 7 февраля 2018
Zen messed up and didn't get a video out this week. We realised this full version of our time in Venice never made it to Youtube and a few of you g...
3:26 - Hasta la vista SUMMER | Parkour & freerunning
Загружено 31 августа 2017
The end of the summer 2017. August trainings. Lviv. UkraineЗакінчення літа 2017. Тренування за серпень у Льв ...
Загружено 2 февраля 2017
5:41 - Hawaii Five-0 Parkour Chase with Jesse La Flair
Загружено 26 декабря 2016
This Record Breaking Hawaii Five-0 Parkour Chase scene is the craziest foot chase ever made for network television. Check out Professional Parkour ...
6:50 - Jesse La Flair | Incredible Parkour and Freerunning 2016 !!
Загружено 27 ноября 2016
Jesse La Flair is a Tempest Freerunning Pro Athlete, his Freerunning and Parkour Tutorials have been titled the Best Parkour tutorials on youtube by 1,000's. He is the number one most subscribed to Professional freerunning athlete in the world and has proved himself internationally at the biggest freerunning competitions and events winning not only Best Trick at the Red Bull Art Of Motion in 2013 but taking third place overall at AOM and the Bet Safe Air Wipp challenge. In the USA he is nationally known for
2:39 - IS THIS PARKOUR? - Jesse La Flair
Загружено 9 октября 2016
Check out my NEW PARKOUR Train At HOME Program NOW! https://>ParkourFacebook: >Instagram: >SnapChat: @JesseLaFlairAthlete: Jesse La FlairTeam: Tempest FreerunningArtist: The Unknown (Hip Hop)Song: Beautiful Disguise (Tunna Beatz)Produced by: Concrete CollectiveSONG LINK: https:///the-unknown-h
3:40 - La Parkour
Загружено 5 апреля 2016
про паркуров
19:28 - Best Parkour Competition Ever - Air Wipp Challenge 2015 Ft: Jesse la flair and many more!
Загружено 21 января 2016
Recorded 4th December 2015.
7:54 - Parkour, la poésie dans l'architecture
Загружено 11 декабря 2015
"Parkour: la poésie dans l'architecture"Un film de L'1consolable.Parkour: Quentin Salvador, L'1consolable, Anthony Denis, Anthony Arbona, Théo Baijot.Cadrage: L'1consolable, Fanny Bernard, Benoît Yin.Montage: L'1consolable.Musique originale: L'1consolable.Production: ZAT (Zone Artistique Temporaire) - Ville de Montpellie
8:29 - Kash Vault Tutorial - How to PARKOUR ( Jesse La Flair )
Загружено 21 июля 2015
How to do a Kash Vault ( Kong to dash ) - best Kash vault tutorial for beginners, intermediate and advanced parkour athletes, traceurs, and freerunners.Please SHARE, LIKE and FAVORITE so others have the chance to see and use these videos to learn and grow (plus it also encourages me to make more).Kong Vault Link: >Dash Vault Link: >BANDANA LINK:
Загружено 14 июля 2015
¿Te gustan nuestras playeras? Entra a >REDES LA GAMERTECA:https:///lagamertecahttps://>TWITTER WERO:https:///wereverweroTWITTER FEDE:https:///soyfedeloboFACEBOOK WERO: https://>FACEBOOK FEDE: https://
5:39 - Assassin's Creed Unity Stealth Kills 7 (Assassinate La Touche)Realistic/Fast Parkour/1080p60Fps
Загружено 18 апреля 2015
Assassin's Creed Playlist https://>● PC Specifications:CPU Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.20GHzMB: Gigabyte P67A-UD3P-B3Ram: Kingston HyperX Genesis 2x 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3GPU: GTX970 4GB GDDR5 256 Bits WINDFORCE 3D ready 4K Ready PCI-Express 3.0OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bitAssassin's Creed Unity is a historical action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released in November 2014 for Microsoft Windows
3:45 - Tioma Blle la parkour
Загружено 9 апреля 2015
2:29 - Ассассин 13го района [13-й район (Banlieue 13) Assassins Creed Parkour/Паркур]Fuck Yeah[Axiom – La Tour Des Miracles]
Загружено 20 декабря 2014
Axiom – La Tour Des Miracles
8:57 - Los mejores saltos de la disciplina Parkour - IMPRESIONANTE 2013 (VIDEOS MAS ASOMBROSOS DEL MUNDO)
Загружено 29 сентября 2014
2:18 - La parkour
Загружено 2 августа 2014
Пожалуй, один из самых первых роликов команды, снятый летом 2007 года.Монтаж: МишаСтёпочкин
Загружено 17 июля 2014
2:49 - Le parkour de la FRANCE!!!
Загружено 11 июля 2014
et vous?toujours??
6:53 - Le Lyon entre dans la Rennes_Parkour
Загружено 23 июня 2014
Really good times during this trip to Rennes and Lyon, with my friends Nina, Mohamed and all the people we met there. I tried to share the atmosphere of the moments we had in this video... We always see a lot of ( impressive ) movements in Parkour videos, but Parkour is much more than ( impressive ) movements to me, so I try to share what it's about in my videos.
9:3 - The PASS BY - LA PARKOUR Spots (Jesse La Flair)
Загружено 18 июня 2014
This is one of the best least trained in spots in Los Angeles! The Pass By is an awesome location you should check out. La Flair Parkour Tee ()The Pass By (https://goo.gl/maps/VAJi9)Tempest NLS1 SHOES ()MUSIC: 1st) https:///user1888142/ticket-scripts-mastered2nd) https:///unisonedm/reality-free-downloadPARKOUR AND FREERUNNING PAGE!
1:16 - PARKOUR - Des origines à la pratique - Edition Amphora 2014
Загружено 12 июня 2014
PARKOUR - Des origines à la pratique - Edition Amphora 2014
6:48 - Assassins Creed: Horizontal Wall Run - Parkour Tutorial (Jesse La Flair)
Загружено 18 апреля 2014
As not seen in Assassins Creed the Horizontal Wall Run Tutorial is a move that allows you to run on walls. This parkour tutorial for how to run across walls has been requested for a long time now, so I am happy to bring it to you today on Day 2 of the #12DaysOfTutorials.For 12 days I will be brining you one fun parkour and freerunning tutorial each day mixed with some fun silly ones as a way to give back for the holidays. Thanks for all of the support and love and stay tuned! Buy LaFlairPark
Загружено 24 марта 2014
Detailed instructions on how to do a speed vault. The speed vault is one of the first parkour moves or vaults you should learn when beginning parkour or freerunning. It is one of the easier parkour moves you can learn and also one of the most effective. The Speed Vault is one of the quickest ways to move over and past an object. Please SHARE, LIKE and FAVORITE so others have the chance to see and use these videos to learn and grow (plus it also encourages me to make more).BANDANA LINK: http
1:33 - дэн и ростик la parkour
Загружено 12 февраля 2014
5:10 - HOW TO BEGIN - Parkour or Freerunning ( Jesse La Flair )
Загружено 12 января 2014
How to start parkour or freerunning. Or advise on how to start anything new. This is a tutorial on how to get started, I wrote out an article and wanted to read it to you guys. There are 2 mistakes you can make in life, Not Starting and Not Finishing... (Adapted Buddha quote)This goes for anything new we are trying to accomplish something in. I am often emailed or message daily by people looking to start doing parkour and freerunning. They often lead off by telling me there age, heig
6:9 - La Parkour
Загружено 9 октября 2013
1:55 - Parkour a la Zdolbuniv
Загружено 29 сентября 2013
Паркурист - Вася ЖукМонтаж - Вова Сац
3:22 - SLENDER MAN Vs PARKOUR - Jesse La Flair
Загружено 11 сентября 2013
There are very few things that could escape the Slender Man and professional parkour athlete Josh Hill is not one of them in this supernatural parkour chase scene. Thanks to >Athlete: Josh HillCamera: Josh YadonWhat is Slender Man:
5:28 - Parkour Spots: Colorado Center Santa Monica (Jesse La Flair)
Загружено 18 августа 2013
Jesse La Flair gets stranded in Santa Monica for a couple hours and finds a pretty cool parkour spot to train in. Remembering he has his camera with him he decided to shoot his session. These are the results. Thanks again for watching and again please FAVORITE, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!SPOT:1555 Cloverfield Boulevard, Santa Monica, United StatesPARKOUR AND FREERUNNING PAGE!TEAM PAGE: >MY PAGE: >
6:33 - LAZY VAULT & THIEF VAULT TUTORIAL ( Beginner Parkour ) - Jesse La Flair
Загружено 3 июля 2013
Detailed instructions on how to do a Lazy Vault and Thief Vault. And an explanation of what is the difference between the Lazy vault and Thief vault. Another easy parkour move you can learn quickly and safely. Please SHARE, LIKE and FAVORITE so others have the chance to see and use these videos to learn and grow (plus it also encourages me to make more).BANDANA LINK:
3:54 - La Liberte Speed Air Man (Parkour)
Загружено 1 июля 2013
1:1 - Пятый Элемент La ParKour Костет
Загружено 20 мая 2013
9:52 - DOUBLE KONG TUTORIAL ( PARKOUR ) - Jesse La Flair
Загружено 19 мая 2013
How to do a Double kong Vault - best double kong vault tutorial for beginners, intermediate and advanced parkour athletes, traceurs, and freerunners.Please SHARE, LIKE and FAVORITE so others have the chance to see and use these videos to learn and grow (plus it also encourages me to make more).BANDANA LINK: >Double Kong Vault: A very effective vault that will allow you to pass over two decently close obstacles or obstacles that would be to deep for a sing
2:17 - Tracing In The Trees - Parkour POV (Jesse La Flair)
Загружено 6 мая 2013
Went out for a long run training session up in Chatsworth Park North today. Figured I minus well shoot something for you guys. Please SHARE and Subscribe if you like what you see.Thanks again for watching and again please FAVORITE, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!PARKOUR AND FREERUNNING PAGE!TEAM PAGE: >MY PAGE: >FACEBOOK!!!>FOLLOW ME!
2:47 - J'me suis tordue la cheville / Parkour Féli-D
Загружено 3 мая 2013
Un petit soir d'automne. training vidéo.Song :/vouipe
2:27 - first Movie.........(FiL) La'VeL PARKOUR
Загружено 28 апреля 2013
5:35 - Le Parkour - La Releve
Загружено 15 марта 2013
Le Parkour - La Releve
1:54 - la parkour
Загружено 21 февраля 2013

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