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Evanescence ��� Lost in Paradise (cover)

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4:42 - Evanescence - Lost In Paradise (Piano Tutorial/Cover)
Загружено 6 января 2018
Leave your email if you'd like me to send you the midi I made :)
5:23 - Sylvanas Windrunner's Fate (Evanescence - Lost in Paradise COVER) WoW Song
Загружено 5 октября 2017
My new parody cover about my favourite World of Warcraft character - the Banshee Queen, the Warchief of the Horde, the leader of the Forsaken - Syl...
5:8 - 【♫】 Evanescence - Lost In Paradise (cover)
Загружено 31 июля 2017
4:41 - Lost In Paradise (Evanescence cover)
Загружено 23 июля 2017
5:12 - Rehn Stillnight - Lost in Paradise (Evanescence Orchestral COVER)
Загружено 19 февраля 2017
>Instrumental by: jamiecroft23Lead and backing vocals by: Rehn Stillnighthttps:///the_music_playlist
4:42 - Evanescence - Lost in paradise (Aliaksandra Struts cover) 26.01.2017
Загружено 26 января 2017
4:36 - MrTrusty101 - Lost in Paradise (Evanescence drum cover)
Загружено 12 декабря 2016
4:43 - Shmoonify - Lost In Paradise (Evanescence cover)
Загружено 12 декабря 2016
5:28 - Varya Valovil - Lost In Paradise (Evanescence cover)
Загружено 24 сентября 2016
Thanks for watching!>/oODarkWingsOo/oODarkWingsOo__________________________My band, Lostheaven:>/LostheavenOfficial
4:42 - Cover of Lost In Paradise by Evanescence - Hayli Frosheiser
Загружено 7 апреля 2016
I redid this one as well to lower the volume on the music not only to hear me better, but to cut back on the clipping in the song. Don't be alarmed by the extra stuff I put in the song. I just did what I felt needed to be done. :)
5:7 - 【♫】 Evanescence - Lost In Paradise (cover)
Загружено 22 декабря 2015
4:49 - Evanescence - Lost In Paradise Piano Cover
Загружено 14 ноября 2015
Evanescence - Lost In Paradise Piano Cover :)Lyrics:I've been believing in something so distantAs if I was humanAnd I've been denying this feeling of hopelessnessIn me, in meAll the promises I madeJust to let you downYou believed in me, but I'm brokenI have nothing leftAnd all I feel is this cruel wantingWe've been falling for all this timeAnd now I'm lost in paradiseAs much as I'd like the past not to existIt still doesAnd as much as I'd like to feel like I belong hereI'm just as scar
4:58 - "Lost in paradise" Evanescence cover by Katerina Turkalenko
Загружено 4 июля 2015
4:36 - Evanescence – Lost in Paradise (cover)
Загружено 21 августа 2014
4:42 - Swetty Jackman - Lost In Paradise (Evanescence Cover)
Загружено 15 августа 2014
/ev_world - #Конкурс_каверов_2014
4:49 - Lost in Paradise Evanescence piano cover acoustic instrumental
Загружено 10 июня 2014
The FULL PIANO VERSION of Lost in Paradise by Evanescence. Please view my other Evanescence-related music: Evanescence - Never Go Back piano cover >Evanescence - A New Way to Bleed piano cover >Evanescence - Lost in Paradise piano cover (full version) >Evanescence - What You Want piano cover >Eva
4:29 - Evanescence Lost in Paradise Cover by Syndrome Of Fire
Загружено 24 мая 2014
We really love this song.....some of our fans noticed Evanescence didn't play it at the concert we played with them.....Hope everyone enjoys this amazing song
4:58 - Constantine - Lost In Paradise (Evanescence Cover)
Загружено 10 июля 2013
4:13 - Evanescence Lost In Paradise мой cover)
Загружено 3 мая 2013
4:47 - Pol Rossignani - Lost in paradise (Evanescence Cover)
Загружено 12 апреля 2013
Voz: Pol Rossignani Coros: Pol Rossignani
4:40 - Lost In Paradise ~ Evanescence cover
Загружено 26 февраля 2013
Paradise is where this album has taken me and this song is just so right. This is a raw first take so it may have a few mistakes but I liked the way it felt so...comment away!
5:9 - ''Lost In Paradise'' by Evanescence (Orchestra/Harp Cover)
Загружено 23 февраля 2013
A cover of Evanescence's ''Lost in Paradise'' from their self titled album which I recorded on Garageband. A little differently arranged from the song but i had fun! Hope you like : ) . To buy the original song by Evanescence go here :
4:37 - Evanescence Lost In Paradise Piano Cover
Загружено 2 января 2013
4:34 - Виктория Седина- Lost In Paradise (Evanescence cover)
Загружено 29 ноября 2012
2:53 - Evanescence - Lost in paradise - Guitar cover by Rockyval
Загружено 6 ноября 2012
this is how i play this song , and i'm gonna make a full version soon i just don,t know well the lyrics at the end
4:49 - Lost In Paradise - Evanescence cover
Загружено 15 октября 2012
Helloooo everyone! Long time, no see? :) I know it's been a long time since I've done this, so I decided to start of my "comeback" with one of my favorite songs from my favorite band from their new album. I hope I did this song justice even for it being an acoustic version of it. Thanks for watching, being patient and awesome! Rock on! \m/ PS - If you want the piano arrangement that I used in this video, check out the link here:
4:41 - "Lost in Paradise" - Evanescence Cover by Honey Ribar
Загружено 15 июня 2012
"Lost in Paradise" EvanescenceHey Everyone! This is me singing a cover of Evanescence's new song "Lost in Paradise". I hope you like it!!!Special thanks to >(Follow me on Twitter: https:///#!/HoneyRibar Like on facebook: )
4:38 - Evanescence- Lost in Paradise ( cover)
Загружено 19 мая 2012
4:43 - Yasmín - Lost in paradise [Evanescence cover]
Загружено 13 мая 2012
4:52 - Alina Litvinova - Lost In Paradise (Evanescence Cover)
Загружено 30 апреля 2012
5:10 - Lost In Paradise - Evanescence (Instrumental Cover)
Загружено 21 марта 2012
An instrumental cover of Evanescence's Lost in Paradise from their self titled album, recorded by me with my Roland GW-7, feel free to use this for your own covers as long as you credit and link back to my video :) Enjoy!Follow me @Shmoo15 on twitter
4:38 - Evanescence Lost In Paradise Piano Cover
Загружено 22 ноября 2011
This is me doing a piano cover of Lost In Paradise by Evanescence... I played this by ear, it's one of my favourites by Evanescence, i have improvised on a few bits of the song and have made it my own, hope you like it!
4:14 - Evanescence cover Lost in Paradise
Загружено 21 сентября 2011
my interpretation of the song using some of the lyrics of the mtv snippet and the lyrics of what you want.it's hard to sing in one shot,more hard in you don't have the notes or a karaoke base =_=

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