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10:35 - Поздравления и пожелания Александру
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4:4 - The Big Deal - "Amaranth" (Nightwish Cover 2021)
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Stream/Download 'Amaranth' HERE: ()
- Ana Nikolic - vocals ()
- Srdjan Brankovic - guitars ()
- Marko Milojevic - drums
- Alessandro Del Vecchio - bass ()

"While we are waiting to present our music and debut album, we decided to have some fun in the studio and share it with you. The covers we've recorded in the studio are a sampling of our musical tastes and just us having some fun. Thanks to Anette Olzon and Night
1:19 - SDC4 vlog 28092021 - Captain Zhang Yixing
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#StreetDanceofChinaS4 Captain #LAYZhang's vlog is here! Having fun with the team members at the break time, Captain @layzhang is so cute when he's focusing on the game!

#YOUKU #优酷

1:26 - Уакит
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1:31 - Село в Бурятии оказалось отрезано от Большой земли
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8:47 - TООL - Vicаriоus
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Eye on the TV
'Cause tragedy thrills me
Whatever flavor it happens to be like
Killed by the husband
Drowned by the ocean
Shot by his own son
She used a poison
In his tea
And kissed him goodbye
That's my kind of story
It's no fun until someone dies
Don't look at me like
I am a monster
Frown out your one face
But with the other
Stare like a junkie
Into the TV
Stare like a zombie
While the mother
Holds her child
Watches him die
Hands to the sky crying
"Why, oh why?"
6:20 - IMG_4866.MP4
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4:42 - video-dadc951767132d3e7e34d923e0f49cea-V.mp4
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3:41 - Fun Mode — Небеса
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4:19 - Roger Taylor */ No More Fun (Live at the Cyberbarn - Revisited 2014)
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This one-off concert took place on Thursday 24th September 1998 in a barn in Roger's garden in Surrey. It was streamed live on the internet for fans worldwide to see and hear Roger performing ten songs to promote the new 'Electric Fire' album.

Roger and his new band played to an audience of friends, family and invited guests - including Virgin radio. DJ Russ Williams introduced the band.

After the gig Roger was presented with a certificate from the Guinness Book Of Records, as this performance drew the largest audience ever for an internet gig; 595,000 worldwide hits.
1:32:36 - О Боже, полиция! 1983 Гонконг (Хоррор Мэйкер)
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Oh, My Cops! 1983 Гонконг

Режиссер: Дэнни Ли,
В ролях: Кент Чэн, Лю Вай-Хун, Стэнли Фун, Дэнни Ли, Вонг Чин, Джейми Люк, Пэт Ха, Паркман Вонг, Шин Фуй-Он, Бен Лам
2:39 - Imiku Imbapovi and Suki are doing body inflation fun
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2:32 - С крышей и парадным фасадом. В Феодосии капитально отремонтируют 10 многоэтажек
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Поне?4??4?ельник, 27 сентября. «Крым 24».В зиму с прочными стенами и крышей. В Фео?4??4?осии ?4??4?о конца этого го?4??4?а отремонтируют 10 многоэтажек. В планах также обновить фаса?4??4?ы и укрепить фун?4??4?аменты. Работы прове?4??4?ут как в горо?4??4?е, так и в близлежащих посёлках. Какие ?4??4?о...

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