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Cara Dahlia

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3:18 - LOTS - CARA _ DAHLIA - Break Your Heart.mp4
Загружено 9 апреля 2018
3:18 - LOTS - CARA / DAHLIA - Break Your Heart (Легенда об Искателе)
Загружено 6 апреля 2018
7:11 - Cara Membuat Bunga Dahlia dari Kantong Plastik Bekas
Загружено 12 марта 2018
Cara Membuat Bunga Dahlia dari Kantong Plastik Bekas Buatlah sebuah pola dari kertas karton atau kertas lain yang agak tebal, berbentuk lingk...
3:57 - How to Make Felt Dahlia Tutorial - Cara Membuat Bunga Flanel
Загружено 12 сентября 2017
Now You can make some cute and beautiful stuffs to decorate your room by yourself. Enjoy! And please don't forget to subscribe
1:20 - Cara/Dahlia [Legend of the Seeker] || Katana [TKC]
Загружено 12 августа 2017
I was always fascinated by Cara's and Dahlia's relationship.. :) So here it is, my entry for Julia36229's 'The Kiss Contest'! I really enjoyed maki...
1:21 - Rumour Has It - Dahlia/Cara - Cara/Kahlan (LotS)
Загружено 7 февраля 2017
Legend of the Seeker fanvid. Dahlia/Cara, Cara/Kahlan. Music is "Rumour Has It" by Adele.
3:18 - LOTS - CARA _ DAHLIA - Break Your Heart
Загружено 4 ноября 2016
3:51 - Mord-Sith (Denna + Cara + Dahlia): "When she was just a girl . . ."
Загружено 30 октября 2016
This is a tribute I did to my three favourite characters from Legend of the Seeker: Denna, Cara Mason and Dahlia (Hm, no pattern there . . . ). Anyway, I think there awesome and I thought this song might suit them. Hope you enjoy :)
3:20 - Cara & Dahlia - Te Amo [Finished]
Загружено 19 октября 2016
Hoi!I couldn't live with the unfinished project, so I decided to bring it to an end. Hope you enjoy!
3:18 - LOTS - CARA _ DAHLIA - Break Your Heart
Загружено 11 сентября 2015
3:18 - LOTS - CARA - DAHLIA - Break Your Heart
Загружено 22 июля 2015
1:28 - Cara | Dahlia - Lick U Clean [for theREALGG91]
Загружено 8 июля 2015
New LOTS vid!! and this time: angsty/smutty vid between Cara and Dahlia...this is dedicated to a friend of mine: >>Sorry, bb that took so long and sorry cause in the description I put your twitter name... Sorry.... I hope you don't mind!!anyway... she linked me this song and the idea of making a vid about those 2 and I was thrilled.... so I started it out as soon as I could.... (i've been a little busy.. sorry)as soon as I starte
2:8 - Cara // Dahlia ; boats & birds ; [Legend of the Seeker]
Загружено 22 ноября 2014
This is one of my absolute favourite songs, and I just felt that Cara and Dahlia deserved it after all they've gone through. I'm fairly happy with how this video turned out :D
3:19 - Cara & Dahlia Te Amo
Загружено 2 января 2014
3:19 - Cara & Dahlia (Legend of the Seeker) - Te Amo (Rihanna)
Загружено 17 сентября 2013
Загружено пользователем oOMadlaxOo , дата: 20.06.2010
2:18 - Nicci + Denna + Cara + Dahlia: Come Undone
Загружено 23 июля 2013
A video about my favourite characters from Legend of the Seeker: Sister Nicci, Denna, Cara Mason and Dahlia. Hope you enjoy :)
1:4 - Dahlia & Cara - Legend of the Seeker
Загружено 7 июля 2013
2:1 - Cara & Dahlia and Bo &Tamsin - You
Загружено 24 июня 2013
1:3 - Cara/Dahlia - Angels
Загружено 1 марта 2012
Fandom: Legend of the SeekerCharacters/Pairings: Cara/DahliaSong: AngelsArtist: Within TemptationNot my best... but eh... it wouldn't leave me alone until I made it.
1:4 - Cara & Dahlia = B*tch You Get No Love {LotS}
Загружено 1 марта 2012
watch in 720p HDAnother LotS video this time about Cara Dahlia, I don't really like Dahlia but I like the fact that she did what she did in the series just to protect Cara, to bring Cara back to her, this is what I liked of this pair, Dahlia just wanted Cara backAbout the video:It has been made months ago so yeah, another re-upload, I'm gonna re-upload other 5 or 6 videos (2 are LotS videos yay)And FireworkProdz is me, it was my old channel, then it has been blocked -.-
5:10 - Cara/Dahlia - Choke
Загружено 21 января 2012
It's a recap of Eternity, Unbroken and Tears with my idea of an ending. No copyright infringement intended. This is just for fun. SAVE OUR SEEKER!
2:35 - (LotS) Cara & Dahlia - A beautiful lie
Загружено 8 ноября 2011
1:22 - Infinity // Cara & Dahlia // Legend of the Seeker
Загружено 2 сентября 2011
Fandom: Legend of the SeekerPairing(s): Cara/DahliaSong: "Infinity" by The XXSummary: A quick vid set during 2x20AN: First vid in forever; just trying to get back into the swing of things. Enjoy!Disclaimer: Clips Song DO NOT belong to me

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