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3:31 - This Pool Comes with a Surprise Goldfish in the Bio Filter
Загружено 19 июня 2018
Эко - пруд или Био - бассейн с золотыми рыбками. Использование биофильтра для пруда.
10:6 - Jay In The Simulation EP #1 - Short Bio + More!
Загружено 16 июня 2018
I know it’s been a long minute since i’ve uploaded something.. This style of video is something new for me & very true to my soul and heart I hope ...
1:49 - How to get the GameCube BIOS menu in Dolphin emulator. [READ DESC]
Загружено 27 мая 2018
https://goo.gl/Sta4TA----------------------------------------(Жмякать кнопку A - во время загрузки чтобы запустился биос)There was a slight mistake in this video, so use the instructions here if it doesn't work for you. 1. Extract it.2. Open the folder with the correct region and open the bios with the .bin extension.3. Open the folder in documents called "Dolphin Emulator"4. Open the folder called "GC" and open the folder with your correct region code. for me it is USA.5. Paste the matching BIOS into the folder.6. Open dolphin.7. change the graphics settings if you have not set them already correct.8. Change the Audio settings to "DSP LLE recompiler"9 .Go into Graphics - Hacks and make sure that External Frame Buffer is enabled.10. Launch a game.11.As soon as you open a game, hold A until you reach the menu. TADA!!! it should work.Make sure that skip bios is disabled in Config- Gamecube.

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