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5:22 - Joss Stone - I Put a Spell on You (Luna Park, 2015)
Загружено 10 декабря 2018
Playlist: https://>Show completo/Full concert:
4:26 - Joss Stone: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye -- acoustic video exclusive
Загружено 9 декабря 2018
In part three of our exclusive music session, soul singer Joss Stone performs Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye from her album Soul Sessions Vol 2.Mor...
3:28 - Joss Stone ft Rod Stewart - Hot legs
Загружено 6 декабря 2018
éste es el unico concierto en que la veo con zapatos, jajaja !!
6:39 - Kizzy Crawford ft. Joss Stone - Wales
Загружено 5 декабря 2018
We had a great evening meeting up with Kizzy Crawford, a Bajan - Welsh singer, songwriter from Wales. Her style of music is fusing bilingual soul-f...
3:54 - Joss Stone - It's a Man's World (Coco Mademoiselle)
Загружено 26 ноября 2018
Music video by Joss Stone performing "It's a Man's World" (James Brown, Betty Newsome) With Keira Knightley and Alberto Ammann, directed by Joe W...
12:42 - Joss Stone & Dave Stewart (Wetten Dass) - Karma + Here Comes The Rain Again LIVE
Загружено 13 ноября 2018
Joss Stone und Dave Stewart live am 08.10.2011
4:47 - Nancy Agag ft. Joss Stone - Sudan
Загружено 11 ноября 2018
Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Nancy Agag from Sudan.
7:59 - Zeritu ft. Joss Stone - Ethiopia
Загружено 11 ноября 2018
Just simply brilliant!!! We met up with the lovely Zeritu from Ethiopia and her fellow musicians, the experience was fun, engaging and all-round f...
5:42 - Joss Stone - I Put A Spell On You (Jazzwoche, 2017)
Загружено 2 ноября 2018
[13/14] Playlist: https://>Joss Stone @ Jazzwoche Burghausen
3:54 - Santana - Cry Baby Cry ft. Sean Paul, Joss Stone
Загружено 28 октября 2018
Santana's official music video for 'Cry Baby Cry' ft. Sean Paul and Joss Stone. Click to listen to Santana on Spotify:
4:14 - Nneka ft. Joss Stone - 'Babylon' - Nigeria
Загружено 26 октября 2018
In Nigeria, we met up with an old friend Nneka and sang her song 'Babylon'. With the help of Sweet Sounds, we had a jam on a street corner of Lagos...
3:1 - Jeff Beck & Joss Stone - I Put A Spell On You (Live at Wetten, dass...?, 2010)
Загружено 26 октября 2018
recorded in some bull fighting arena on the island of Mallorca, Spain, May 23rd, 2010. unfortunately it is SD only - but still the best copy on You...
1:19 - "L.O.V.E" Joss Stone
Загружено 22 октября 2018
Всем любви!😍
6:13 - 18. Joss Stone - Someday We'll Be Together w/ Lemar - Live At The Roundhouse 2016 (PRO-SHOT HD 720p)
Загружено 17 октября 2018
4:0 - Joss Stone - You Had Me
Загружено 17 октября 2018
Music video by Joss Stone performing You Had Me.
5:8 - Joss Stone - Could Have Been You (Luna Park, 2015)
Загружено 12 октября 2018
Joss Stone live at Luna Park (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2015.
4:20 - Neli Andreeva ft. Joss Stone - Bulgaria
Загружено 10 октября 2018
Back in 2016, we met up with incredible Bulgarian singer Neli Andreeva, she is a renowned folk singer and soloist, fans of Bulgarian folk music inv...
7:17 - Hind Hamed ft. Joss Stone - Jordan
Загружено 10 октября 2018
Whilst in the wonderful country of Jordan, we met with the lovely singer Hind. Who sings mainly traditional Arabic songs with a message of spreadin...
3:57 - Winyo ft. Joss Stone - Kenya
Загружено 10 октября 2018
Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Winyo from Kenya.
3:30 - Gaby Moreno ft. Joss Stone - Guatemala
Загружено 10 октября 2018
A truly captivating experience, when we met up with the delightful singer Gaby Moreno from Guatemala in 2016. Gaby's music comes from the heart and...
4:46 - The Jelliba's ft. Joss Stone - Sierra Leone
Загружено 10 октября 2018
In Sierra Leone an amazing country we visited on our last tour, we met up with a group called The Jelliba's. We all had so much fun doing this coll...
4:25 - Perota Chingó ft. Joss Stone - Argentina
Загружено 10 октября 2018
Here is a video of a collaboration we did with a group called Perota Chingó in Argentina, back in 2015.
6:44 - Ryan Sheridan ft. Joss Stone - Ireland
Загружено 10 октября 2018
In Dublin, Ireland, we met up with the lovely Ryan Sheridan and all had a good time together, as they say in Ireland 'We had a good craic'. Ryan's ...
6:8 - Bill Aka Kora ft. Joss Stone - Burkina Faso
Загружено 10 октября 2018
Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Bil Aka Kora from Burkina Faso #JSTWT
3:36 - João Seria ft. Joss Stone - São Tomé and Príncipe
Загружено 10 октября 2018
Spending time with João Seria from the beautiful island São Tomé and Príncipe was a real pleasure, He is just full of life and made us feel at home...
5:13 - Jah Baba & his band ft. Joss Stone - Benin
Загружено 10 октября 2018
This is the collaboration we did with the lovely Jah Baba and his band from Benin and sang a song about how it is a blessing to have babies. The s...
5:24 - Yes Sir Boss ft Joss Stone - Come Together
Загружено 10 октября 2018
The Beatles classic performed live at Chai Wallahs during Secret Garden Party 2010 with special guest performance from Joss Stone.Debut album Des...
4:28 - Donna Summer & Joss Stone VH1 Save The Music 2005 Try A Little Tenderness
Загружено 10 октября 2018
I miss so great moments like this. I love you Donna.
4:20 - Joss Stone - Here Comes The Rain Again - Amazing Live Performance (FULL HD)
Загружено 10 октября 2018
Amazing performance for song 'Here Comes The Rain Again'.🎶MUSIC&TRIPS✈️🌍💯 ➤ In partnership with Airbnb, you now earn up to $100 to travel. It's fr...
5:20 - Joss Stone & James Brown
Загружено 10 октября 2018
"Men's World"Joss singing with James Brown on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross/2005 Blog: >Financial education & entrepren...
3:35 - Joss Stone - A Man's World (Lyrics)
Загружено 8 октября 2018
LYRICS ::This is a man's worldThis is a man's worldBut it wouldn't be nothingNothing without a woman or a girl, oohYou see, man made the car...
4:31 - Joss Stone - The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind) (Official Video)
Загружено 6 октября 2018
Music video by Joss Stone performing The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind) (Official Video). (c) 2013 S-Curve Records/Stone'd Records
2:11 - Joss Stone - While You´re Out Looking for Sugar (Carlotta) | The Voice Kids 2014 | Blind Audition
Загружено 6 октября 2018
Carlotta fällt nicht nur mit ihrem Look und dem außergewöhnlichen Hobby 'Meerjungfrau' auf, sie besitzt auch eine Wahnsinnsstimme!Mehr Auftritte ...
4:16 - 'Teardrops' - Joss Stone & Leigh Coleman
Загружено 4 октября 2018
Recent video of me and Leigh at YouTube's space in London from January 2013 :) Enjoy! xx
3:50 - Gasper Nali. ft. Joss Stone - Malawi
Загружено 3 октября 2018
Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Gasper Nali from Malawi.
3:51 - Joss Stone - 'Harry's Symphony' live
Загружено 29 сентября 2018
6:41 - Ilham Nazarov ft. Joss Stone - Azerbaijan
Загружено 23 сентября 2018
Singing the beautiful national song Sari Gelin with the amazing vocalist Ilham Nazarov from Azerbaijan was a lovely and moving experience. He sings...
5:33 - Joss Stone performs People Get Ready
Загружено 19 сентября 2018
Filmed at the closing night of Melbourne Festival 2011, notes from the hard road and beyond, Joss Stone applies her soul groove to The Impressions ...
5:33 - Asher Otto ft. Joss Stone - Antigua
Загружено 17 сентября 2018
Antigua, wow, what a treat it was to meet up with the lovely Asher Otto and her fellow band members. A really uplifting song which would jump start...
4:47 - Gata Band ft. Joss Stone - Armenia
Загружено 17 сентября 2018
Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Gata Band (Ashugh Bingyol & Harutyun Chkolyan) from Armenia.

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