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1:20:26 - Hawkwind / Out Of The Shadows / 2004
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DVD/Video, released in 2004

Songs / Tracks Listing :

1. Aero Space Age Inferno (7:45)
2. Angels Of Death (6:31)
3. Out Of The Shadows (4:52)
4. Time Captives (5:22)
5. Master Of the Universe (4:29)
6. The Song Of The Gremlins (2:34)
7. Time & Confusion (4:19)
8. Hurry On Sundown (5:30)
9. Lighthouse (6:21)
10. The Watcher (4:31)
11. Assassins Of Allah (9:15)
12. Earth Calling (3:53)
13. Sonic Space Attack (4:26)
14. Silver Machine (3:36)

Additional material:
- Interview with Dave Brock (60:00)

Line-up / Musicians :
- Dave Brock / guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Richard Chadwick / drums
- Alan Davey / bass, vocals
- Tim Blake / keyboards, vocals
- Huw Lloyd-Langton / guitar

- Arthur Brown / vocals (1, 4-7, 13-14)

Releases information :
DVD Secret Films SMADVD253 (2004) (PAL, Dolby 5.1)
1:3:49 - At the Edge of Darkness (Song of the Earth Part 1) / Am Rand der Finsternis (Lieder der Erde Teil 1) (1985) dir. Klaus Wyborny
Загружено 21 сентября 2021
This is the first of five parts of Klaus Wyborny’s “Lieder der Erde” / “Song of the Earth” cycle of films, whose theme is “the emergence of modern European civilization.”
59:28 - Earth, Wind And Fire Experience feat. Al McKay Allstars • beim SWR Familienfest in Ludwigsburg
Загружено 20 сентября 2021
01. Serpentine Fire
02. Got to Get You Into My Life (The Beatles cover)
03. Shining Star
04. Saturday Night
05. In the Stone
06. Jupiter
07. Magic Mind
08. Let Your Feelings Show
09. Sing a Song
10. Boogie Wonderland
11. Let's Groove
3:33 - [Simply K-Pop CON-TOUR] MCND - Movin' _ Ep.485
Загружено 17 сентября 2021
MCND 'Movin''
With the world’s eyes on them, MCND made a comeback with their 3rd mini-album “THE EARTH : SECRET MISSION Chapter 1”.
“Movin” is a song full of strong determination to overcome all obstacles in the way to get closer to the fans.

MCND 'Movin'(너에게로...)'
세계가 주목하는 글로벌 4세대 아이돌 그룹 MCND가 세번째 미니 앨범으로 돌아왔다.
타이틀곡 'Movin''은 '우리 사이를 가로막고 있는 방해물을 뛰어넘어 팬들에게 가까이 다가가겠다'는 의지를 담은 곡이다.

#MCND #Movin #엠씨엔디 #너에게로

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Загружено 17 сентября 2021
This is a song for Sweden, the country I live in. The beautiful land upon earth that have given me the space to be who I am.
The clear sky, the fresh air, the clean water. The green fields and the mountains in the north.
I am so deeply thankful for having all this beauty all around me.
And for having the fortune to grow up in a place where I feel free.

This is my own little version of the Swedish anthem, since today it's the Swedish national day, 6:th of june.
I hope you like it! Lots of love and light to you all! ♥
(Since I sing in Swedish you can find the English translation if you lick the CC button)

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4:8 - СНЫ ВЕТВЕЙ | Любовь моя
Загружено 16 сентября 2021
Я не знаю, есть ли реальный объективный мир. Правда, не знаю. Но мой вымышленный мир — абсолютно реален. И я разделяю радость художника в том, что могу это доказывать «эй, я есть!» каждый день!

Всё, что творится вокруг и снаружи — большая тайна и это потрясает воображение! Эта грандиозная вселенская драма — жизнь. Это как бесконечность помноженная на бесконечность чертовски много раз.

И эта новая песня... глубокая, сердечная, пронизанная тишиной. Давно мечтал записать песню на одних флажолетах. «Любовь моя» — это художественный перевод песни Ajeet Kaur (“Kiss the Earth”), которая глубоко тронула меня несколько лет назад. А Сашенька Безроднова вдохновенно спела второй голос. С почином тебя, дорогая сестра!


Сияющей тропой
Не касаясь земли сырой
Стопами твой
Вдыхали запах густой
Любовь моя

Лететь по склонам гор
По ветру
Нашим песням и стихам
До синих морей
Чтоб вознесясь излиться дождём
В ладони наших детей
Любовь моя


Original song — Ajeet Kaur — Kiss the Earth
Текст, голос, гитара — Дании
4:13 - Анна Щербакова. Короткая программа. Предсезонные контрольные прокаты по фигурному катанию 2021
Загружено 16 сентября 2021
Чемпионка мира Анна Щербакова представила новую короткую программу, поставленную под произведение российского композитора-минималиста Кирилла Рихтера The Songs of Distant Earth.
4:49 - Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland / (Intouchables)
Загружено 16 сентября 2021
Movie: Intouchables (Amigos Intocables) by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
Song: Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire
"baby, uh uh it don't work"
you say your prayers though you don't care
you dance and shake the hurt
dance boogie wonderland hah, hah
dance boogie wonderland

Sound fly through the night
I chase my vinyl dreams to boogie wonderland
I find romance when I start dance in boogie wonderland
I find romance when I start dance in boogie wonderland

oh, All the love in the world can't be gone
all the need to be loved can't be wrong
All the records are playing
and my heart keeps saying
"boogie wonderland, wonderland"
dance boogie wonderland hah, hah
dance boogie wonderland hah, hah

I find romance when I start dan
8:44 - Ghenwa Nemnom live at Baalbeck Festival 2021, Lebanon for Cafe De Anatolia
Загружено 16 сентября 2021
➤ Ghenwa Nemnom live at Baalbeck Festival 2021, Lebanon for Cafe De Anatolia
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4:13 - Анна Щербакова. КП. Предсезонные контрольные прокаты по фигурному катанию 2021
Загружено 15 сентября 2021
Чемпионка мира Анна Щербакова представила новую короткую программу, поставленную под произведение российского композитора-минималиста Кирилла Рихтера The Songs of Distant Earth.
34:10 - Space Ambient - Blade Runner - Rachel's Song 800% Slower
Загружено 15 сентября 2021
Song: Rachel's Song
Artist: Vangelis
Album: Blade Runner (soundtrack)

Amazing sounds from the blade runner's song, rachel's song.
Used Paul Stretch to make this.!!

Below are other versions of this track or similar tracks from this channel:

1. Rachael's Dreams / Space Ambient: (In Reverse)
12:45 - Scale & Feather - Red Earth Son/Waters Edge/Day Unto Night (2021)
Загружено 15 сентября 2021
Three songs taken from the new album 'Age Of Giants' (2021)
Releases September 16, 2021

Pre-order Digital Album:
17:5 - Clown Core - Van (Visual Album)
Загружено 15 сентября 2021
One of our most highly requested videos, Clown Core's Van, now in visual form

Support the artist here:
29:36 - HÆLOS - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
Загружено 15 сентября 2021
8:36 - The Beauty Of Middle Earth (4K)
Загружено 15 сентября 2021
Directed by Peter Jackson

Director of photography : Andrew Lesnie

Song : Soundtrack mix

As you probably know, I can't monetize my videos because the content isn't mine.
You want to fund me ? :
8:44 - Ghenwa Nemnom live at Baalbeck Festival 2021, Lebanon for Cafe De Anatolia
Загружено 15 сентября 2021
➤ Ghenwa Nemnom live at Baalbeck Festival 2021, Lebanon for Cafe De Anatolia
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3:28 - Listen To This
Загружено 15 сентября 2021
Beginning in 2017 as five friends formed through dreampop-centred kinship, Subsonic Eye craft noise rock with earth-inflected parallels, brought to life through adventures in Singaporean forests and a wide-eyed love for the natural world. On their third album, Nature of Things, the quintet find possibilities in embracing organic energy - at times taking root in post-punk dynamism (Fruitcake), at others blooming into primitivist folk cuts (Cabin Fever). But above all, they are songs that glowingly encapsulate their initial spark - mature indie rock that shimmers with poignant sincerity.

Visit the band's website →
4:4 - Сурганова и Оркестр - Мне Нравится, Что Вы..
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
(H.264 MPEG4 AVC 16:9) Surganova Orchestra - I Like That You Are Sick Is Not Me. A fragment of the music show "New Year's Not Blue Spark" - 2004. Cover version song from the film "Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath" from the poems of Marina Tsvetaeva. Кавер версия Песня из кинофильма "Ирония Судьбы или с лёгким паром" - Мне нравится, что вы больны не мной - на стихи Марины Цветаевой.
Новогодний Не Голубой огонёк - 2004.


I like that you are not obsessed of me
I like that I have no obsession of you
Even then, when the earth does not float away from under our feet
I like that you can be a funny,
dissolved, - and not playing with a words
And not blush suffocating wave
Slightly adjoined ours sleeves.
3:9 - KEiiNO - MONUMENT (Official Music Video) Norway MGP 2021
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Offiical music video for MONUMENT, the song in the run to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (The Norwegian MGP final is on 20.02.21). Stream/buy the song here: keiino.lnk.to/M0NUMENT

The video is filmed in all over Norway during October/ November 2020 by Tobias Aasgaarden. Produced by Tom Hugo and KEiiNO. Edited by Alex Holm. Graded by Håvard Småvik. Additional video footage by Natural Light Earth.

Locations: Lindesnes, Lysebotn, Haukeli, Vøringsfossen, Skåla, Slogen, Hoddevik, Vestkapp, Lofoten, Kautokeino and Alta.

Styling by Cårejånni. Lavvo on the tundra is borrowed by Arctic Lavvo. Sami Siida opened their Lavvo for additional shots. Grim Berge helped us with locations. Stormberg kept us warm. Motor Forum Eidsvoll provided a car. Thanks so much!

Go too
27:54 - Tchaikovsky - Romeo and Juliet | grand piano + digital orchestra
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
John Bereslavsky (grand piano) and Teo Leonov (digital orchestra)

This masterpiece is an encrypted work. Tchaikovsky was deeply devoted to Minne (the highest heavenly love) and spoke about it in the language of music. 'Romeo and Juliet' is a code. Juliet presents the Earth or a human soul that is dead asleep, and Romeo is the Holy Spirit, Christ who visits her. It is the music of the Good Otherworld where Christ came from.
There is no Shakespearean analogy here. This is the archetype of the Earth, the archetype of Minne.
The song of the archetype is hidden in this civilization. There is the battle for the archetype, the rebellion of the evil forces against kindness, but the archetype overflows the Earth like the Solar Sea.

4:12 - Анна Щербакова. Короткая программа.Предсезонные проеаты. Челябинск 2021
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Анна Щербакова. Короткая программа. Женщины. Предсезонные контрольные прокаты по фигурному катанию 2021/22
Чемпионка мира Анна Щербакова представила новую короткую программу, поставленную под произведение российского композитора-минималиста Кирилла Рихтера The Songs of Distant Earth.
Челябинск 2021. ТК 1 канал.
6:24 - METALLICA - The Unforgiven HQ HD 4K
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Official music video HD-remastered
The Unforgiven (1991) by Metallica
Enhanced using artificial intelligence.
Let us know what songs and videos you'd like to see restored next!

Here are the official Metallica The Unforgiven / The Unforgiven Metallica Lyrics:

New blood joins this Earth
And quickly he's subdued
Through constant pained disgrace
The young boy learns their rules
6:23 - It Is Well - Kristene DiMarco | You Make Me Brave
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
Bethel Music's collective of worship leaders aim to write and record songs that carry the culture of heaven and the heart of God. We exist to pursue the heart of God. Together, we express who God is and who we are in Him. We capture fresh expressions of worship in every season that resonates with worshipers around the world. Our dream, is that all the earth would worship God.

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2:13:4 - Cafe De Anatolia - Something We All Adore (mix by Rialians On Earth)
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
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4:6 - ASEZ Concert for World Peace World Mission Society Church of God
Загружено 14 сентября 2021
[This video is copyrighted by the World Mission Society Church of God. Unauthorized copying and distribution are prohibited.]

ASEZ (Save the Earth from A to Z) held a concert titled Working Together for World Peace. ASEZ held the concert to raise awareness on reducing crime and protecting the environment by working towards the United Nations Global Goals. The concert was held at the World Mission Society Church of God in New Windsor, NY.
The New York Church of God Choir and Orchestra performed over a dozen musical pieces. Each song embodied the event’s theme of instilling of sense of peace amongst ourselves and our neighbors.
Following the concert, guests enjoyed refreshments in the church fellowship hall. During this time, several influential leaders and professionals signed agreements to support the community service activities of ASEZ.

〖 ASEZ 〗
54:37 - Songs from Abandoned Space Stations and Alien Temples
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
Dark Space Station Atmospheres music mixed by Skrika for Cryo Chamber
👉 Cryo Chamber Bandcamp: ()

00:00 Skrika - Black Earth
7:0 - Priestess, Goddess, Woman - Peruquois
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
Priestess, Goddess, Woman - Peruquois music video on journey of a woman, through time and different archetypes - Priestess, Goddess and the Woman in her true nature. The very song "She Story" is from The Original Essence New Age/World Music CD, recorded by Peruquois with 3-time Grammy winner Tom Wasinger. It Inspired by the sacred feminine essence. The song has some Native American influence as well as Tom is well known for working with Grammy winning Native American singers. More information about the song and the CD - The Original Essence "per
11:28 - Они перепели оригинал!! Судьи в шоке | Голос
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
Мы составили список из 5 талантливых участников на Голос, которые перепели оригинал или добавили в него свою изюминку!!

1. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody | Luca
2. Michael Jackson - Earth Song | Bogdan Ioan
3. Sia - Chandelier | Jordan Smith
4. Асаф Авидан - One day | Сафаэль Мишиев
5. Би-2 - Полковнику никто не пишет | Дмитрий Венгеров
56:12 - Cafe De Anatolia - Folktronica & Downtempo (Mix by Stanisha)
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
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10:12 - Clouds - Deepen This Wound (Official Video)
Загружено 13 сентября 2021


Deepen This Wound - Song taken off the new album entitled Despartire, out October 14th 2021

4:27 - Jessie J Earth Song
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
Taken from The Singer Episode 4 I believe. Jessies unique rendition of Michael Jacksons Earth Song. Outstanding vocals from our fav female UK artist.
2:1:42 - R Carlos Nakai Canyon Trilogy (Deluxe Platinum Edition)
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
Over 1000000 sold. Featuring 5 Previously Unreleased Songs Multi-Grammy® nominee R. Carlos Nakai creates the sound of the cedar flute echoing in the .

R. Carlos Nakai. Canyon Trilogy. Canyon Records (1989). Track list below. A photo montage of ancient Native American rock art from the Southwestern United .

Songs by R. Carlos Nakai from the album Canyon Trilogy (Deluxe Platinum Edition) and Earth Spirit. Videos by the White Eagle team! :)
2:20 - Earth Song - Песня Земли (by cover Michael Jackson)
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
1:51 - Amma! Life is a Dance ~ Gaiea
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
Song inspired by the dance of a beautiful lady.
Dedicated to Amma (mother Earth, mother, the mother in me, the mother in you, your mother, my mother).

Composed by Gaiea
with the amazing Jamie McCredie on Guitar
Produced by Joe Davison of Auburn Jam Music
Filmed by Nikki Davison of Auburn Jam Music

6:31 - Light in Babylon - Kipur
Загружено 13 сентября 2021
Light in Babylon Video clip for the song "Kipur" from the amazing Cappadocia .
Support Light in Babylon, buy our album on ( Sepharad the 11th-Century )
Composition: Michal Elia Kamal, Julien Demarque, Metehan Çiftçi

Vocal: Michal Elia Kamal
Guitar: Julien Demarque
Santur: Metehan Ciftci
Percussion: Stuart Dickson
Bass Guitar: Jack Butler

Director of Photography : Hasip Arvas
6:15 - 'Footloose' - Dancing In The Movies
Загружено 12 сентября 2021
Movie stars dancing to 'Footloose'.
(P.S. If anyone in the comments section tries to make this about politics, race, religion etc, then the comment will be deleted & you will be blocked, and if necessary I will disable all comments).

List of movies used (minus a couple that I couldn't remember)....

It's A Wonderful Life, Dirty Dancing, Don't Knock The Rock, Gold Diggers Of 1935, Good News, Dames, Babes On Broadway, Panama Hattie, Follow The Fleet, Bye Bye Birdie, Lady Of Burlesque, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Show Boat (1951), I Love Melvin, Meet Me After The Show, Down To Earth, Viva Las Vegas, A Date With Judy, Footloose, Moon Over Miami, Hello Dolly, The Gold Rush, Flower Drum Song, Mary Poppins, West Side Story, The Kid From Brooklyn, Les Girls, Easter Parade, Guys & Dolls, Royal Wedding, 42nd Street, Sweet Charity, White Nights, The Affairs Of Dobie Gillis, Three Little Words, Let's Be Happy, Blue Skies, Singin' In Th
3:32 - Игорь Растеряев. Комбайнёры - Combiners.
Загружено 12 сентября 2021
Автор музыки и текста - Игорь Растеряев. Автор ролика - Лёха Ляхов.

the song "Сombiners"
Faraway from big cities,
Where're no glam boutiques around,
Where the other people live around,
Songs about them aren't sung.
Serials about them aren't made,
So they're not fit for TV channels,
Internet ignores them,
It seems that they don't exist.
They are young but not students,
They don't know «Okay» or «Lenta»,
They have never been to sushi bars,
They don't tan in solariums.
They don't have expensive things,
They don't care a hang about emo,
They don't use "Vkontakte", online,
They work hard on harvesters.

Drunk C2H5OH,
In DT, Don 500, T-150,
Pigs had been fed before.
The son's gone to plough earth, to thresh barley,
His work day will be long, a long-long-long day,
But he knows each screw inside of his tractor,
His pay is 100 dollars a month.

Each of them served in the Russian Army.
None of them evaded the Army by false piles.
Combiners, tractor drivers, heavers of watermelon
Загружено 12 сентября 2021

(не заставляй заставлять тебя вступать).

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2:48 - Игорь Растеряев. Русская дорога - Russian road. Russian. Harmonica.
Загружено 12 сентября 2021
Автор музыки и текста - Игорь Растеряев. Автор ролика - Лёха Ляхов.

The song named «Russian road».

Along the crying earth, not feeling jackboots,
Our bloodless detachment's escaping from the enemies
Is eating sorrel leaves on the run,
Is staying overnight in a gully under an arrow-wood bush.
It's impossible to rest for us -- run away, run away, run away.
And our pretending friends are staying abroad.
And watching closely how we are being beaten.
And only the long roads are absolutely for us.
Wipe your tears, rest a little,
I'm Russian road.
Retreat and I cover your retreat
with mud and water.
But they're head over ears in mud, up to eyes in water.
Some time later the enemies ran us down again.
they're attacking us more strongly, are just about to overkill us.
But the biting frosts are rushing to help us.
Rest, wipe your bitter tears,
We are Russian frosts.
As enticing by Moscow, we'll freeze the enemies,
1:38:1 - BERSERK Songs to listen to while reading the Manga
Загружено 12 сентября 2021
---Sad or calmer songs---
00:00 - Guts Theme(Berserk 1997)
3:37 - Waiting So Long(Berserk 1997)
7:17 - Behelit(Berserk 1997)
9:14 - Earth(Berserk 1997)
13:40 - Queen's funeral(Berserk 1997)
14:47 - Guitare '1123(Berserk Golden Age 3 Movie)
19:45 - Indra(Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage)
24:26 - Sign 2(Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage)
28:12 - Sister's Story(Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage)
31:26 - Sorrow(Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage)
32:44 - Decay 2(Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage)
33:30 - Tell Me Why(Berserk 1997)
36:42 - Blood and Guts(Berserk 2016)
---Battle, Suspense, and Louder songs---
41:27 - Forces 2(Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage)
45:17 - My Brother(Berserk 2016)
51:51 - Aria(Berserk 2016)
56:40 - The God Hand(Berserk 2016)
58:37 - Forces(Berserk 1997)
1:02:43 - Ash Crow(Berserk 2016)
1:08:03- Sign(Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage)
1:12:44 - Ghosts(Berserk 1997)
1:14:44 - Murder(Berserk 1997)
1:23:56 - Monster(Berserk 1997)

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