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3:21 - Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me (Official Video)
Загружено 15 ноября 2018
Spotify: https://smarturl.it/YumiZoumaSpotify Apple: https://smarturl.it/YumiZoumaYoncalla___Yumi Zouma on Tour: >Foot...
4:24 - Blessthefall - Keep Me Close (The Hard Feelings Tour 2018, ATL)
Загружено 16 сентября 2018
Live at the Masquerade 09/11/2018Filmed with a monopod and a Nokia Lumia 830.Please subscribe for more vids! Want to go to concerts with me? C...
4:16 - сan you keep me close? сan you love me most?
Загружено 1 августа 2018
Вступай в группу о сериале "Энн"!/annewane/annewane/annewane
2:8 - hansung || can you keep me close; can you love me most?
Загружено 25 июня 2018
[[ WATCH IN HD PLEASE !! ]]!!!HWARANG SPOILERS!!!---------------"Can a coward like me... become like you? Will I be able to... make a path?"...
4:48 - Blessthefall - Keep Me Close
Загружено 11 июня 2018
Purchase “Hard Feelings” here: https://RiseRecords.lnk.to/hardfeelingsRemember meShe whispered heaven’s so far out of reachKeep me closeLike a...
4:24 - Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Загружено 20 мая 2018
Majestic Casual - Experience music in a new way.● Spotify ▸ >● Facebook ▸ https:///majesticcasual●...
4:25 - Røhaan & Hanz - Keeping Me Close (feat. Adeline Um) [Official Music Video]
Загружено 11 апреля 2018
Shop: https://lowly.io/shop⚜ Lowly Palace ⚜▪️ >▪️ https:///lowlypalace▪️ https:///lowlypalace...
2:48 - Chi Won ✗ Yoon Yi | Keep me close | Jugglers
Загружено 31 января 2018
HD PLEASE! ✧--------------------------------------------------------fandom: Jugglers - 저글러스coloring: Mineprogram: sony vegas pro 1...
4:15 - keep me close, love me most || caitlin ✘ cisco
Загружено 17 декабря 2017
3:19 - Paris & Simo ft. Sara Diamond - Keep Me Close (Official Video)
Загружено 13 сентября 2017
Available on Spotify & Apple Music - https://awal.lnk.to/KeepMeClose>>
4:21 - You Keep Me Hanging On, Kim Wilde, Up Close! Nov. 2016
Загружено 3 сентября 2017
Kim Wilde performed with her full band at The Gov, SA 12th November 2016
1:12 - yoonkook — ❝ can you keep me close; can you love me? ❞
Загружено 27 мая 2017
cr. taepott
3:20 - Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me
Загружено 17 мая 2017
2:31 - SICKEST DANCER to Keep Me Close!!!!! ก₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค @TRILLVBUMPIN
Загружено 10 мая 2017
Must Watch New Video to Paris & Simo - Keep Me CloseParis & SImo https://>FACEBOOK: https://
3:18 - Paris & Simo feat. Sara Diamond - Keep Me Close [Official Video]
Загружено 4 апреля 2017
2:53 - Paris & Simo ft. Sara Diamond - Keep Me Close
Загружено 19 марта 2017
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6:22 - Drake - Keep The Family Close, 9, U With Me
Загружено 11 декабря 2016
Summer Sixteen Tour Austin, TX
3:21 - Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me
Загружено 4 сентября 2016
6:23 - Drake - Keep The Family Close, 9, U With Me? (Summer Sixteen Tour Austin, TX)
Загружено 26 июля 2016
3:15 - Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me
Загружено 4 июля 2016
7:9 - The Boxer Rebellion - Keep Me Close (The Effenaar in Eindhoven, 10.05.16)
Загружено 18 мая 2016
3:15 - Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me
Загружено 11 апреля 2016
4:50 - Sleep (The Fraternity) - Stage 2 (Keep Me Close)
Загружено 11 октября 2015
1:1 - KEEP ME CLOSE #키퍼 (Full Version)
Загружено 12 сентября 2015
'KEEP ME CLOSE' 라는 스토리를 담은 'KEEPER' 재킷은 사랑하는 사람의 품처럼 따뜻하고 포근해서 늘 곁에 두고 가까이하고 싶은 재킷이다. 가을부터 초겨울까지 가볍고 다양하게 스타일링해서 입을 수 있으며 사랑하는 이, 지켜주고 싶은 이, 함께하고 싶은 이에게 선사하여 따뜻함을 공유하기에 완벽한 제품이다.▶| Official VK Group Song Joong Ki |
2:29 - Woe, Is Me - Keep Your Enemies Close (Vocal Cover)
Загружено 9 июля 2014
Will E, 11 Years Old, Vocal Cover "Keep Your Enemies Close" by "Woe Is Me"Like Me on FACEBOOK: >Twitter: >TUMBLR:
2:34 - [AMV] - Keep Me Close
Загружено 1 мая 2014
An AMV made with whatever i had on my computer at the time. Just threw this together in about 3 days.[SONG]☣Memphis Mayfire - The Sinner☣[ANIME]Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionChrome Shelled RegiosDog DaysFate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade WorksRewrite(Visual Novel by Key)Dracu-Riot(Visual Novel by Yuzu Soft) - !18+ Warning!Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
2:32 - Woe, Is Me - Keep Your Enemies Close (guitar cover by UptimeLG)
Загружено 8 февраля 2014
Long-waited cover with normal audio recording. Little mistakes are normal too.Gear:Ibanez GRG7221, tuning Drop B (with capo - Drop C)10-60 GHS Guitar Boomers stringsDigitech RP155 (distortion)Roland Cube 15XLShure SM57 (cap-edge in left and cone in right)Lexicon AlphaSony Handycam DCR-SR65Soft:Cockos REAPERAdobe Premiere ProAudio was recorded twice (during the videos).I don't own anything.
2:34 - Woe, Is Me - Keep Your Enemies Close (Clean/Extreme Vocal Cover)
Загружено 28 ноября 2013
So here's my second video cover, hope you enjoy it :) thanks for all the nice comments, i hope this one will not dissapoint you either :)
8:52 - Tim Reimherr - Keep Me Close (Onething 2012)
Загружено 29 января 2013
IHOP-KC Onething Conference - Dec 31, 2012Lyrics:What is there more than being wholly yoursWhat can compare to being in Your hands(2x)When the winds blow, when the storms rageYou still are Lord, You never change You're my refuge, my hiding placeWhen surrounded I call Your nameKeep me close to You, LordWhere the winds may blow, only You will knowI will stay in Your Name, cause You keep me, LordI know I am safe(2x)Who is a Rock like Y
1:40 - "keep me close when you go far away" | cassie&adam
Загружено 28 октября 2012
watch in 1080p small screen please. hey guys, back with a music video, this time about cassie and adam. oh how much i love them, they are so perfect for each other and it was so sad to see them not being together anymore, i felt so sorry for cassie! sadly we will never know if anything might of happened, myabe if adam's feelings came back? :D but again, we'll never know, no thanks the the cw. i miss the show so much :( but i hope you guys enjoy the music video, leave a like and a comment? :)
3:20 - Chris Daughtry - Keep Me Close
Загружено 21 марта 2012
4:28 - Keep Me Close [Freddie & Hermione]
Загружено 12 апреля 2011
4:28 - Keep Me Close [Freddie & Hermione]
Загружено 21 июня 2010
я не поняла что это за парень...но видео классное))
4:17 - Absent Element - Keep Me Close (+ Интервью)
Загружено 30 июля 2009
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